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Sorsha McDowell

Upon arriving in D’Hara, Sorsha was hopeful for a bright future, but within her first few days she had a disturbing dream. It wasn’t until much later did she realize the prophesized nature of this dream. Little did she know from that day her path had already been marked.

She met with the Dragon Queen Katayanna Ogren and gave her an oath as is customary in D’Hara. With her fierce loyalty she became a respected member of Dragon Kin which were the queen’s trusted advisers, ones who were as family to her.

It wasn’t long after she was chosen Second in Command by Cenarious Stormrage.

Shortly after she was also appointed Marchioness of Nebel by Duke Conrac Amcastra- A man she deeply admired.

  • Lady of Nebel (these have never been posted publicly - they were private roleplays.)

Her oath to him was so powerful most thought them precursors to wedding vows. In the end she did fall desperately in love with him, despite the fact that he would inevitably suffer an arranged marriage by his family customs.

One of the nobles alerted by these vows was Sir Mathias Ridder who later became the Duke of Paisly.

  • Mathias confronts Conrac (Also you will note here, a rare moment of friendship between Bowie Ironsides and Mathias Ridder)

Mathias later admitted having feelings for her, but she was uncertain of her own in return and requested his friendship for the time being. And so began the love triangles.

Sorsha always trying to help was on her way to meet with Duke Colin Bedwyr when she had an adventure with Mathias at Qubel's Folly. Shortly after she did eventually make her way to Qubel Lighthouse in order to try and help her cousin Kaylan by request of her brother.

Afterwards, a theocratic debate ensued. Some nobles felt the pressure of being a small and beginning realm and looked to joining Sanguis Astroism as an answer to prevent future invasion and bloodshed.

Sorsha still thinking of Mathias during everything, attempted to find important information to help him with his alter ego: Alexander. So she visited the largest library in D'Hara and had an encounter with Conrac again - This time of a bit more serious nature. A lot of letters were afterwards exchanged within the realm and one as a personal attack to Conrac and Sorsha felt the threat to her core and retaliated to the Prophet in question.

When the Queen found out what was happening she began to feel betrayed and gave the Capital Port Raviel to Duke Cenarious Stormrage. It wasn’t long after Mathias was accused of being a traitor to the crown due to having a temple built in his city. Under threat by the Queen was told to step down. Angrily, he left, and was shortly after banned. After realizing of his departure, Sorsha broke down angrily in a private meeting with Conrac, cursing the realm’s beloved dragons and screamed fury revealing the Queen’s Madness, only then realizing her deep affection for the Duke in question. Now she was torn for she knew she loved two men.

Unbeknownst to her, the Queen found out of Sorsha’s fondness for Mathias and began to treat her as she would have a traitor. When she discovered this, Sorsha disappeared for the safety of her person, trying to avoid the same fate Mathias had faced. With the aid of Master Ugyel, she was able to change her appearance and remain in the realm, secretly watching as Nastasia Starblaze. Giving up her title as Marchioness of Nebel and SIC to the elite army of D’Hara.

Once the Queen’s madness became more apparent a rebellion was declared and led by Cenarious Stormrage. Many nobles decided to stand and fight for their beloved D’Hara. They prevailed and replaced the mad Queen with Cenarious as King.The ban on Duke Mathias was lifted and he returned to D’Hara.

Under the persona of Nastasia Starblaze, Sorsha met Sir Lycan Moreira who became fast friends with her. She later came face to face with Mathias once more only to realize she had lost more than she thought and could not continue living without him, or at least knowing how much she loved him.

Unable to take the distrust surrounding her, and to watch without being able to be true to herself, she again requested Master Ugyel’s assistance and returned once more to her true self.

Shortly after her return, Conrac disappeared which left Sorsha with an emptiness that ate at her. She met Bowie Ironsides for the first time, who was Count of Qubel. They spent a short time together, but it was enough for each to weigh one another and begin forming a friendship of sorts.

