Giblot (Realm)

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Embossed Giblot Emblem.png
Fortune Favours the Bold
Realm Summary
Continent / Island Colonies
Capital Giblot
Government System Democracy

The Democracy of Giblot was a Realm situated in the North Eastern Corner of the Colonies. At Giblot's greatest extent, she held both the Duchy of Giblot and the Duchy of Outer Tilog and was amongst the pre-eminent powers in the Colonies. Eventually she collapsed and fall after an epic conflict against Outer Tilog, the Assassins' Guild and Lukon. Giblot was once known as the slothful half brother of Outer Tilog and was steeped in studies of Necromancy. However in in more recent times it has come to be well known for the passion of it's inhabitants and the high values it places on Honour and Nobility.

Culture and Society


The always current choice in Giblot for cutting news is the Giblot Guillotine.

Defunct publications include:

  • The Giblot Gestapo Gazette which has a reputation for its unique reporting and its bloodthirsty nature.
  • The Giblot Tribune battled bravely against the Gazette for a time, riding high upon a moral backlash against the Gazettes usual reporting. Needless to say though, the Gazette found some way to box up the editor and ship him to another continent. It was only a matter of time...


After a sad period were the Giblot peasantry seemed to enjoy taking vows of abstinence against alcohol this trend has now thankfully abated, thus Giblot's biggest taverns and clubs are now officially back in business! It is widely believed that Giblot could not function without out its nightlife, when all the gossip, and indeed, a substantial part of Giblot's coinage ends up changing hands. The most popular tavern of Giblot nowadays is the traditional The Headless Tilogian.


In recent times the favored sport of Giblot seems to be the hunting of the various Guild members that wander about it. It is common knowledge that Giblot is the end of the line for any infiltrators caught acting against it.

Traditionally, Giblot has not been much of a sporting realm. All that changed however, upon the discovery of Headball! This quickly became a national phenomenon and a favourite sporting event amongst the Giblot nobility and indeed the ordinary citizenry for that matter. The Giblot Headball League has since been setup to regulate the Sport and ensure that there are always enough heads to go round! Sadly, in recent months the appreciation of the sport has fallen to an all time low. Thankfully the peasants remain as in love with Headball as ever.


Giblot's style of government these days is that of Democracy. Giblot is no longer governed by the will of the few as was the case in the republic, but is now governed by the will of many. Although Democracy allows for a bit more shouting and balling from time to time, with time and practice it has become easy to conduct clean and uneventful elections month after month!

General Information

Giblot isn't just Taverns and Newspapers, War and MGRHA. Giblot has a full and rich history as well as a wide variety of different thinking peoples within our very own borders! Read on to learn more of what us folk in Giblot are truly like....