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Welcome fellow historian to the letters page of New Westmoor Archives! In this room we store copies of old inportant letters that detailed the opinion's and actions of inportant nobles of the continent. The origional copies are stored in a hidden vault of Westmoor Museum hence we can only offer you copies. Good luck with your research!



Declaration of war against Perdan by Catherine Chamberlain Kronogos of Nivemus on April 10 of the year 1014

Letter from Catherine Chamberlain Message sent to the Rulers of East Continent (8 recipients)

The Kingdom of Nivemus declarations of War against Perdan and Westmoor
1) The Kingdom of Nivemus holds outstanding grievences against the Kingdoms of Perdan and Westmoor for their parts in the manufactured War of the Haradrim, when both of these Kingdoms and the Obsidian Empire attempted to 'liberate' Nivemus.
1.a) For the deceitful and unwarranted attack by Perdan whilst we were at peace, and indeed for Westmoor allowing transit of said force through their lands while at peace during the peninsula war - we also seek retribution.
2) Having settled matters on the battlefield with the Obsidian Isles, the Kingdom of Nivemus now demands a reckoning from the Kingdoms of Westmoor and Perdan upon the battlefield.
3) We defend the rights of the Kingdom of Eponllyn to exist as a Realm, and would not see it destroyed by the overwhelming forces of Westmoor, Perdan and Fallangard - such actions perpetrated against a realm so harshly treated by nature to then suffer at the hands of men? To attack a Kingdom in such dire straights at such a time is an act of cowardice deserving of retribution.

As you see, Nivemus neither neglects her friends nor forgets past transgressions.

Catherine Chamberlain Kronagos of Nivemus

Letters between rulers relating to the Southern Alliance Declaration of war on April 8 of the year 1014

Letter from Prime Minister Ecthelio Tezokian sent to all rulers of the east continent relating to the Southern Alliance Declaration of war on April 8 of the year 1014

Letter from Ecthelion Tezokian Message sent to the Rulers of East Continent (8 recipients) King Atanamir,

If you give us a 24 hour deadline, it would be nice to have that time actually given to us to even begin fulfilling your demands. As we speak... 5 hours from your demands being issued, there are Perdan and Westmoor forces in one of our regions. How can I trust you to even fulfill your side of this demand if you can't even control your own nobles?

King Thomas,

To my knowledge, you have not given Perdan permission to use your lands to engage us, and while you are not required to inform me before doing so, we have been peaceful neighbors for some time now. I would request an explanation and clarification of your position. Regardless of any changes, I would have hoped you would do the honorable thing and make a pre-emptive declaration of any changes to your territorial rules. I eagerly await to hear from you.

King Atanamir,

I accept responsibility for the crimes of Sirion. However, I will clarify what those crimes were:

Our realm knowingly and willfully engaged in direct combat against Perdan in the defense of our allies of Caligus. Our realm knowingly and willfully engaged in direct combat against Fallangard in the defense of our allies of Caligus and in acknowledgement of their claimed territorial sovereignty. Our realm only ever conducted operations in Perdan and Fallangard whose realms had already committed to Caligus to an equal or greater extent.

All of you know what we've done and that's aid an allied realm against no less than three other aggressors simultaneously. We defend our allies to the best of our ability, and while we could not overcome the disadvantages of having that many forces so far from our realm aligned against us, on top of the internal betrayals unforeseen by disloyal members of Caligus, we went to the defense of a friend. There is no defense from anyone participating in this demands, there is only offensive actions, and we all know these claims could not be weaker. What is said we have done has been perpetrated by those now coming after us 10 fold. At least be honest and accurately represent that you are coming for us due to greed and your own personal gain. We would have the respect to do the same in reversed positions.

We will discuss this offer and formally respond to it upon conclusion of that discussion.

Ecthelion Tezokian Prime Minister of Sirion

Letter from his highness King Thomas Foxglove of Westmoor

Letter from Thomas Foxglove Message sent to the Rulers of East Continent (8 recipients)

Prime Minister Ecthelion,

I informed you of my intention to grant the Southern Alliance passage rights through Westmoorian territories over a week ago in our private letters. The appropriate extract from the letter in question follows. I see little need to provide the whole letter, since it was quite long.

Letter from Thomas Foxglove (Personal message to Ecthelion Tezokian)

Given that you and I do have good relations, I only consider it fair to tell you that the discussion document has given the Southern Alliance exactly what it needed to make a fresh push in the war against Sirion. They feel that they have caught Sirion red-handed. So far, their continued war against you had been blocked by my refusal to give them passage rights through Westmoorian lands. I am now inclined to allow them passage. What direct involvement Westmoor takes in all this is still undecided.

As you know, I have made every attempt to come to an amicable and peaceful arrangement with Eponllyn and Sirion over Eponllyn's relocation to the north. But, since King Garin has stated his intention to have Eponllyn placed in Oligarch regardless of my wishes, I have to take that intention seriously and move to prevent it. Also, I have learned that the Eponllyn nobles were ordered to buy siege engines and prepare for conquest before they marched north. I doubt they were intending to attack Sirion.

I do not speak for Perdan's grievances against Sirion, but I believe you have misread the declaration of intentions. Perdan is marching against you to seek a reckoning for your involvement in the war of extinction fought against them by Caligus, Armonia, and Eponllyn, and finally Sirion. Your last letter was refering to the wrong war.

All of that being said, you may have a point about 24 hours being too short to allow you to honourably withdraw and avoid war, if you are suggesting that there is any chance Sirion would do that.

