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AWA.jpg Atamaran Writings
Price: 1 gold Creator: Atamaran Writers Association Issue 2

The Assasin

He was hiding among the shadows of the house, in which the Duke lay asleep in his private room. As luck would have been, the Duke had requested to be left alone. It was almost midnight, but yet the Assasin felt no fatique, due to the amount of adrenaline running through him. He visualised what would happen, him creeping onto the balcony, picking the lock, going in and plunging the poisoned dagger into the Duke's heart. The weapon in his hand, as he was fully aware of, was deadly. Very deadly. If the stab from the dagger did not kill, the poison definately would.

Creeping up steathly onto the balcony outside the Duke's private room, He picked the lock and hearing the reassuring click of the lock, he knew it would be over soon, as besides the sword beside the Duke, there was nothing to stop him from doing a clean job.

Creeping in, He was about to plunge the dagger deep into the Duke's heart when there was a flash of light, and the blow was parried. The Duke had anticipated this assassination. He had told the guards not to disturb him, as he had a personal feud to settle with the assasin. The Duke rose with his sword and faced his opponent.

"My skills are better than my father whom you assassinated. Do not underestimate me." The Duke sneered.

His father... The assasin had no idea who he was.

"Grendel Ashworth. Have you forgotten him already?" The Duke challenged.

Grendel Ashworth! The words struck the assasin. Few knew the truth about the assassination, that Grendel was his brother and that he was sent to assassinate Grendel due to Grendel's betrayal. Grendel had betrayed his realm and fled to the enemies and had revealed all the military secrets to them. The assasin had been attempting to assassinate Grendel for years, only to suceed recently.

The Duke lunged at the assasin and spoke angrily, "You killed my father!" No one could hear the commotion going on in the room as the corridor was deserted. The assasin spoke hoarsely, "He betrayed his realm, and in doing so, betrayed our family." "What do you mean our?!" The Duke burst, uncertain. "I am your father's brother, in other words, I am your uncle." The Duke fell onto his knees, unable to grasp the truth which struck him. "Im...Impossible..." The Duke stammered. The assasin spoke now, a sudden weariness in his voice, "The truth hurts." The assasin had lowered his dagger, knowing that although he killed this young man's father, the child had done no wrong and that he should be spared, given their family ties. The assasin vanished into the darkness and escaped. Guards rushed in, and found the Duke dumbfounded. They had caught a glimpse of the assasin running away, and smelling something fishy, had rushed to the duke's room.

The Duke did not tell his guards what happened, and decide that this secret visit would remain that way, as a secret between him and the assasin, his uncle.

Far away, the assasin stared into the water by the river, lost in thoughts.

From Crescent Strika, Writer for AWA

Editors Words

Thank you for purchasing the second issue of Atamaran Writings, a publication of Atamaran Writers Association. This months issue has a bit more contributions than the past ones due to the increase in membership of the guild. A big thanks to all those who wrote for this issue and to the subscribers and benefactor for supporting their work. I hope you enjoy this issue of Atamaran Writings and return next month for our third issue.

Amaarent Vasata, Editor-in-chief of AWA

A Pinch in the Eye

Once there was a boy, near the Saler sea,
He enjoyed the sun, from under a tree.
Looking at his target, a smile came on his mouth,
He saw the man's homeland, near his village to the south.

His hand went in his pocket, and he took out a feather,
Gentilly he rose, on his shoes of leather.
He made a step ahead, towards the ugly guy,
He drew back the feather, and put it in his eye.

Winters started yelling, and swearing lots of things,
While the boy was laughing, and seemed to have some wings.
No fear was visible, and with a Judas-kiss,
The boy gentilly said: "For Easy this one is."

From Easy T-style, Assisting editor-in-chief of AWA

The Traveller

He had with him his sword and clothes, no more, no less. He had come a long way from other continents in search of a place he could call home. The 'nobles' in some of the realms he had been to had taken one look at him and turned the cold shoulder on him. The traveller needed a home, and quick. He was starting to take the toll of many days without food.

