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 A new King in Perdan 26 January 1013

The realm of Perdan has elected Atanamir of Umbar to be its new King. For those of you who don't know who Atanamir is (where have you been?) he was the general of Perdan throughout the war against Ibladesh without interruption until the present day. His Hook Maneuver which saw Perdan's elite army do a string of looting against Ibladesh's regions round the west side of the lake was one of the deciding blows that brought about the end of the war.

This leaves the question now that he has become ruler of who will take up the position of General? Currently King Atanamir is both general and ruler of Perdan so we shall see if this stays the same or not.

Writing to all rulers of the continent King Atanamir had this message to say:

Greetings rulers of the East Continent,

for those who don't know me, I am Atanamir of Umbar, son of Fuinur, General and now also King of Perdan.

I am looking forward to hear from all of you and get to know those better, who I haven't met yet.

Since we face here a period of transition in Perdan, my letter is short, but I am sure there will be many more letters to write between eachother.

For now, I send you all my regards.

Respectfully, Sir Atanamir of Umbar King, General of Perdan

 A new Marshal for the Royal Guard 25 January 1013

Armstrong Ironsides has been promoted to the position of Marshal of the Royal Guard of Westmoor (Westmoor's elite army). The position became available after the famous Westmoorian Swordsman Sir Edward Anthony Mercer decided to retire from Marshal duties but continue serving in the RG. Former Marshal Edward nominated Earl Armstrong to be his sucessor to the position, a decision that was looked on favorably by the crown.

His highness King Jor wrote to all nobles of the realm:

Margrave Edward Anthony, wishing to serve in the Royal Guard desiring to see another lead it, has asked to step down from his position as Captain-General of the Royal Guard and has nominated Lord Armstrong to take his place.
The words of the Margrave ring true, and so I raise him to the position of Captain-General of the Royal Guard of Westmoor. Let the once-Defender of Democracy now be the foremost Defender of the Crown.

Earl Armstrong replied:

King Jor,

It is a great surprise and honour to receive this position. Trust that not only will I serve the Kingdom with my very life, not only will I serve the Church with my very faith, but I shall serve the Royal Guard as its greatest Marshal ever...

 Results of the tournament! 24 January 1013

Results in from the Grand Tournament in Domus came in a few days ago. The winner of the sword fighting competition went to Giselle Relak of Sirion a relation to Westmoor's Gregor Relak. Celine Von Genf also from Sirion won second place.

This was a good day for Sirion who have shown that in the sword fighting arena they are a force to be reckoned with on the continent.

Jousting was won by Vessol Mithridates who those in the publishing industry might know as the current chief editor of the White Tree Times (newspaper of Nivemus). Second place in Jousting was won by Irritus Galvez.

 Massive tournament in Caligus! 11 January 1013

King Dobromir Menethil the sovereign of the kingdom of Caligus (whom we interviewed at the end of December) has announced a truly extravagant tournament in Domus with a whopping 7000 Gold in prize money distributed, as can be seen in Regional news, vastly favouring 1st place in both Jousting and Sword Fighting. If you are feeling about complaining about the 15 gold entrance fee then consider that no matter what this will be a non-profit event. Even if every single noble in the whole of the east continent entered the tournament they would only get back 5400 gold (taking into account if adventurers posed as noblemen in disguise).

This tournament offers prizes over double of the famous Grand Sirion Tournament held in Sirion in August of last year however to give credit where credit is due Zakilevo Lapallanch didn’t even charge an entrance fee.

 An end to the bloodshed? 7 January 1013

King ]\[osferatu Reapers has responded to Queen Autrey revealing that Perdan’s judge recently abdicated and that the realm has been unable to dispense justice. The king has also assured the Queen that justice will be served to both the nobles involved in the two crimes. This comes as welcome news as reports of a small scale battle in Betholm have been reported most likely between forces belonging to Eoric Dishman and Armonian defending forces.

Chatting to a courier in the Tavern of our lady in Westmoor this paper was able to obtain some further rumours about the murderer of the Dishman family. The story is quite unusual so we advise dames of the kingdom with less steadfast stomachs to read no further. According to the courier whose name was Hanson (a native of the Obsidian Isles) the fellow suspected responsible for the murder of Eoman Dishman is a rogue locals have come to know as Willy (also a native of the Obisdian isles) who believes himself foolishly to be the illegitimate son of the now deceased Eoman. Stranger still this fellow named Willy has no tongue and has been hacking out a living the last few years as a monster bounty hunter for the Obsidian Isles.

It is unclear why a commoner would even consider raising a sword against a noblemen but Eoman’s son has been chasing him across the continent from Perdan into Armonia where the rogue has now been hiding. The location of the murder was Eldoret the Dishman family home where servants of the deceased Eoman (may he rest in peace) was found with a deep stab wound. Upon further inspection it was also revealed that his tongue had been gruesomely cut from his body.