For Westmoor,

Thomas Foxglove King of Westmoor

Letter from Ecthelion Tezokian (6 minutes ago) Message sent to the Rulers of East Continent (8 recipients) King Thomas,

Perhaps I did not read deep enough into your phrasing then. I took that you had the inclination as not being a final decision, only that you were leaning towards doing so... not actually having done it.

I don't know that I mentioned the wrong war. In that war, Sirion never engaged Perdan in their lands at all, nor did we attack Fallangard and loot them. So Perdan's grievance is... having maybe fought a few battles against us in which they were in our territory? I don't know that this warrants gutting Sirion from all of those regions we have a Perdan-defined claim on by right of victory in combat.

But I digress. I really won't have any way of knowing if the demands are acceptable to Sirion and our Council given the 24 hour timeframe. There is no time to even get an adequate vote from anything near a majority of our nobles or even our Council. If it's a legitimate offer that the Southern Alliance would like us to consider, then I would simply hope that an adequate amount of time would be given to us to actually offer a response. King Atanamir had waited a week it seems to give me a simple response to his claim over Oligarch, met in the demand we're now discussing. It seems entirely unreasonable and a dishonorable method to then grant me only a single day to do the same thing he did and confer with all of his people. And before I even offer a response, I have a Perdan contingent entrenched in Dublin.

Either it's a legitimate offer and we're allowed the time to consider the proposal, or it's as we all assume and simply a false justification of war which no one participating actually wants a response. So I would ask those behind this offer to please choose which it is and have the decency to announce your intentions honorably and not hide behind this... garbage of a 24 hour time period. Perdan had more time to gather it's army in Westmoor and invade our territory than I've had to even announce it to my realm. Seems like a double standard to me and entirely dishonorable.

Ecthelion Tezokian Prime Minister of Sirion

Southern Alliance (Perdan, Fallangard, Perleone, Westmoor) Declaration of war against the Republic of Sirion sent on April 7 of the year 1014

Southern Alliance Declaration of War against the Republic of Sirion

1) The Kingdom of Perdan holds outstanding grievences against the Republic of Sirion for its part in the War of Caligus - Eponllyn - Armonia against the Kingdom of Perdan.
2) Having settled matters on the battlefield with Caligus, Eponllyn, and the fallen realm of Armonia, the Kingdom of Perdan demands a reckoning from the Republic of Sirion upon the battlefield.
3) For the Republic of Sirion's role in a war that intended to destroy the Kingdom of Perdan, the Southern Alliance hereby declares a war to reduce the power and influence of the Republic of Sirion on the affairs of the continent.
4) Further reason of war are the war crimes of the Republic of Sirion against a second member of the Southern Alliance, that is the killing raping and burning of the lands of the Kingdom of Fallangard.
5) The proven intended policy of the Republic of Sirion to settle the Kingdom of Eponllyn in striking distance to the Kingdom of Westmoor, with the intention to enlarge Eponllyn's territory into this realm, completes the reasons of war for the Kingdom of Westmoor as a third a member of the Southern Alliance.
6) The Southern Alliance acknowledges the right of Sirion to exist as a sovereign realm within borders of the eastern sea coast to the borderline of Avamar - Trinbar - Slimbar - Parm - Ustimbar - Osslamar.
7) The Republic of Sirion has 24 hours to withdraw to these boundaries, or a state of war will continue to exist between the Southern Alliance and the Republic of Sirion.

Speech by Franklin Mercer Margrave of Domus relating to the ceding of Domus and Supra into Perdan on January 29 of the year 1014

Roleplay from Franklin Mercer Message sent to everyone in the region Domus (37 recipients) Everyone in Domus, please allow me to explain my action.

I have been struggling with this decision for a long time, and it was not an easy one. My values and goals have come into conflict with each other, and I have been sad with the directions that my land and my life have gone in of late. For many years I have been loyal to Caligus and King Dobromir, despite disagreeing with many of his decisions and policies, especially regarding Sirion. I have been proud of Caligus's strength, and I have much respect for many of my fellows.

During this recent war, I consistently urged for peace with the Southern Alliance, but I fell in the minority among Caligans. I have long wanted a united human front, but Caligus was kept bound to Sirion. Young nobles with little experience or history called for war with the southwest, and their voices were heard. This has been the undoing of Caligus.

King Actron has been my friend since he was my knight in Supra. I have always trusted and respected him. I know this war and the internal dissent in Caligus have been very hard on him, and I am sad that I am wounding him further. I think that this is the right action, though. I am acting to strengthen the human alliance, and I am acting to preserve Domus from further destruction during this takeover, which would inevitably succeed.

I am sorry for the hurt this causes many Caligans. I know that many will see me as a traitor and betrayer, though I consider the Caligus I loved and was loyal to to have already disappeared. Asking for forgiveness is probably too much, so I only seek understanding.

To Perdan and the rest of the Alliance, know that I am hopeful that Domus will become part of a successful human effort to protect ourselves from the elven threat. Please do not let my act be a waste. It has cost me dearly.


Letters between rulers after the Eponllyn occupation of Betholm on December 10-13 of the year 1013

Letter from Garin Indirik Message sent to the Rulers of East Continent (9 recipients) Eponllyn can no longer stand to sit idly by and watch as the people of the south continue to suffer under the oppressive conditions forced upon them by the neglect of Perleone, who seems more interested in killing foreigners than ensuring the safety and welfare of their own. I have moved my army into Betholm to take control of the situation before any more southlanders died in starvation and squalor.

Sir Garin Indirik King of Eponllyn

Letter from Nigel De La Fere Message sent to the Rulers of East Continent (9 recipients)

King Indirik,

I am not surprised by your opportunistic behaviour.

