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The purpose of the Atamaran Writers Association is to gather writings – poems, song lyrics, stories, jokes etc. – from the nobles of Atamara. They can be stories of battles, songs of joy, poems of love or jokes about your neigbouring realms peasants. In short, what ever you feel like writing about. The best of these writings will then be published in Atamaran Writings.

If you find yourself willing to spend a moment of your time each month writing something for AWA, then please, join. With a sufficient membership, we will be able to better support the good writers and we might hold competitions for the writers, with gold prizes.

If you just want to support the work of the writers and AWA, you are also encouraged to join and become a subscriber of the publication.


  • 1.10.2006: The third issue of Atamaran Writings has been published. We hope you will enjoy it. This is the last issue to be published in a monthly cycle. Future issues will be published when ever sufficient material has been gathered.
  • 1.8.2006: The first issue of Atamaran Writings has been published. We hope you will enjoy it and that it sparks your interest in our guilds activities.
  • 3.7.2006: The work on the first real issue of Atamaran Writings has begun. If all goes well, it will be published on 1.8.2006. Though the guilds membership is still small, we hope to provide the readers with a varied assortment of different kinds of writings.


The guild is currently still expanding, news of contests and other activities will come soon.

Ranks and Members

Member Count: 17


(Elder member)(1)

The founder of the guild and the person who has the ultimate power to decide what gets put in the publication. The Editor-in-chief is also responsible for handling communications with rulers and other people in power positions in realms and for getting new guildhouses built in places they are needed and introducing new ranks within the guild.

Assisting editor-in-chief

(Elder member)(1)

These people are responsible for taking care of the guilds membership and their concerns. Should there be any concerns from the editors, writers or benefactor and subscribers, these are the people one should contact first. They are also there to make sure writings comform to the writing guidelines and will point out if a writing is in violation of them.


(Full member)(0)

A writer who has proven to be a constant contributor of quality writings. The monthly writing requirement is lifted from these persons, but should they start to slack, they will be demoted back to writers. They will also get a monthly grant(3 gold) from the association to support their good work.

  • Currently no Editors


(Full member)(3)

A person whose writings can be considered to be put in the publication. To obtain this rank a nominal one time fee(3 gold) must be paid to the guild to compensate for the required papers. To retain the rank the writer must submit at least one writing each month. Published writers(and editors) will receive small payments of gold(depending on the guilds treasury status) as compensation for the work and time.


(Full member)(2)

A person who wants to be a full member, but not write stories. He's a person who wants to support the guild in more substantial ways than subscribers. They might even voluntarily donate gold to the guild for a prize in a competition or something else like that.

Guildhouse Builder

(Full member)(2)

A person who has contributed to the guild's expanding by building a new guildhouse somewhere on the continent, herefore granted with this full member-rank.



A person who wants to support the work of the writers and the guild. The position comes with a monthly fee (1 gold) to pay for the duplication and publishing of the paper.

Writing guidelines

  • The writing must be written as if it was written by your character
TIP: What is your character interested in? History? Fishing? Nature? Food distribution and market prices? Sword fighting tactics? Try thinking of a subject and seeing what you and your character could come up with on that subject.
  • The writing must have a title.
  • The writing can be about almost anything, but the timeline BM is placed in gives restrictions on what can be accepted (eg. SciFi stories with lasers won't go far, I think :P).
  • Keep the writing within the guilds full membership (don't let the subscribers see it) until the publication date. Helps to have the position of a writer.
  • If you're stuck or need help don't be afraid to ask from the guilds full members.


Lists the realms and regions where Atamaran Writers Association has an office. New members are always welcome.