 Further strife between Armonia and Perdan? 6 January 1013

Queen Autrey Bendix has once again written to all rulers of the east continent this time about a separate matter concerning a Perdanese noble who has entered Armonian lands and demanded that Armonia arrest all adventurers with the aim of catching a suspect wanted for the murder of the noble’s ‘patriarch’. The knight of Brive from Perdan is known as Eoric Dishman and we are unsure exactly who at this time was murdered but we believe it to be Eoman Dishman the keeper of the Dishman estate. We are also unsure at this time who the alleged murderer of the Dishman patriarch is supposed to be. The letter which can be seen here requests of king ]\[osferatu Reapers (via Queen Autrey) that the Perdanese noble currently in Oc Lu Pesh be removed from Armonian soil.

His highness king Jor Tanos has written in response also calling for the knight to be ‘reigned’ in before he causes any unnecessary bloodshed to innocent adventurers whom the king goes on to say serve a necessary function in any realm. We’ll let you know when we have more details.

 Zakilevo Lapallanch elected again as Sirion PM 5 January 1013

Zakilevo, the man responsible for the last war against Westmoor, has once again been elected to the position of Primeminister of the elven lands. Zakilevo has served numerous roles throughout Sirion in the past including two terms as General once as ruler (now twice) and a reformation of the church of the holy sacred grove as priest. He is mistrusted by the nobility of Westmoor and largey seen as anti-westmoorian which will undoubtedly raise blood pressure here.

In other related news Sirion is without a banker at this time.

Perdan replies to Armonia

King ]\[osferatu Reapers of Perdan has written to the rulers of East continent to thank Queen Autrey for bringing the matter of the assassin attempt to his attention (reported by us on the 3rd of this month) promising punishment to the culprit.

 Assassin in Itor Boss 3 January 1013

A noble from Perdan by the name of Nigel De La Fere is apparently wanted in Armonia after attempting to assassinate former judge Barzelli Sarracenia inside the Armonian region of Itor Boss. Queen Autrey Bendix has written to all rulers of the continent to demand an explanation from King ]\[osferatu Reapers the monarch of Perdan.

Rulers of the East,

Nigel De La Fere, Knight of Montauban, Noble of Perdan, has attempted to assassinate Barzelli Sarracenia in the region of Itor Boss, and on the first day of his retirement, too!

This obviously requires an explanation. King Nosferatu, do you know anything about this?
Lady Autrey Bendix
Queen of Armonía
Duchess of Itorunt
Margravine of Itorunt

Some of you may remember Barzelli as one of the last former generals of old Ibladesh. It is not known at this time whether Sir Nigel was imprisoned after his attempt. More on this story as it unfolds.



Regional News
26 January 1013

New Ruler Elected
message to Everyone on East Continent
The realm of Perdan has elected Atanamir of Umbar as its new King.

Undead Activity Undead are still at large in Evora: 10 peasants have vanished and were either killed by the undead or have fled in panic.

Monster Activity Monsters are rampaging in Evora: 12 peasants were eaten, stomped or otherwise killed by the monsters.

11 January 1013

Tournament Announced Dobromir Menethil, King of Caligus has announced a tournament of Joust and Swordfight to be held in Domus 9 days from now. There will be a charge of 15 gold for every participant. The winner will be rewarded with 3000 gold in addition to the honour and prestige that his victory will earn him. There will also be a reward of 500 gold for the second best. All nobles of the continent are welcome on the tournament grounds on the day of this event. Make sure you announce your participation in time.

Monsters! Monsters have been seen in the region of Oberndorf. The local population is requesting help and fears that the monsters will eat their food and destroy their houses.

Battle in Greatbridge (rogue) vs. Westmoor Estimated strengths: 10 men vs. 110 men

Defender Victory!

New Recruitment Center A new Infantry center has been constructed in Evora.

Monsters! Monsters have been seen in the region of Greatbridge. The local population is requesting help and fears that the monsters will eat their food and destroy their houses.

7 January 1013

Noble Joins the Realm message to all nobles of Westmoor Neesta Driscol has joined your realm. She used to be a noble of Nivemus.

6 January 1013

One peasant was killed after a sheep fell off a cliff in Evora. Yorik was apparantly out walking with his dogs near the special forces training centre when a sheep fell down from skywards and smote him on the rocks below. The funeral is to be held two days from now on the 8th. The sheep was said to be shaken but unharmed.

5 January 1013

New Ruler Elected
The realm of Sirion has elected Zakilevo Lapallanch as its new Prime Minister.

3 January 1013

New Knight A new knight has emerged from the ranks of the Westmoor nobles. Leopold Vanderyork is starting his career today. He originates from Hagley. He comes from a new noble family.