Perleone will not let our soverignity be threathened by bullies who grab all the land they can reach, especially from a young realm which has troubles with region maintenance.


Nigel De La Fere King of Perleone

[December 11]

King Nigel,

It is interesting to see that a realm which couldn't spare more than a single noble with only a handful of soldiers to defend, protect, and care for regions so desperately in need of help, has managed to pull back their armies at the prospect of wielding bloody swords.

Eponllyn has not claimed the region of Betholm for our own. Rather, we have stepped in to take temporary stewardship of a region and a people desperately in need. We will provide succor and assistance to the locals until the region has been stabilized and repaired. At that point, we can discuss the matter of who owns what. I am quite sure that Eponllyn and Perleone can work this out. If King Nigel is willing to provide a few assurances and agreements to Eponllyn, then we would be willing to return the region to Perleone's care.

Sir Garin Indirik King of Eponllyn

[December 13]

Letter from Edvard Perfect II Message sent to the Rulers of East Continent (9 recipients) King Garin,

I can understand your want to help a neglected region, however; claims are taken much more seriously. Fallangard surely knows about that in this specific region. I would advise against doing so unless it is conflict by Perleone you want. If it is, I'm afraid Fallangard cannot assist you against our Ally. Forcing us to choose, I simply will have to lower relation with you to Peace until this either gets sorted out or bloodshed to come has ended.

Edvard Perfect II King of Fallangard

Letter from Nightmare Aroo Message sent to the Rulers of East Continent (9 recipients)

King Garin

Betholm is Perleone territory, and I find hard to believe that you were touched by the peasants misery to occupy that region. We support Perleone not only because we are allied, but also because they are the rightful owners of that land you are stepping on. (And that peasants liking argument is so pathetic)

Nightmare Aroo King of Perdan

Letter from Garin Indirik Message sent to the Rulers of East Continent (9 recipients)

King Nightmare,

I am sorry that you are so calloused and jaded that you care not for the plight of those of us not lucky enough to be the glorious Perdanese. Not all of us have the luxury of ruling over commoners more numerous that the grains of sand on the beach. Those of us who started with little have learned to care for that which we have.

King Nigel,

It is interesting to see that a realm which couldn't spare more than a single noble with only a handful of soldiers to defend, protect, and care for regions so desperately in need of help, has managed to pull back their armies at the prospect of wielding bloody swords.

Eponllyn has not claimed the region of Betholm for our own. Rather, we have stepped in to take temporary stewardship of a region and a people desperately in need. We will provide succor and assistance to the locals until the region has been stabilized and repaired. At that point, we can discuss the matter of who owns what. I am quite sure that Eponllyn and Perleone can work this out. If King Nigel is willing to provide a few assurances and agreements to Eponllyn, then we would be willing to return the region to Perleone's care.

Sir Garin Indirik King of Eponllyn

Letter from Nigel De La Fere Message sent to the Rulers of East Continent (9 recipients)

King Indirik,

If your forces will not leave our region, then you will gain an enemy. This was my last warning.

We appreciate your concerns, but we do not need you shepherding our herd.

If you want to gain friends or agreements, then you will stop blackmailing and will directly say what you need or want. Unlike you, I will not send private correspondence to other people and will listen all proposals. We do not want to make enemies. We are just a young and fragile realm who tries her best to support her allies.

Understand, that at this moment you are supporting the few peasants who called up a rebellion against nobility. You can leave the region and let us put the rebellion down properly.


Nigel De La Fere King of Perleone

Letter from Nigel De La Fere Message sent to the Rulers of East Continent (9 recipients) King Indirik,

First, Perleone did not interfere with your war with Armonia. We accepted the refugees of Armonia under the banner of Perleone. Armonia is not Epponlyn. And you claimed that you seek the destruction of Armonia, we helped you.

Yet YOU accepted the refugees of Perleone into your realm. Meaning that I got lands from Armonia which is not here to contest it anymore, but YOU got lands from PERLEONE which is here to contest it. And saying that you want those lands is not a proper claim.

In the sight of goodwill I closed my eyes and let it happen.

But now you come in demanding more under petty excuses.

It is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS if my regions go rogue, its my duty to get it fixed. Understand that Perleone is a young realm and we are having troubles getting set up. But taking advantage of this position by YOU is barbaric!

Stand down and lets start discussions about the south. Why keep on accusing each other in front of the continent?

But no, constant accusing and hostile actions AND words show me that you do not want to discuss, you just demand and have already decided that there is going to be war.

You pretty much are saying that as Perleones progress is slow, you are just going to dismantle the realm.


Nigel De La Fere King of Perleone

Letter from Garin Indirik Message sent to the Rulers of East Continent (9 recipients) King Nigel,

Your acceptance of refugee lords from Armonia into your kingdom was interference. Your refusal to allow Fallangard troops to cross those territories to continue the war with Armmonia is interference. Your refusal to allow Fallangard to retake some of the regions after they had gone rogue was interference. Your refusal to hand over refugee Armonian regions to both Fallangard and Eponllyn is interference. Your proposal that Perleone secede the Itorunt duchy to form a straw-man kingdom upon whih Eponllyn could wage war for the purposes of entertainment was interference in our war. Your using all of this as a means to forcibly coerce Fallangard to make war on Caligus is interference.

