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Asterion Arrakis

Status: Dead
Continent: Beluaterra
Realm: Riombara
Class: Warrior/Cavalier
Age: 34
Honour: 138
Prestige: 26
Title: Duke of Grehk
Height: Tall
Eyes: Green
Weapon: Spear
War Horse: Dragor
Unit: Knights of Grehk
Army: Army of the Sun
Religion: The Church of Qyrvagg
Guilds: Military Pigeon Post (Riombaran Comand)
Unique Items: Battered Gauntlets of the Vulcano (prestige +4)
Realms Served: ¤
Titles Held: ¤
  • Marshal of the Army of Riombara
  • Senator of Lastfell
  • Baron of Suuk
  • High Constable of Riombara
  • Duke of Grehk
Armies Served: ¤
  • Army of the Courage and the Sword
  • Army That Patrols the Frozen Wastelands
  • Bearded Legion
  • Beluaterra Liberation Front
  • Fontan Strike Regiment
  • Democratic Guard
  • Army of Riombara
  • Army of the Sun
Units Led: ¤
  • Skywatchers
  • |DG| Black Shields of Asrael
  • Armoured Knights of Riombara
  • Knights of Grehk
House Asterion.png

Asterion is the oldest son of Svarog and a founder of the House of Asterion. Surprisingly, Asterion is the most restless member of the family who has often done unexpected things which not rarely brought unwanted reputation on his family, such as drifting and wandering from a realm to realm on some continents. His inability to permanently settle is probably associated with his unusual and rather unhappy childhood. At the age of ten he was imprisoned by a band of rogues while traveling via the southern part of Atamara with his protege. He's been in captivity for ten years and the things he experienced in those harsh years he keeps for himself. Eventually he became a friend with the outlaws he's been forced to live with, although he could never do the foul deeds they did as he felt his noble blood running through his veins. His "fellowship" was eventually captured in some southern region of Atamara, which was at that time a part of the formerly known Kingdom of Abington. Nowadays it was split in three realms, and Asterion decided to join Caergoth. It is important to note that he was known there by the name of Oresh'Ka, since he probably could not have proved his real origins so far away from home. As Asterion grew and served he manage to acquire a certain wealth. From the beginning Caergoth was not the place for him as his thoughts were constantly on his family. When his funds allowed it he came home to Calis for a short visit, and saw that his brothers are already grown up with Reginauld taking the role of the head of the family. The years he spent with the rogues changed him, and he became more and more restless every day. Finally, when Boreal sailed to Dwilight, he realized that it was his time to leave. He returned to Riverholm and boarded a ship to Beluaterra, the wild and unconquered place.


Sir Asterion is a tall man with green eyes and long brown hair. In his days on Beluaterra Asterion has developed other characteristics and influences. He became enamorated in the code of honor and chivalry, thus proclaiming himself as the Cavalier of the Realm. Hence, he excels at warfare and chivalrous combat, although a sitar or a flute are not strange to him either. He prefers leading cavalry into battle and is extremely skillful in jousting and any other combat category which includes the spear, a pole or the joust. In battle, Asterion is usually fully armored in steel, gold or any other metal able to sustain massive damage. To carry a weight of a tall man fully armored charging into battle like Asterion is, a special sort of a war horse was needed. The horse Dagor, bred and trained on the lush fields of north-eastern Beluaterra is a massive stallion, and was gifted to him by Ottokar Fiddler during the Golden Days of Melhed. In close combat Asterion prefers pure might and power. He therefore uses a large mace to smash his enemies in melee which is often accompanied by a heavy shield to protect him. Fully armored and swinging the mace of death in close combat, or charging in on a horse like a hurricane, Asterion represents the ideal cavalier and the protector of the realm. However, for his enemies he is the terror that has mastered the riddles of the steel and was invigorated by the gift of fury the Gods themselves must have given to him.

Asterion was never too fond of religion. It has always brought him bad luck and gave him no wealth or fortune. He was a member of a many organized religions, most notable one being the The Valentic Order, but also has many times been disappointed or disheartened with them. His fear of the Gods has caused him to believe that he was cursed by them at one point, but that time of Asterions life was extremely unstable, and he often wandered through the realms seeking to fulfill the quest the imagined Gods tasked him with, so he can lift the curse from himself. For those reasons Asterion started to believe in his own personal God named Asrael which never let him down thus far.

As he spent his entire life on Beluaterra he was very accustomed to Daimonic invasions. As a cavalier, Asterion is a noble that has deep hatred and despise for the daimonic kind and often his loyalties are focused just on the destruction of Daimons, or any other variants of their wicked nature; such as the Blood Cult whose evil Temples are the only thing that Asterion is prepared to loot, pillage and destroy. He has been a member of a far too many secret and transparent societies that are hunting the Daimonic creatures; at one point very influential and long reaching Odeon Cruor was one of them. Asterion surely realizes that a man cannot have divided loyalties between a realm and a humanistic cause, but he lives to be remembered as the opposer of evil and demonic.

In the Fourth Age of Beluaterra and during the height of the Second Great War Asterion took an important role in the defense of Riombara, where he as a High Constable stopped the river of enemies pouring in from the north with the intention to flood the Riombaran soil, that has been soaked with malcontent, dis-unification and finally treason. After this quest has been done, Asterion has been elected as the new Duke of the ancient city of Grehk in order to govern and protect the last bastion of hope of Riombara at that time. Few weeks later he founded the publication Riombaran Herald.


Asterion died at a peak of his noble career; wealthy and powerful. Assassins took his life in his castle before the beginning of the fourth Beluaterran invasion. It is unknown who ordered the death of Asterion. He left two sons behind: Palidor and Giskard.

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