The Giblot Gestapo Gazette

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Yssdragill.gif The Giblot Gestapo Gazette
The Very Best in Completely Biased Reporting!

The GGG HQ is based in Giblot, in the converted grounds of a long deceased nobleman. The word is he was murdered...but we shan't get into that! Currently the dust is being blown off the presses, the long dried and crusted blood cleaned from the torture implements and news stories hunted down much like escaped slaves in the undergrowth! In the meantime we suggest occupying yourself with a nice bloody sacrifice to the eternal one himself; Neavar! Something to do until the next edition comes out, eh?

Copies of the last edition of the Giblot Gestapo Gazette can be bought here.

Staff Roster

The following is preserved for posterity:

" If you have any major news to report to us here at the Giblot Gestapo Gazette, and you don't feel an uncontrollable urge to end your life by attempting to enter our HQ, then please contact one of the following people with your story! They won't bite. Although, just to be on the safe side, we don't recommend talking too loudly near Revan. Or sounding happy. Or doing anything much at all near Revan actually...No Revan, we werent talking about you. Honestly! Just put the axe down! Put the axe down!! Aieeeeeeeee!... "

  • Chief Editor
  • Reporters
    • Dick McNick, Private Eye - Deceased.
    • Ray Porter - Missing in Action?


Our previous newspaper issues can be found in the dark and gloomy catacombs beneath our HQ. Although the catacombs are around the size of a small cellar, we still feel it's pretty scary, and it sounds fearsome too! We kindly ask that you please ignore the bloodied floor and walls upon your visits to the archives, oh and the various torture devices lying around too.

We have also been ordered by the Giblot city council that we must warn all of our readers of the dangers of attempting to purchase back issues from us for their previous, 'generous' prices. All we have to say to you about that is; those torture racks down in the catacombs aren't just in there because they look good! But please, don't hesitate to ask for a cheap copy of the Gazette. We can assure you that we shall deal with your request in a very satisfying manner down in our catacombs...

Past Editions
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Year One N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Issue One
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Special Editions
Gander Was Right! Thanatos Shocks! Wetham Uprising