Eponllyn did indeed accept refugee lords from Armonia into our ranks. These are lords that voluntarily switched allegiance to Eponllyn in response to your twisted plot to set up the Itorunt duchy as a punching bag for Eponllyn. Your proposal would have caused the death of countless thousands of soldiers and commoners in some sick "war game" in order to entertain the nobles of Eponllyn. And you dare call me barbaric? It is no wonder that the lords of the proposed punching bag realm defected from Perleone to Eponllyn, considering how you planned to sacrifice their lands, their people, and possibly their very lives as some kind of distraction to keep Eponllyn occupied.

As for standing down, I will not leave Betholm until the region has been restored to an acceptable and stable condition. However, you have my word of honor that no Eponllyn noble will enter the region of Oc Lu Pesh, or any region that flies the flag of Perleone. Eponllyn has signed a treaty, guaranteed by Perdan, assigning the region of Oc Lu Pesh as Perleone territory. Eponllyn does not desire war with Perleone. As such, I provide you these guarantees:

No noble of Eponllyn will enter Oc Lu Pesh. Eponllyn will not declare war on Perleone, unless Perleone actively begins armed attacks upon Eponllyn. When the region of Betholm has been stabilized and returned to good condition, Eponllyn will enter into negotiations with Perleone and Fallangard to set forth a treaty that will lay out the ownership of the regions of the south, so that no further misunderstandings or overgrasping claims of territory are made.

Now, with those assurances, you should have no more fear that Eponllyn has any designs or intentions or go to war with Perleone, and that we are quite willing to discuss the matter. You may send your soldiers back north to "support your allies" in beating up a Caligus that has already tendered their surrender.

You should consider that we are doing you a favor, since it has already been established that you are not capable of both caring for the regions and marching to war at the same time.

Sir Garin Indirik King of Eponllyn

Letter from Nightmare Aroo Message sent to the Rulers of East Continent King Garin

Let me inform you that Caligus surrendered initially, but then they changed their mind when terms were presented to them. So, everything continues like it was. And if you haven't noticed We also face Sirion, which is quite a formidable enemy. It is not that we just go beat Caligus once in a while.

Nightmare Aroo King of Perdan Royal of Perdan

Letter from Ecthelion Tezokian Message sent to the Rulers of East Continent Yes... the fearsome overlords of the Great Sirion Empire defend Caligus against the infinitesimal pests of Perdan, Perleone and Fallangard which when combined, hold more land and nobles than all of Sirion. It's also worth noting that Fallangard quadrupled in size when a single traitorous duke decided to join Caligus, which of course resulted in Caligus losing nearly half their realm. You claim Sirion as the giant conglomerate of evil that controls the continent, yet it's Perdan that forces other realms into joining them under duress or manipulation and pulling all the cords behind the scenes. At what point does your self-imposed high ground of "liberating the continent from Sirion oppression" become seen as the blatant lie it's always been when it's Perdan that has outgrown us in power, size and ambition?

Perhaps there will be one second that comes into existence during this entire war that shows the enemies we face having the ever so slightest sliver of honor. Until that time, I must congratulate you on your way with words to always make it appear that you are the underdog and at the disadvantage in whatever engagement we enter into, King Nightmare, and then quick to call us cowards for avoiding conflict with one another over OI. At least try to stay consistent with your own rhetoric. Or maybe it's just that you have such overwhelming superiority to the point that no inconsistencies with anything you say will be questioned by those that support you, just accepted due to fear, corruption and threats.

Every realm that has gained through fear has fallen. It may not be Sirion that delivers the blow, but it will inevitably happen.

Ecthelion Tezokian Prime Minister of Sirion

Declaration of war against Caligus from Edvard Perfect II King of Fallangard on November 16 of the year 1013

Letter from Edvard Perfect II Message sent to the Rulers of East Continent (9 recipients)

King Albion,

Fallangard quests to restore the original dutchy of Isadril. This is no secret to anyone. I've been pretty open about my plans and goals. I reached out to you regarding this but have had no reply. We move to restore Isadril's dutchy.

Edvard Perfect II King of Fallangard

Declaration of war against Caligus from Nightmare Aroo King of Perdan on November 12 of the year 1013

Letter from Nightmare Aroo Message sent to the Rulers of East Continent (9 recipients) King Albion

Perdan offered you a very generous peace treaty last time, as we viewed Caligus as a friend that took a wrong decision driven by the madness of Doombringer.

I tried to bring our realms closer, and re-establish the ancient Perdan-Caligus alliance. I went against my Senate and most of the nobility when everyone was warning me that Caligus does not seek friendship. I gave you maybe the best peace terms that a defeated realm has had in East Continent's history. Even when you pushed the negotiation process to the edge by asking for more and more, I believed in the revival of our friendship, and I accepted all your terms.

Unfortunately, During the last months you made clear that you did not seek peace to build a friendship, but just to avoid complete defeat. You rarely responded to my letters, you even accused me of using Caligus food to get wealthy and/or perform my politics, and gave me an ultimatum. You did not apologize or even respond to my letter when I gave you the facts that proved that the food that was sold was not coming from another realm. These are not signs of a realm that seek friendship. You made your choices, you picked your allies, and it is clear that Perdan was never a realm you sought to ally with, although I left a wide open door for an alliance.

The peace period was obviously just a brake to the war your predecessor started. Our realms return to war status.

With the first light tomorrow, Perdan marches against Caligus.

P.s. Due to delayed communication with my diplomats you will receive the official war declaration after sunrise.

Nightmare Aroo King of Perdan Royal of Perdan

Letters between King Garin Indirik and King Nigel De La Fere after the succession of Itorunt into the realm of Perleone on November 10 of the year 1013

Letter from Garin Indirik

Message sent to the Rulers of East Continent (9 recipients)

King Nigel,

I am prepared to meet you in Itorunt city at your earliest convenience so that you may transfer the city to Eponllyn. It is, after all, what someone who wants to live in peace and friendship with their neighbors would do.

