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Common Items are all sorts of stuff that adventurers can find, mostly through using the "Gather" option in "Items".

Gathering items can be a bit frustrating, because many hours you won't find anything. There are several reasons why you can not find anything, so watch the texts the game gives you carefully for hints. When it says you are too tired and can not concentrate, for example, it means that with less fatigue, you would've found something.

Items can be of different types, namely gems, animal parts, materials and items.

Finding Items

These items are usually collected using the adventurer's "gather" activity.

Information from Tom:

  • There is - as of this writing - a total of 87 different common items
  • Some are more common, some are pretty rare
  • What you can find depends on the region you are searching in. Right now I only go by region type, but I plan to add region location shortly, so there are things you can only find on the coast, or only in rural regions on a river.

Using Common Items

  • They can be exchanged with other adventurers.
  • They can be sold to the locals, if you find a buyer. Prices seem to vary, most items fetch higher prices in city or townsland regions.
  • The Sage requires common items, both to repair Unique Items and to construct new items.
  • Some items have a special use

Lists of the different items

(Sorted by their "type" on the Adventurer's Inventory page) Item Types: Animal Parts | Common | Gems | Materials | Usable