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Region Details
Continent located on::Atamara
Region Type is regiontype::City
Geographic Area South Plains
Population population::1424
Economy Manufacturing, Trade
Realm part of::(rogue)

Calis is a major trading port and the economic center of the Cagilan Empire. It is also the fourth largest city on the continent by population, right behind Suville, Ash'rily and Barad Falas. The city is also the headquarters of the Army of the Calis Lions.


Noted for its unique style ofarchitecture, Calis is the richest city this side of the Empire. Calis is a city of commerce, opulence, and defense, and is surrounded by impenetrable walls 300 hundred feet high with parapets and archer windows lining the ten layer towers every hundred yards.

City Gates

Calis has four gate areas. They are large areas behind the main gate, walled off from the city a second time. In this way, even if a gate falls, the city is not open to attack - there is still another level of fortification to get through. However, due to a lack of attack over the last few decades, the gates are rarely closed, and the city itself has begun to spill out them, and down the roads leading to the gates. Time will only tell if another set of walls will be needed to hold the city, or if some disaster will occur which will force it back behind the stone walls.

The South-East gate is actually a port, with ships coming and going constantly into the small harbor inside the walls. Goods are shipped up and down the river here, with the bulk of the trade going between Calis and Cagil. In times of war, great chains block the harbor, and massive iron spikes can be placed in the harbor opening to impale the hulls of any boats going through.

The South-West gate consists of a sprawling housing area and the church district of Calis. The houses now spill out of the gate and down towards the ocean, a sprawling mix of shanties and stone dwellings. Inside the walls, the temples form a beautiful cascade of buildings built into steppes, reaching five stories high! Looming over all of this is a Temple of The Order. It's tied for the largest on all of Atamara, with only the one in Eaglin equaling it. All are welcome to come and pray within its four spires and towering center.

The North-West gate houses the militia and artisan districts. The main army barracks are here, and the road out of the North-West gate into the city is lined with statues made in honor of previous Dukes, including former Duke, Pikku Jonkahainen, Jeren Mithril Tybonn, and currently Duke Salvador Zond.

The North-East gate contains the industry and agriculture centers of Calis, as well as the Academies and Warehouses. The Tournament Grounds lie outside, on the main road leading to the rich fields fertilized by the spring floods. Easily the largest part of Calis, the interior of this gated area is covered with gardens of floral designs and also contains a zoo which holds animals from all ends of Atamara, and some beyond the seas.

City Center

The center of Calis is surrounded by its guildhouses, made of stone acting as the legs which support the Palace. The base of the Palace is the Bank, which is a two story stone building acting as a foundation to the Palace. Surrounding the Bank is the Marketplace.


The Palace itself is a hundred foot diameter at the base (the Bank) but lessens to sixty as you rise to the top. The top itself is an onion shaped dome made of thousands of metal strips (by design, these strips would separate if the structure was hit by a catapult stone or an earthquake was to occur, sending them atop the stone ceiling of the Marketplace - causing little structural damage and not harming anyone as the stone Palace grounds are off limits.

History of Calis

The grand city took one hundred and twenty years to build its current design. (Cities have stood here for time untold, ever brought down by fire, war, and flood, and ever rising from the ashes of the one before.) All of the stones were brought down from the Blue Mountains (Ered Luin) to Cagil, where they were finished, inspected and sent to Calis by boat. As dukes came and went, the design changed, until finally, a young man inherited the ducal seat. Over the course of 40 years, the city was completed, and has stood now for hundreds.

Every ten months and twelve weeks, Calis is shut down for twelve days while the inspectors and architects make sure the integrity of the structures are intact and make any adjustments needed. A stockpile of stone is kept on hand for these times, and due to this, the city is always in good repair.

Of historical note, Calis has never fallen into enemy hands.

Calis Lions

For a very long time, the standing army of the city was the "Lions". It flourished under Duke Pikku's reign, and was instrumental in the conquests of Redspan, Abington, Falasan and Minas Ithil. With the departure of Duke Pikku, the army was reincorporated under Duke Jeren Mithril Tybonn as the Calis "Manticores". With the third modern governorship of Duke Salvador, the ducal army of the Lions was reinstated, reborn, again.

Miscellaneous Facts

  • Calis is the largest City of the Cagilan Empire and the fourth largest City on Atamara.
  • Calis is always buying food.
  • Calis is the home of the Calis Lions Army.
  • Calis has a 'Vast and Splendid Temple of The Order' [level 7 structure]. The only other Order Temple this big is in Eaglin.
  • Calis has three Guilds- League of the Eagle, the Treasure Seekers (Adventure Co.), and the Cagilan Academy. Rumors say that there are some Secret Societies hidden away in Calis as well.
  • Of Calis' three Recruitment Centers, -two of them are among the finest.