Mathias having heard of her return demanded that she presented herself to prove she was in fact the real Sorsha. Coming face to face with Mathias she was able to finally admit her feelings for him. At this point he was appointed as the Duke of Port Nebel in Conrac’s place and she automatically became his knight. Mathias told her how betrayed he felt by her disappearance during his exile, for he had needed her. No matter the difference in their past, he did then and would forever love her therefore proposed to her.

Surprised by his action, she did not say yes or no, but she had yet to see the strength of his love and asked that he prove it by showing her more affection than he had up until that moment.

  • Suspicions (Mathias here suspects there is something between Bowie and Sorsha)

She also met Sir Lycan again, and revealed who she really was to him.

Mathias being unsure how to go about this turn of events, only ended up disappointing Sorsha by his lack in the amorous department. They come to several arguments. One of which where he harshly told her, if she wasn’t content with who he was and that he would never be the amorous type to take the door. It was with utter sadness that she did.

The pain and heartache she felt only led her into Marquis Rathan Himoura's arms who admitted his affection for her. She didn’t know at the time but Mathias and Rathan were to duel from an argument she was not privy to. Rathan offered her comfort and a promise of something better which he sealed with a kiss, which only confused her more. Unable to think clearly she ran, she knew she couldn’t continue making her decisions with her heart.

Fearing the outcome and loathing duels in general, Sorsha leaned on Count Bowie for some emotional assistance and he gave her what support she needed. After the duel took place, Mathias begged Sorsha forgive her for his actions and that he would do anything for her in front of hundreds present. He asked her to come back to him and to give him another chance. Requesting some time to think she then disappeared to a quiet retreat but before her departure, she was informed that the one man she had loved from the beginning had returned – Conrac.

  • Needing space (Sorsha forgets her own birthday with all that's going on in her life)

Returning to see Conrac, and feeling the guilt of not upholding her oath, she offers her previous Duke her life in return. He did not grant her death for her shame but some choice words on her idiocy. She admitted that she broke her oath long before then because she had lied from the beginning. She had never admitted her feelings for him.

Amazingly enough, Conrac did have feelings for her in return and renounced his family customs if she would stay with him, in which she decided she would. More confusion to add to her affairs of the heart, she then took the courage to speak with Mathias, hoping she would still be able to keep him in her life, even if it was in friendship. Duke Mathias did not take the news as she thought he would. Another heated argument ensued and fearing his reaction she hit him, which resulted in him striking her and telling her to never speak to him again. Heartbroken, Sorsha ran, her affairs with the Duke concluded…or so she thought.

Conrac’s brother having heard of the news of Sorsha, paid his little brother a visit. He threatened Conrac with her life if they were ever seen together again. He left with a warning for his younger brother.

Sorsha received a letter from her counsin Kaylan, in which she said her goodbyes and took her life with her own hands. Devastated she searched for comfort, but she did not receive any. By this time Conrac has already stopped answering Sorsha’s letters. Until one day he just disappeared again.

  • Broken (Conrac leaves without telling Sorsha why)

His silence has already begun to make her lose hope, and then his departure drowned her in sorrow and pain. Sorsha began to lose herself to the emptiness Conrac had left. She began to change. The change was slow at first, and then she received her dagger which represented the bond between them and she broke. Sorsha then became cold, ruthless and emotionless. She never wished to revisit the pain of it all and will never speak of it again. The dresses she once wore, were replaced with what she calls her battle armor; full body, skin tight leather apparel. She began having nightmares which only continued to bring dramatic changes to her personality. For a time now, she has not been well at all. Many were surprised, but pleased by her change in appearance. Unfortunately some found how cold and hurtful she became and suffered her wrath. To avoid herself anymore pain, she will hurt everyone before they have a chance to do so to her. Mathias having had a small depression, met Sorsha after her transformation. Some words were exchanged between the two. She agreed to take him on again, but little does he know is that she will resist any temptation of emotion. Instead she had decided to take him for herself, using him to channel her anger.