Sir Garin Indirik King of Eponllyn

Letter from Nigel De La Fere Message sent to the Rulers of East Continent (9 recipients)

King Indirik,

I dont see any reason why I should give the city to you. Could you please explain it to me why should I even think about giving a city of Perleone to your realm?

It is as insane to think that you would give us Semall.

Please, elaborate and tell me what gives you a right to our land.


Nigel De La Fere King of Perleone

Declaration of war from Garin Indirik King of Eponllyn against Armonia sent to all rulers of East Continent on October 27 of the year 1013

Letter from Garin Indirik Message sent to the Rulers of East Continent (9 recipients)

We in Eponllyn have our own reasons for desiring war with Armmonia. We supported Armmonia in their desire to war Perdan. Their inability to support us, denying us the support of their troops, refusing march to our aide, and otherwise forcing us to wage the war on our own was the direct cause of our near destruction. We in Eponllyn cannot allow this betrayal, whether intentional or not, to go unavenged. We will make good the losses of our last war by claiming the lands of those who caused those losses by being poor allies. After Armmonia plotted destruction, I shouldn't wonder if they hadn't plotted the outcome of the last war all along.

Sir Garin Indirik King of Eponllyn

Declaration of war from Edvard Perfect II King of Fallangard against Armonia sent to all rulers of East Continent on October 25 of the year 1013

Report from Edvard Perfect II Message sent to the Rulers of East Continent (9 recipients)

Lords, Royals, Rulers, and other Heads of State,

Fallangard declares war on Armonia not out of hatred but out of necessity to feed our people. We are not mad, we are not unreasonable, but in the preservation of feeding our children, we move to garner our place so that our children will live to see days of old. This is not a religious war, nor a war over sour grapes. My people spoke and our effort put forth.


Edvard Perfect II King of Fallangard

Letters between rulers addressing Perdan's ongoing occupation of Kazan on October 9 and 10 of the year 1013

Request from Ecthelion Tezokian Message sent to the Rulers of East Continent (8 recipients)

King Nightmare,

Please withdraw Perdan's forces from the lands of the Obsidian Islands. Regardless of training or visitation, you know perfectly well that your men are directly interfering in an isolated war between the Obsidian Islands and Nivemus. I have no desire to fight Perdan or to step foot into Obsidian Islands flanked by our armies, but your realm's involvement in this fight is unacceptable. Begin withdrawing your forces immediately from the peninsula, or we will be forced by your actions into confrontation.

Ecthelion Tezokian Prime Minister of Sirion

Letter from Epoch Shadowbane Message sent to the Rulers of East Continent (8 recipients)

King Nightmare,

Your visit to the Obsidian Islands has been a good one, though unexpected. I've prepared a few tankards of Fire Ale to be taken back to Perdan as a parting gift. This is one fight that OI needs to fight on its own as it was Emperor Shady that got us into this conflict and it is my duty to accept the consequences of his behavior. Besides...OI has never truly fought it's own battles before. Win or lose, I find that perhaps it is time that we attempt to do so.

Epoch Shadowbane Emperor of Obsidian Islands

[Editor: Probably Sent 10th of October]

Letter from Nightmare Aroo Message sent to the Rulers of East Continent (9 recipients)

Rulers of East Continent

Perdan will respect King Epoch request. I will order our armies to travel back to Perdan.

As to Sirion's PM remarks, I will just say this; As Perdan agrees to let OI fight by its own, I demand Sirion to do the same. If I receive evidence that Nivemus is financed or otherwise supported by Sirion in their war against OI, we will not just go to visit our friends like we did this time.

Nightmare Aroo King of Perdan

[10th October]

Letter from Ecthelion Tezokian Message sent to the Rulers of East Continent (9 recipients)

First of all, I appreciate Emperor Epoch's request. It shows a great deal of wisdom and honor, and I hope that can become the foundation for a future improvement to our current standing with one another. Our involvement would have meant at least some Obsidian Island losses of men and nobles despite how restrictive I would have kept our intervention, and I am glad that this has hopefully been entirely avoided for the time being.

King Nightmare...

I really don't care of the manner of your departure, only that you do so. By all rights, I should send the entire Sirion Army into OI to wipe out your garrison and the OI mobile army as you have done to Nivemus in kind. I'm fairly certain I would be justified in doing so. Fortunately, I'm not petty enough to commit such an action. You've actually listened to your ally in their request to depart which is surprising, but something I hope becomes common-place in Perdan policy through the future.

As for... let's call it your threat, King Nightmare... I find most often when demands are made, it's usually because the demander has done something similar, and is why they assume someone else would do it so quickly. Either way, I have pledged Sirion's neutrality to this conflict while it is waged and while outside influences do not make efforts to do as you suggest or what Perdan has done this week itself with it's military involvement. I have no reason to then turn around and fund or covertly support anyone. I'm humored that you think Nivemus needs our assistance to do anything. I can assure you that they are very much their own realm. We are allies, but our paths are not always the same, as the current conflict shows.

To be clear, we won't be aiding either realm. We've remained outside of this conflict and will continue to do so, so long as all others do the same. I don't believe I've given anyone here any reason to question my honor, so I will leave it at that. Let us hope that when Perdan presents "proof" of us aiding any realm, it's not actually fabricated as was the case with your predecessor's efforts against Nivemus.

