Cryfdwr Family

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The Arms of House Cryfdwr and Donghaiwei

Llewelyn Cryfdwr

Llewellyn, unwillingly called Lewy by his intimates, is the soon of Deverka Cryfwr and Allison Kabrinski. He is Stepson to Brom Silverfire. Llewelyn was hidden as a boy after Deverka's death by Allyson in Demyansk, formerly part of Caerwyn, but now in Kabrinskia. Llewellyn is slight of build with almost excessively angular features, dark brown hair, and fair skin.

Llewelyn is attented to by his scribe and mentor, Gearadh Inkshod.

Gwynn Cryfdwr

Gwynn is daughter to Deverka Cryfdwr and Allison Kabrinski, stepdaughter to Brom Silverfire. Like Llewellyn, she was hidden by Allyson after Deverka's death in order to protect her. She remains missing.

Deverka "The Cloudly"

Deverka "the cloudly" Cryfdwr: Deverka of the Cryfdwr family was a migrant from Atamara. Born an albino he has become known as "the cloudy" among the people of Morek. During the great uprisings he held the city of Donghaiwei against a greater Dwilishman host, rallying the local villagers with the image of the Bloodstars upon his coat of arms. He professed that the Bloodstars were an omen that he claims to be a divine sign that Morek's time to rise had come. He is now hailed a national hero by the people of Morek. Deverka's Black and gray coat of arms has been adapted by the people of Morek to green and red, and made the national colors. Deverka is known to be amiable and diplomatic in personality, but will occasionally burst into anger when frustrated. He is most commonly calm or irate, but rarely happy or angry. His distaste for pride is legendary, leading some to think he is an 'Austerist' of his faith.

His personal servants include Gearadh, a scribe, noted for his in-stained hands, impressive vocabulary and forthright attitude. Also in service is Greshim, a squire of 14 years. He is known for his innocent nature.

He was voted unanimously as the first Grandmaster of Morek and Duke of Donghaiwei early in Morek's history.

Deverka and his loyalists crushed an uprising led by Zul'Jin Stormreaver II and soon reformed the government which had grown ineffective prior to the rebellion.

Deverka died in battle and was later beautified as a saint of Sanguis Astroism. A memorial is located in Nifel, where he fell to monsters, and his remains are entombed in Unterstrom, his seat of power.

Islweyn Cryfdwr

Islwyn was born at Cryfdwr manor in Anost, Eston in Atamara, the youngest man of age, and only man of age in the main branch of the Cryfdwr family. Given the name Islwyn Cryfdwr, "stregnth under the forest" he set out at 17 to start a short but successful military carrier. Islwyn once ruled over an estate in Anost in trust to Count Arturius of Anost. Islwyn is currently employed in bureaucratic duties under Lady Athena Leather of Eston and is sworn to fealty to her over a trust in Tintar.

Cynfawr Cryfdwr

Cynfawr was born in Anost, Eston in Atamara, a paturnal cousin of Islwyn. Given the name Cynfawr after a legendary king, he set out at age 20 with a current military career in defence of Eston. He holds trust of an estate in Hawthorne.

Creithan Cryfdwr

Creithan was Born in Ubent Castle on the East Continent, the bastard son of the late Indy Cryfdwr, a merchant on a foreign adventure in Ubent. Creithan hopes to venture into merchantilism to pave the rest of his life in smooth stone. However that was not to be. The wars in Itorunt soon drew his efforts before the fall of Ubent. Afterwards Creithan swore fealty to Lady Yorke of Eldoret.