Citadel Cavalry Tactics

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The Order of the Citadel

Cavalry Tactics
by Tan d'Serrai

Cavalry Charge:
1) Preventing cavalry charges:

Posting 'expendable' infantry units in the front row may soak up the cavalry charge, wasting a lot of it as overkill. However, this works only if the enemy positions his cavalry in the first 2 rows - which rarely happens.

As long as enemy cavalry is positioned in the back or rear row and his army has a sizable infantry line, it is nearly impossible to avoid the cavalry charge. Thus the 'best' way to do it (assuming you have a superiority in infantry over your enemy) would be to put your infantry in 'box', position your infantry in the middle row, your cavalry in back or rear, then let the enemy infantry and cavalry engage your infantry line. You still have to weather the full cavalry charge, but your units in box will take less damage.
If the enemy has a sizable archer component, then doing an 'archery' opening will harm you if your are set up as mentioned above. But if the weather is awful, then you have the advantage again...

Another possibility to counter a cavalry charge (if you are the defender) is to dig in your units (especially the cavalry) and use the marshal setting 'they shall not pass'. This will put all your units on defensive (no matter what the nobles ordered their units to do!), keeping them in their fortifications - thus they won't advance (!). This will result in the enemy cavalry most likely overtaking their infantry and will result in your archers shooting the cavalry down before they reach your infantry. Once the cavalry is dealt with, your dug in units will then be able to defend against the advancing enemy at an advantage.

Drawbacks of TSNP: Your cavalry is ineffective, you need a sizable archer component and if not all your units are dug in, those that didn't will advance, allowing your enemy to slaughter them piecemeal.

Bottomline: If you enemy has a sizable cavalry component and outnumbers you in infantry - retreat.

2) Cavalry charge: Is seldom employed as it usually results in a total loss of your cavalry arm. It is very effective against an archery opening, but is not worth it in nearly all other situations. It is better to time the cavalry charge once your infantry has engaged the enemy - as the enemy will then disperse his hits on your infantry and cavalry, resulting in the infantry soaking up most of the damage.

Getting the most out of cavalry: Every time the cavalry can advance, they are able to charge. I have no definite information, but my cousin who is general of Riombara in Atamara has not reported seeing cavalry charging across three rows. Two rows, yes, one row as well. He assumes that a charge across two rows deals more damage, but is not sure on that part either.