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Sages are old, wise men rumored to have mystical powers. They are difficult to find, and can only be located by adventurers. If you are lucky enough to find one though, they will be able to perform amazing things for you, such as:

  • Repair unique items - Since only adventurers can find a sage, only adventurers are able to have unique items repaired. Different raw materials will be required for the repairing of different unique items respectively. For the same unique item, these items also vary from sage to sage.
  • Create new items - In order to create new items, the sage will require that you provide the raw materials. These materials will be random, difficult to obtain items. If you do not have them in your possession, you will have one hour in which to obtain them, or the opportunity will be lost.
  • Improve items - A sage can sometimes add a skill bonus to an existing item, such as a bonus to Oratory or Adventuring. See some examples of unique items that have been improved, as well as an idea of the raw materials that are required to improve an item. If the item already grants a skill bonus then a sage can further improve it.