He trudged on towards the closest region, and thought of his brother. His brother had offered him a place in his realm and yet he had foolishly denied, all because the traveller was jealous of his brother being better than him in whatever he did.

He could carry on no more. Collapsing on the ground, the traveller saw through blurry eyes, a guy. Such familiar a face, almost like his brother. The traveller heard the following, "I'll take care of you." Then, nothing.

Rising from his deep slumber, he saw his sword lying nearby. He was in a well-furnished room. He was dumbfounded by the amount of gold on the table. It was enough to last him. Furthurmore, there were new clothes and all his supplies in a bundle. A servant came in.

"Who brought me here?" The traveller inquired.

"He only told me to tell you that... you should find a place to settle down in."

The traveller thought of what his brother had said to him before the traveller left in anger.

"Find a place to settle down in." His brother had said.

Now, tears started welling in the traveller's eyes as he realised that his brother still loved him. The traveller packed up and left, trying to find his brother, and if possible, seek forgiveness.

From Crimson Strika, Writer for AWA

The Case of the Barrels

Sometimes you get a case in front of you that is simply..interesting..and even comical with all its twists and nastinesses. The case of the barrels is one and here I'll try share it with you.

Tolvig, a local Darkan 7up brewer, had been away from Siver on business. He returned a few days early and of course he wanted to see his wife as soon as possible. Much to his dismay he found his wife in bed with another man as he opened their bedroom door. Tolvigs brewing business was located in the same building so he had access to all sorts of tools. It was a bit unclear at this point as to what happened, but the general consensus was that the wife and her lover didn't notice Tolvig at first so he had time to fetch the hammer or that he was carrying it with him. In any case, he stormed into the room and bashed in the head of her wife's lover. I can only imagine that the wife started screaming at that point so Tolvig bashed her head in too.

Now, Tolvig wasn't a stupid man. Enraged, a bit crazy maybe, but not stupid. He knew he'd be in big trouble if the law caught him, so he cleaned up the mess and stuffed the two corpses in two large 7up barrels. For reasons unknown he even filled the barrels with 7up. Perhaps to offer some cover or to hide any possible smells. It's hard to tell what a man like that thinks in such a situation. He then rolled the two barrels onto a wagon and started making his way out of Siver. One can only assume he wanted to dispose of the bodies somewhere discrete.

But poor Tolvig really was having a very, very, unlucky and bad day. As he was driving the wagon through the countryside, a bunch of robbers stopped him and took the two barrels. Of course, the robbers had no idea they were getting more than the 7up they were after. Tolvig was lucky enough – or unlucky enough – to be left alive and tied up to a tree. He was later found by the local militia and arrested upon the discovery of his deeds as he was still recovering in the militias care at that time. What happened to the barrels then?

Well, the robbers had their plan and that was to sell the barrels forward for profit. It is a bit unclear as to how it happened, but somehow Tolvigs barrels ended up in the possession of one of the merchant families of Siver. Now, to add insult to injury, they bought the barrels to serve 7up at a large party they were holding. I can only say I feel lucky I declined the invitation, but many of Sivers high profile people weren't as lucky.

The suspicions rose as the two barrels emptied quicker than they were supposed to. It was a bit unlucky that the barrels were situated in view of all the guests. As the servants opened them they were quite shocked at what they found. One of them accidentally tipped over the other barrel and Tolvigs wife's lovers corpse slid out. This was a few days after the killing had happened so it wasn't really a fresh view. Most of the guests had drank the 7up that came from the barrels so you can probably imagine how they reacted to that. The host family was of course very shocked at this, but that'll teach them to skimp on expenses and avoid taxes by buying 7up from shady people. Their parties certainly won't be as popular as they used to be. Anyway, the city guard was called and the whole thing started to unravel from there.

As for Tolvig, he was arrested and brought before me for judgement. He didn't speak of the incidents details, only admitted his guilt, but there was plenty of other evidence against him anyway. His deed was gruesome and I was feeling harsh that day so Tolvig got the worst punishment the law books allowed. He was shipped off to Mnt. Sinclair and thrown into the volcano with the appropriate proceedings.

From Amaarent Vasata, Editor-in-chief of AWA