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Located on::Dwilight
Part of::Avernus
Part of::Storm's Landing
Dengar Soul
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North Shore


Nifel is tucked up against the Black River, its horse shoe shape surrounding and buffering the city of Nifelheim from the rest of the peninsula. A townsland region, its sprawling dwellings huddle against the backdrop of the walled city. Nifel is organised into five Districts.


This lies on the east side of the city and its walls actually abut on to the city wall. It is protected by stone towers and stone walls less massive than those protecting the city. It contains the Temple of Sanguis Astroism, the Lords residence, the houses of the rich, and the tomb of Deverka Crawfrdr, a place of pilgrimage for the faithful.

Gold Street

This is the oldest part of Nifel and lies to the East of Temple, surrounding the road east to Mt. Black Nastrond. It’s a Commercial area and contains the Boar’s Head Tavern, frequented by merchants, lawyers, and the like. There are many well guarded Warehouses and shops. The town police keep good law and order here.

Sword Street

This is the area around the Northern road to Odenir. Its an industrial area, lined with the workshops of blacksmiths, armourers, cart makers and the like. Its also a famous haunt of adventurers and mercenaries who find it more hospitable than the Daggers. The Laughing Wanderer Meadhall is a fine establishment patronised by workmen and warriors alike. It’s a peaceful part of town because the warriors like it that way.

The Daggers

This is the poor part of Nifel. Its a shanty town stretching to the west of the City of Nifelheim, along the road to Helhhir. It is the haunt of many unsavoury characters and those too poor to leave it. There are many diversions here that cannot be found in more lawful parts of town, and rich bravos visit there to sample those pleasures, well attended by bodyguards.


This is the most rural part of Nifel. It lies on the South side of the city of Nifelheim, leading to Ymer's Fall. It contains many farms and commons, and is the preferred area for open air markets, festivals, and fairs. Plays are traditionally held here in the open air, and competitions of archery and martial skills. It also contains several graveyards that serve the nearby city and townsland.


The region has been held in turn by Springdale, Virovene, Summerdale, and The Morek Empire.

Springdale Period

The region was first taken as part of Springdale's northern expansion. The Laughing Wanderer Meadhall was taken before the rest of the region joined Springdale. For joining the empire so readily, the owners were rewarded with much business from various nobles seeking entertainment for their troops. The Boar's Head Tavern also happily joined the empire soon afterward (and before the rest of the region) and also benefitted from patronage by Springdale nobles. These taverns were shut down later by Virovene due to their continued loyalty to Springdale.

Virovene Period

The region was taken by Virovene in the War for Independence from Springdale when its Lord Sianon Eldrake joined Virovene.

On the fifth day of spring of the sixth year of Dwilight, Deverka Cryfdwr the Cloudly, Founder and Grandmaster of Morek, was slain in Nifel fighting monsters. His final resting place was consecrated to the Stars and is a holy site of Sanguis Astroism.

Summerdale Period

Summerdale was formed on February 21, 2009, as a colony effort by the Raivan Empire in the city of Nifelheim. The realm of Virovene immediately declared war on the new colony. Summerdale prevailed and Virovene passed from history. Most of Virovene's lands including Nifel were absorbed by Summerdale.

The Morek Empire Period

Around april 2013, Summerdale declared war on the Libero Empire. In order to preserve their ally, the Morek Empire declared war on Summerdale. In the resulting war, Summerdale was wiped out. Some of its regions defected to nearby Astrum, while others were taken by Libero and Morek. Nifel passed into the hands of Morek.