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The Order of the Citadel

By Sir Andrew McKay, King of Eston

When you are a ruler, an option for holding a tournament will appear under Command options.


You can announce a tournament, to be held in your capital. Everyone on the island will be able to join, and travel to your capital in peace (though without their army). Participants in the tournament can earn honour and prestige, but you can include additional gold rewards, which may increase the number of participants. You can also require every participant to pay some gold to join the tournament. This will likely reduce the number of participants, but who knows, you may even turn a profit. As for yourself, the tournament will be a tribute to your realm and name. As such, you can gain honour and prestige just for holding a successful tournament. On the other hand, if you call for a tournament and nobody shows up, you can also lose some.

Preparing the tournament grounds is costly, especially if you misjudge the number of participants. There is a base charge of 80 gold for one event, and 120 gold for both events, plus one gold for every troop leader you expect to participate. If the actual number of participants is higher, each unexpected visitor will cost you two gold. A good estimate is key to a financially successful tournament.

Parameters of the Tournament: Tournament type: Expected participants: troop leaders Tournament day: from today Start Gold: gold Prize for winner: gold Prize for 2nd place: gold Notes on the prizes: If you choose "Joust and Swordfight" then each winner/2nd will get this prize. Also, the 2nd place prize can not be more than half of the winner prize. You will have to pay the full amount of gold now, putting it into a chest for the tournament.


The economics of tournaments are easy: Take the entrance fee multiplied by the number of troop leaders that pay it and participate in the tournament. Subtract the 80 or 120 gold plus any penalties for mis-guessing the amount of troop leaders (see above), and the additional subtraction of prize gold.


Add: Entrance fee times number of troop leaders

Subtract Base charge (80 or 120 gold) Expected Participants Penalty Prize money


Nobles easily spot a tournament that appears to be done purely for financial gain: Lower-than-par prize gold and higher-than-par participation fees. If you want a very financially successful tournament set your entrance fee low and put as much prize money into the purses as possible.

Tournament grounds must now be built in cities and other regions--even in the capital city of a realm. If you are planning a tournament it is wise to be mindful of this charge.