Ecthelion Tezokian Prime Minister of Sirion

[11th October]

Letter from Nightmare Aroo Message sent to the Rulers of East Continent (9 recipients)

PM Etchelion

Perdan is not afraid of your armies, your Marshals or you. Perdan has faced multiple enemies and won, while you always had wars that the luxury of bigger numbers would ensure victory. So, do not try to intimidate me, we are not afraid of you or your troops.

Like you said, the content of ones messages reflect some of his And I saw fear to

Now go back home and maybe if you feel strong enough again, you may try to fight Westmoor


King of Perdan

Letter from Ecthelion Tezokian Message sent to the Rulers of East Continent (9 recipients)

I don't really care what you think you saw, King Nightmare. I won't tell you what I see.

Perhaps judging from our most fundamental interactions between one another, Emperor Epoch is wiser than both of us to want neither of our realms to be involved in their affairs. I wouldn't blame him one bit.

For suggesting we fight Westmoor... I'll be honest, it seems to be safer to be Perdan's adversary than their ally when you're constantly disrespecting them and suggesting we attack them. I will do nothing to Westmoor, as they have done nothing to us except be a peaceful and pleasant neighbor.

Ecthelion Tezokian Prime Minister of Sirion

[12th October]

Letter from Nightmare Aroo Message sent to the Rulers of East Continent (9 recipients)

"For suggesting we fight Westmoor... I'll be honest, it seems to be safer to be Perdan's adversary than their ally when you're constantly disrespecting them and suggesting we attack them. I will do nothing to Westmoor, as they have done nothing to us except be a peaceful and pleasant neighbor."

I did not suggest you attack Westmoor. I criticized your tactic on picking on weaker opponents.

And what do you mean you will do nothing to Westmoor? Do you need to do more when you already have killed half their population and got half their lands?

Nightmare Aroo King of Perdan

Letters sent to the East Continent Drinking association after the Battle of Kazan between Perdan and Nivemus on October 5 of the year 1013

Letter from Erik Eyolf Serpentis Message sent to everyone in "E.C.D.A." (28 recipients)

What happened with "Nivemus and OI are a fair war?" Now, they cried to Perdan and you decided to intervene without a word? You must say that then I will march with my Legion and every army of Sirion.

Erik Eyolf Serpentis Duke of Avamar Priest of Church of the Holy Sacred Grove Master Drinker of E.C.D.A.

Letter from Turant Murasaki Message sent to everyone in "E.C.D.A." (28 recipients)

I'll let the bard sing about that battle. You won't see me bat a eye over it. dirty or not it doesn't concern us Fallangardians. I do hope nivemus has a good religion on their shoulders. They will need it now that Perdan is there, pretty much over for them i say.

Turant Murasaki Margrave of Igno Marshal of the Panther Claw Army Moderate Drinker of E.C.D.A.

Letter from Nightmare Aroo Message sent to everyone in "E.C.D.A." (28 recipients)

Duke Erik Eyolf Serpentis

The reason Perdan intervened is that I do not perceive this war as a fair one. I cannot understand how Nivemus can master such an army, with that income they have. An di cannot prove that you fund them.

So, I send a small army to visit their friends. I imagined that they would get upset with Nivemus destroying their allies city, but this is human nature I imagine.

Perdan has no interest at all in fighting Nivemus or Sirion. I am sure that we can sit in the diplomatic table and look for a solution.

Nightmare Aroo King of Perdan Master Drinker of E.C.D.A.

Letter from Ravier Nebehn Message sent to everyone in "E.C.D.A." (28 recipients)

It is also hypocritical for a Sirionite to preach about fair wars when they have intervened in affairs not belonging to them since I have been Patriarch of my house. I do believe that our punishment for attacking Ashforth at one point was a "visit" from the Silver Legion.

Ravier Nebehn Duke of the Western Moors Marshal of the Westmoorian Bulwark Heavy Drinker of E.C.D.A.

Letter from Erik Eyolf Serpentis Message sent to everyone in "E.C.D.A." (28 recipients)

We visited Westmoor because Oligarch belong to us, simple like that. That was not because of Ashforth, but because your entire history with us.

About Nivemus and OI, now Sirion must intervene as well, since it's not fair to let Perdan decide the future of the Peninsula when was my sword that conquered those regions. They must take care of the south. The north belong to me and my policies.

Erik Eyolf Serpentis Duke of Avamar Priest of Church of the Holy Sacred Grove Master Drinker of E.C.D.A.

Letter from Brigdha Dubhaine Message sent to everyone in "E.C.D.A." (28 recipients)

Large realms with poor financial management often underestimate what a smaller realm can spend when need requires. If Nivemus is using its wealth wisely I don't doubt Lord Brock has much to do with that for he knows the value of coin better than any man it's been my pleasure to serve with, excepting perhaps old Elberan Carnes.

Frankly though why must every conflict become a [editor: peeing] match between Perdan and Sirion? Can't we let other peoples eviscerate themselves for their own amusement without always thinking it's somehow about us?

Lady Brigdha Dubhaine Margravine of Negev Priestess of Flow of the Balance Moderate Drinker of E.C.D.A.