Sorsha McDowell

Some news surfaces of the Queen being pregnant. Sorsha knowing it is her duty, visits the King and Queen taking Mathias with her. Unknowing Lycan is also there for the same purpose. They share a meal and some revelations are made.

Deep down, the real Sorsha is still there… it is just a matter of time before she either loses herself completely, or someone is strong enough to bring her back again.

Some new developments soon took place and D'Hara began to aid some of their allied neighbors. From the beginning Sorsha was the first to volunteer to go on the expedition to assist Ordenstaat with their monster threat. Not much happened the first time, but upon her arrival she found matters to be somewhat strange, and went directly to the King to see what was going on.

When the Duchess found out Sorsha was in the palace proper, she decided to speak with her to gauge for herself the amount of change within her, and to see if Sorsha was the person she needed in her search for the Scholar of truth.

After her encounter with the Duchess, Sorsha left to return home and was surprised to meet Mathias who had wanted to welcome her upon her arrival from Ordenstaat.

Taking her leave, Sorsha returned to the Palace and took Kisharianda up on her offer to stay with some new and strange developments.

Upon reading from a magic book Kisharianda showed her, Sorsha was faced with a vision of Kaylan only this time awake. Now unsure what this meant, she finally decided to tell someone what was going on with her.

Afterwards, Mathias offered to be there for Sorsha, to help with the nightmares and to help bring her back. A short while later, he left for Qubel Lighthouse this time to duel Marshal Hexic Jeckyl. Sorsha had been in correspondance with the Marshal and had already agreed to be witness to the duel in question and to also meet the Duke face to face for the first time. A meeting they both would not forget easily.

Returning to the Royal Palace to take up her duties, Sorsha received a letter from Lycan wishing to meet. She met the man despite the fact she didn't want to and gave him the news of his sister's death

Time then came for a second excursion to Ordenstaat. This time Sorsha decided to bring with her Marquis Rathan. On the ship there, they shared a heated moment that would make Sorsha realize just how dangerously close she was getting to him.

The next day they arrived in Ordenstaat and Sorsha made a decision that would be one of the hardest she'd ever have to follow through with, which becomes obvious when later on that day she's faced with Rathan again and her deep attraction to him. She then left quickly and then ill luck befell them as they headed into battle and were overrun by the monster threat they had been traveling to assist with.

After their first battle in Ordenstaat, the D'Haran armies continued on until they reached Rettlewood but upon getting there the result was just as disastrous and again Rathan was wounded, Sorsha made sure he was taken care of and when he woke she finally admitted to him her state of mind. She opened up to him and he asked her to be with him, they shared a tender moment and then he offered her something she desperately needed, a way to find sleep.

Once Rathan was well again, he returned to D'Hara with the rest of the D'Harans. Sorsha was the last to remain in Ordenstaat to offer what help she could. During her stay, she met with Marshal Zeromus to gauge the strength of her allies.

Soon after whispers of a rebellion broke out in Ordenstaat. Sorsha feeling she had accomplished what she had set out to do decided to return home. Marshal Zeromus and her, had gotten to speak more and more at this point and were beginning to form a friendship of sorts. Therefore upon leaving, she extended an invitation to him and any other member of the realm to join D'Hara if they chose a different life. Many joined...

Once Sorsha was able to see the King and Queen's children, she left and continued on her way to Port Nebel to meet with Mathias who had requested her presence. He had been away to a tournament and was only then returning himself. Seeing him again after so long, Mathias seemed to have changed in her eyes. Shortly after he held a banquet in Sorsha's Honor. Much too place at the banquet, one of was a wager made between Duke Mathias and Marquis Rathan on her hand in marriage.

The banquet ended, and Sorsha left to return home to Nebel but it wasn't without a crucial event between her and Duke Mathias where she loses control and beats him to near death.

Thinking she killed Mathias, Sorsha finally breaks down and returns to a near catatonic state. Her mind becomes shattered between her multiple personalities and then she is caught in the turmoil of trying to find her real self. She eventually is able to function with holes in her memories. She is then challenged to two duels.

