The Order of Da Great Goat/Songs for Paying Tribute to Da One

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"Amazing Goat", by AJ von Krondor

Amazing Goat

Ama-zi-hing Goat,
how sweet Da Beard,
Eat gra-ha-has all day
and mehh for sound...

wha-at once was lost,
now i-his One
And Da One ain't round

For glo-hory and GO-ho-hoat
we'll rule the-uh land
By cart o-hor boat
Da One will ne-hever end...

"Ode To Goatdom", by Taelon Crimsonblade

Ode To Goatdom

Though he be wise, And he be grand, AJ the noble's, Just a man,
However he, is blessed by One, That rules those, In Goatdom.

[END INTRO] [Begin Chorus]

Goatdom, Goatdom, A grand, old land, Is Goatdom,
Goatdom, Goatdom, To glorious life, In Goatdom
[End Chorus]

Though we may fall, In battle soon, We know we'll drink again,
For those who follow, Da Great Goat, Will rise again in Goatdom

All the evil, Scallywags, We meet in battle soon,
Shall taste their death, Upon our swords, Ne'er to rise in Goatdom

Our wives and kids, With bearded face, May look at us and smile,
For though we may, Yet drown in ale, We'll rise again in Goatdom

My dirty feet, And unsoaped smell, May kill the ones we meet,
But if they are, Of RedSpan blood, They'll rise again in Goatdom
[Chorus X2]

"Smell of Da One", by Boric O'Neill

Smell of Da One

Da Goat loves me and I love Da Goat,
But not in that way, I ain't one of those blokes,
He smells like old barnyard, mom's cooking and stale ale,
But that is the smell that keeps me hearty and hale,
I may stand on my head when I'm full of the drink,
But nothing gets me drunker than a waft of Goat stink,
Women are good for bedding; in a house or a boat,
But only one thing makes me happy...not the women...just Da Goat.

"A Pint of Da Hairy One", by Razer Turik

A Pint of Da Hairy One

"He is aged and wise, he brings tears to my eyes,
the same way that an onion or a skunk does,
He is mighty and strong, his horns o so long,
his beard thick and full, not like peach fuzz.

By the pint or the barrel, good ale makes him feral,
you will always be welcome to join him,
You'll sing into the night, a song of delight,
but i don't thnk it'll sound like a church hymn.

So be free and don't bathe, drink heavy and not shave,
be as Goatly as you possibly can,
Wear a dress or a kilt, always stab to the hilt,
and always fight well for ol' Redspan."

"A Rhyme for Smelly", by Tarkus Turik

A Rhyme for Smelly

Da Goat, Da Goat, Da Goat,
He gave us all Ale to wet down our throats,
Hairy, Hairy, Hairy,
His stench is really really scary,
Smelly, Smelly, Smelly,
I can't think of a rhyme for smelly but at least we don't have to bathe.

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