Report from Albion Pendragon King of Caligus sent to all rulers of the East Continent requesting an end to hostilities between Perdan and Caligus on July 14 of the year 1013

Fellow rulers of the East Continent,

For some time now Perdan and her closest friend Caligus have been locked in war and it was painful for the people of both realms. Families were torn apart and friends and neighbours were put at odds. This has gone on long enough. Whatever the reasons for war when it started, with the tragic passing of Dobromir, those reasons no longer seem relevant. The people have spoken and they wish to tend to their homes, their injured and their dead. They want to rebuild those friendships that were damaged. It is for this reason we have agreed to end the war with Perdan. We wish to bring peace back to the East Continent, and we want to start the healing process today. I wish to thank all of you who have stood by Caligus and pledged support, we do not forget the friendships we have forged, but the people tire of war, and as a man of my people I am carrying out their wishes. Here's to a new age in relations between not only Perdan and Caligus, but the rest of the continent as well.


Albion King of Caligus

Letter from Edvard Perfect II relating to the ceding of the duchy of Isadril (including Tota) into the recreation of the long dead realm of Fallangard on July 8 of the year 1013

Message sent to the Rulers of East Continent (8 recipients)


The Dutchy of Isadril breaks from Caligus out of concern and care for our children much like we did when Caligus took us in; however, our concern was for the safety of our children then, and we have concern once again for their safety during this war. We do not support such a war killing the generations to come from the Dutchy of Isadril. I never supported Caligus’ conflict with Perdan and voiced my concerns accordingly. I look to replant the seeds of a fallen legendary realm of my brother to peacefully coexist with others. These are my actions, I will no doubt be judged accordingly. I welcome any and all questions and dialogue.


Edvard Perfect II King of Fallangard

Letter from Armstrong Ironsides relating to the ceding of Oligarch city into the realm of Fane, sent to all nobles of Westmoor on June 2 of the year 1013

Letter from Armstrong Ironsides Message sent to everyone in your realm (30 recipients)


Our Kingdom suffers greatly under the mammoth hoof of Sirion and its ally Nivemus. In the imminent future, King Thomas will be forced to sign a peace treaty to end the war. The unquestionable bind of this treaty is the annexation of Oligarch by the elves. To my misfortune, this outcome is inevitable and costly.

I pray to the divine lights that Westmoor persists forevermore. I pray to the divine that I am blessed with righteous cause and that my actions relieve the burden strangling Westmoor and at the same time opportune to forge a new destiny.

I have fought on many battlefields. I have served countless Chancellors, and a successive list of Kings and a Queen. Oligarch is the finest accolade I ever earned. It was the summation of a lifetime of honour and duty, and of blood spilled and collected. Thereby, to the misfortune of Sirion, I will not be relinquishing it. I do not consent to the peace treaty proposed by King Thomas. I will not release the city of Oligarch to be trampled on by elves and their kind. Instead, I will found a new monarchy and attempt to brighten the future of my city. Oligarch will once again reign as a capital, and, so long as I live, it shall never kneel to the whips and chains of another master.

I do not expect you to approve, but I will prove to you that glory may still march on this continent. That even in the desert of defeat the flower of nobility may yet blossom.

Glory Be, Brothers and Sisters.

Armstrong Ironsides Duke of Oligarch Margrave of Oligarch Marshal of Royal Guard of Westmoor

Letter from Lance Hagakure Duke of Al Arab to all rulers of east continent relating to his defection from Eponllyn to Armonia on March 15 of the year 1013

Rulers of East Continent I have changed the allegiance of my duchy from that of Eponllyn to Armonia. The reasons I have done this are because I feel that Eponllyn's diplomatic policies in the south are resulting in further and further isolation from the rest of the east continent. For the time that I was present in the realm we had no good allies and no good friends who would support us and it seemed we had no intention of finding them.

To spare my peoples of Al Arab and the surrounding duchy from decresing standards and lack of development with the surrounding nations I have changed my allegiance to that of Armonia a realm which does care about communicating with other realms and developing lasting friendships.

I appologize to my Queen Siana and the people of Eponllyn for this betrayel but this decision has been a long time coming and first and foremost I must think of the people of my city and the surrounding lands.

Lance Hagakure Duke of Al Arab Margrave of Al Arab

Letter from Atanamir of Umbar King of Perdan to Neji Uzamaki Kronogos (King) of Nivemus declaring the intent of war unless certain conditions are met on February 15 of the year 1013

Kronogos Neji,

Perdan has announced to conduct a humanitarian intervention in your realm. Our allies have granted us passage for this mission, but will not participate in an offensive war, this is explicitly between Perdan and Nivemus.

Nivemus has failed to be what it should have been, a successor state of Old Rancagua. Nivemus has picked only those parts from history that fit them best, but in order to be a successor state you have to take the full package. Perdan will ensure that Old Rancaguans will be give their realm back and at least the original homelands of Old Rancagua will be returned. We will succed there where others failed, where Nivemus has failed. This is Perdan's gift to its former ally, it is my gift to my ancestors.

Perdan will be from now on in war status with Nivemus till following terms will be accepted by Nivemus:
- Nivemus will secede the Duchy of Oroya to an independent realm, which truly follows the ways of Old Rancagua.
- The new realm will be a Monarchy, Sir Talius shall become its King, further former Old Rancaguans (not ex-Sironites) for the council shall be decided along with Perdan.
- The new realm will be in Oroya - Pedrera - Pucallpa - Juazeiro - Salta, the original lands of the Old Rancagua. The name of the realm is free to decide, it should have though a connex to the history of the greater region.
- Nivemus shall remain in Ashforth - Dale - Obando - Caqueta (lands that Old Rancagua had occupied from Oligarch and Eleador)
- The region of Oberndorf (originally a land of Oligarch) will go to Westmoor and Nivemus will give up any claim on the region of Oberndorf. Claim disputes will be settled this way for good and Westmoor can take care of the oppressed region and people.
- Kronogos Neji steps down and Nivemus will turn into a Democracy. This will be the lesson that you will get due to the civilian oppression you practice.
- Both realms can continue to have the Order of the White Tree as religion, but the main seat will be in the other realm. Also, any of the current Nivemus elders will be demoted and the new elders will sit in Oroya and consist out of nobles of the other realm.
- The Haradrim will completely migrate to Perdan and serve the family of Umbar again. Individuals can stay if they decide so. The Harad tribe elder is already here now and is granted asylum.
- Both realms will be in diplomatic Peace status to all realms and each other for a period of three months. An alliance between them is not possible for six months.
(further points may be added, especially if the longer Nivemus abstains from accepting these terms)

These are the terms that Nivemus has to fulfill.