After being injured from her duel with Hexic, Mathias finally tells Sorsha that she has to decide between him or Rathan and that the person she does not choose will leave her life forever. Sorsha requests one week to make her decision, in which she spends time with both men who hold her heart.

Sorsha chose Mathias, and her heart broke as she watched Rathan walk out of her life (or so she thought). Mathias loving her unconditionally provided her the comfort she needed. He also discovered the sleep potion she had become dependent on to sleep and expressed his displeasure in her using it. The discussion was quickly brushed off on her part. Soon after Sorsha wanted to begin focusing on their wedding and so she decided to prepare herself to leave for Port Nebel, but her and Mathias were sidetracked and so for the first time they finally allowed themselves a long awaited moment of fiery passion, but it would soon be interrupted by Lycan who wished to see how Sorsha fared. Unbeknownst to him he was interrupting a very intimate moment between the two lovers but Sorsha could not ignore her friend. She spent some time with him and informed him of her decision and that her and Mathias were to wed.

After giving the news to Lycan, Sorsha and Mathias returned to Port Nebel, but Sorsha continued on to Port Raviel. The reason for her trip was to acquire the half of her Mcdowell ring which was on a chain around the neck of none other but King Cenarious himself. Seeing him, she requested her ring, but not before he questioned as to who she would marry. She had always felt a bond with Cenarious, seeing and treating him as she would her own father, with utmost loyalty and respect, not because he was King but for who he was. The King in return had never voiced it, but he also felt a strong bond in which he viewed her as his own daughter. She then gathered her courage and asked the King if he would give her away to Mathias.

After leaving Port Raviel, Sorsha returned home to Mathias. He welcomed her with passion but it wasn't long they were interrupted again. This time by Sir Lycan, Duke Hexic and Duke Bowie on pretense that his presence was immediately required in the Capital. Their plan was to kidnap Mathias and then to bring him onto one Duke Hexic's boats for a bachelor party. Little did they all know was that the kidnapping attempt was the beginning of something far grander. Words of rebellion break through and many people are held under question.

After the entire ordeal takes place, Sorsha is consumed with guilt. Deep down she begins to feel that if she had made a different decision and chosen Rathan instead of Mathias, the rebellion wouldn't have even been considered. Due to Rathan's trial, he was forced to step down from his position in Nebel and Mathias appointed her as Marchioness once more. She then decided to take a few days from everyone and return home to deal with her affairs. After a few days, Mathias missing Sorsha decides to go see her, and finds her swimming in the waters near a waterfall on the outskirts of Nebel.

Sorsha soon began the wedding preparations but after their first time making love, it didn't take long for the lovers to find another moment of heated passion in which they gave in to their desires again.

Shortly before her wedding, nobles from Myern visit D'Hara on a mission to join the league of chivalry, and the Queen has a banquet in their honor.

On October 10, 1009, Mathias and Sorsha at last get married. It is a very eventful day, one neither of them is sure to forget.

After the wedding, things started to become interesting for the realm of D'Hara. It seemed there was much discord brewing between Madina and D'Hara, and their once agreement of allowing nobles to cross the region of Paisly was annulled when a D'Haran noble was assaulted during his crossing. Afterwards there was much animosity and it soon became inevitable they couldn't agree on much, and War broke out between the two realms. Terran quickly aided D'Hara by lending their support and many nobles rallied to the cause. It didn't take long Paisly was finally regained. Once again Mathias was appointed Duke of his beloved region.

Sorsha had previously started to grow ill whenever she traveled by ship, and it was during one of these ill fated voyages that she met a new noble, Eleanor Orgauth.

Even though Sorsha was married to Mathias, deep down she was still having some difficulty dealing with the fact she had killed the other man she once loved, Rathan.

Trying to deal with the guilt within, she tried to make amends and ask for forgiveness by going to the last place they had been together before her wedding. Unfortunaly her attempt didn't quite go as planned and she left, confused and hurt.

