McDowell Family

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McDowell History

The McDowell family has led a masked existence. It wasn’t until a few years ago when the children of the clan began to make their appearance in the world did they begin to get known. Despite what many believe, they originate from Commonyr,Fontan. There are two branches to the family. One side sired by Dorian, the other by his only brother William. The McDowell’s have exceptional skills in breeding and raising war horses of special and rare training. They excel in Military combat and tactics. They are of Gaelic lineage and to this day hold dear their family customs and rituals.



Kaylan is the daughter of Karina and Dorian McDowell. From a very young age her days were spent learning the ways of battle. She was molded into a warrior as is every member of the McDowell Clan. Upon her coming of age, she made herself known in Fontan.


Sorsha is the eldest daughter of Mavina and William McDowell. Being the eldest, she always took care of her brothers and sisters this made her very nurturing and compassionate. She is extremely loyal to the people she loves and will fight for them until her dying breath. Beleiving in the truth, she follows its path. She is shy, but her sense of values makes her excessively blunt. She currently resides in D’Hara, Dwilight.


Alec is Sorsha’s little brother. He has a very easy going nature. He loves life and tries to make the most out of every day. He is extremely handsome, and is very aware of the fact. People are naturally attracted to his charismatic personaly, combined with a rare ability of persuasion, which most people aren’t aware of until he has them doing things they wouldn’t dream of doing, only results in trouble. But he takes it all with good humor and a charming smile. Despite his playful nature, he takes his family matters very seriously.


Deianarah is the youngest member of the family. Last to leave her home, she left angrily and somewhat rebelliously to prove to her parents she could make it on her own.