The Order of Da Great Goat

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DGGLOGO1.gif Message from our Founder

Share our faith, and be blessed. Share not, and may Rosegarden Guy take you from behind.

It is our duty to praise Da Great Goat whenever we can. As Da Great One once said, "Da Way is not a straight path to Eternal Happiness. It crosses many dangers, and has many curves .... shiny, sexy curves .... what was I saying ?"

-ry2n BloodDiver

DGGLOGO1.gif About The Order of Da Goat (a.k.a Da Way)

Our Purpose:

The Order of Da Great Goat has been established to honor Da Great Goat and spread his teachings, Da Way, to all inhabitants of the world. We accept all nobles wishing to discover Da Way and devote their lives to it. Members initiated into our guild are given a set of specific tasks designed by Da Smelly One to teach them about Da Way so that when their training is completed, they may in turn teach it to others.

DGGLOGO1.gif Da Way DGGLOGO1.gif

Please use the following sections to familiarize yourself with Da Way and all the things we do to honor Da Hairy One.

DGGLOGO1.gif Da Views on other Religions DGGLOGO1.gif

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Da Way

Da Great Goat, our hairy deity (after a few ales, of course)

Continent / Island Atamara
Main Temple Orde, Thalmarkin, Small Temple (Lvl. 3)
Other Temples
Shrine Numbers