After leaving the place where Rathan appeared to her, Sorsha knew she was with child. With the rest of the Black Lions, she joined Hexic on her return to Paisly. She didn't get a chance to see Mathias, already he was preocuppied with his Ducal affairs.

During her stay in Paisly she was visited with an old acquaintance, a man she had known during the Mad Queen's reign, Sir Asriel Octavius.

After their campaign to retake Paisly, things seemed to be under better control. With her husband's appointment as Duke of Paisly, she was in turn appointed Duchess of Port Nebel. With so much distance and silence between herself and Mathias, Sorsha began to worry. She didn't have the best history when it came to love and commitment with the men in her life, and started to doubt everything.

With fear and doubt in her heart, Sorsha meets with Sir Asriel again. This time she apologizes for her behavior on their previous encounter, and opens up to him. Hexic also makes a short appearance bringing with him a gift. Soon after the Queen then arrives with Selena to visit Sorsha, upon learning of her pregnancy she offers some much needed support.

Sorsha was then shortly after informed that Mathias had disappeared. Not really feeling like having guests, she then retreated to her room to wallow in self-pity. The next morning, she had sadly miscarried their child. It was all simply too much for her heart to take, therefore Sorsha tried to end it all.

After her foiled attempt at suicide, Sorsha tries to return to her duties. She meets a young new knight and is visited by her dearest friend, Lycan.

When things began to settle down once more, Sorsha secretly left D'Hara and traveled to Nightmarch to visit Rathan's resting place as he had asked her when she had been so close to death. She expected to find pain, and emptiness, but what she found changed her life forever.

After being reunited with Rathan, Sorsha returned to D'hara with a renewed will to live. Something she thought forever lost had been returned to her. Even though he was still in Nightmarch and she in her home realm, they continously wrote to one another and grew closer. She didn't much venture out of her palace after this, she was barely ever at court. She took care of military matters when they demanded her attention, and even then she grew silent. It wasn't until several months later she met Sir Asriel Octavius once again, and he was the only one to find out of her pregnancy, but never to whom.

Missing one another, knowing their only communication would be through letters, Rathan tempted fate and visited Sorsha in Port Nebel. Where he proposed to her...

After his visit, Rathan returned to Madina, a realm he was now member of. He had returned to being an infiltrator, trying to find a way to return to D'hara with their army. He tried in vain to have Sorsha join him, to divulge information on D'hara's Military, but she refused. He respected her decision to do so, and it was something they never talked about again. Soon after, by some unlucky chance Rathan was captured and sent to prison in D'Hara. Upon hearing of the news, Sorsha was devastated. For the next few days, she had to read constant letters of the nobles congratulating themselves on capturing Rathan, and how sweet the taste of his execution would be. Sorsha knew that even if she tried or pleaded with anyone, it would simply fall on deaf ears or worse, she and her unborn child cast out, the truth of it was Rathan was already dead. She prayed that something would save him, that he would escape his fate, but it wasn't so...

After Rathan's execution, the King heard of Sorsha's birthing and had her moved to the Royal Palace where he could confront her about her behavior. Still grieving she had much difficulty accepting all the happened and held much contempt in her heart. Unfortunately her heart could no longer take the pain, and she realized that staying in D'Hara and continue to sacrifice herself for others was something she could no longer do. Therefore she said goodbye to everything she ever loved and knew, and emigrated to Beluaterra, where her brother Alec was last seen.

Arriving in Beluaterra, Sorsha chose Sint. It wasn't far from Fianik, a place her brother had apparently been Duke of. Shortly after arriving in Sint, Sorsha realized that Eleanor had followed.

Sorsha didn't speak to many nobles, she followed orders and spent every moment she could with her son Altair. On occasion she was visited by Lady Eleanor.

Much time passed, as Sorsha continued to spend all of her time with Altair but she starts to notice small signs, as if someone is trying to tell her something...