As you see Perdan has no intention to kill Nivemus, nor establish a colony. Even if you lose this war, you can continue to exist. We are no destroyers (except Ibladesh, but they wanted it so) but liberators for the people you are oppressing. No matter what your fake statistics say. I trust contemporary witnesses more than plain cold numbers when its about human life.

We just want to see those few lands of the North ruled by the rightful, by the just, by the good and fair ones, by those who respect humanity and the virtues that were lost long ago in this region. Ideals that we in Perdan share and enjoy so much.

Kronogos Neji, it is up to you now. Sir Atanamir of Umbar King of Perdan

Letter from (and letters relating to the following) Autry Bendix Queen of Armonia containing a copy of a letter from Eoric Dishman (noble of Perdan) knight of Brive requesting the arrest of all adventurers in Armonia sent to all rulers of East Continent in which Queen Autrey requests the removal of Eoric from Armonian soil on January 6 of the year 1013

Rulers of the East,

A Noble of Perdan is now in Armonian lands demanding that we arrest all our adventurers.

Letter from Eoric Dishman Message sent to everyone in the region Oc Lu Pesh (2 recipients) Nobles of Armonia,

I, Eoric of Perdan, regret to inform you that a fugitive has absconded into the lands of Armonia. A murderer has fled Perdan after slaying the patriarch of my family. I have followed the trail of this vagabond for several days and this cur, that calls itself an adventurer, now dwells within your lands. The miscreant has defiled the law, desecrated the nobility, and has slain my father. This cannot stand.

I demand an investigation of all roaming armed peasants. I want to see a confession extracted from every so called 'adventurer' within the borders of your realm. Pass this message to your lands councils. You have two days to comply.

Duty and Justice, Eoric Dishman Knight of Brive

King Nosferatu, what kind of authority, if any, does this Knight have? Do you think this may have something to do with the assassination attempt of Duke Barzelli? In any case could you please recall him from our lands, seeing as how our official relations are set to neutral? Lady Autrey Bendix Queen of Armonía Duchess of Itorunt Margravine of Itorunt

Letter in response to the above from his majesty King Jor, presumably sent to rulers of the East Continent

A most disturbing turn of events. A simple knight making demands of lords, dukes, and a queen?

Protect the weak, the innocent and the helpless in the Divine's name. Commoners or not, there is no proof of their guilt and therefore they are innocent of the crime that this knight wishes to see them tortured for.

Besides which, such actions would be foolish. So-called adventurers serve a noble purpose in that they root out dens of evil and corruption before they grow powerful enough to bring harm to the countryside and destabilize the rightful rule of the aristocracy.

King Nosferatu, I ask that you please bring this wayward knight to heel before in his grief he seeks to draw the blood of innocents.

Ad Majorem Divina Gloriam, Sir Jor Tanos King of Westmoor Ambassador of Westmoor Priest of Church of Humanity

Letter from ][osferatu Reapers [sent presumably to all rulers of east continent] addressing the above issue (and the assassination attempt earlier in the month). Written sometime between 6th/7th of Jan.

Queen Autrey,

No Perdanese noble has been sent to your lands under my consent. Our Judge had abdicated and I had to wait for the new one to be elected. She is already working on both cases you brought forth and justice will be dealt.

With Honor, ][osferatu Reapers King of Perdan


Letter from Neji Uzamaki Judge of Nivemus concerning banned nobles from Nivemus sent to all Judges of East continent on June 30 of the year 1012

Letter from Neji Uzamaki Message sent to the Judges of East Continent (7 recipients)

Judges of the East Continent,

Nivemus has banned the following nobles for conduct detrimental to the realm:

Cesera Azul
Czarixina Opvanova Eleonore Illithian
Ferleve de Hauteville
Hyzenthflay Ahrairah
Icius Rae of the House of Drakon
Sirius of the House of Drakon
Izialav Principe
Jaroslav Principe
Kelsa Noyan

These nine nobles are suspected of being Saxons. Also, they have caused Nivemus much turmoil over the past 8 months. I would advise against accepting them into your ranks, especially all of them at once, but if you do, look for tell tale signs such as anti-government tendencies.

This shall be my last act as Legodos of Nivemus.


Neji Uzamaki Legodos of Nivemus, Earl of Salta

Declaration of war from ][osferatu Reapers King of Perdan against Fontan sent to all rulers of East Continent on April 26 of the year 1012

Message sent to the Rulers of East Continent (9 recipients) Fellow Rulers of the EC,

There were many rumors lately about what has been going on in the north and sadly, most of them have come true judging from some letters I received. Apart from the background funding of Fontan (which violates the 1vs1 war I promised to stay out of), there seems to be a greater masterplan of taking out Westmoor so that Perdan is next. As if Perdan has any interests north of Bescanon but so be it, we won't sit idle waiting for our turn while Westmoor is being consumed.

Thus, I declare war on Fontan.

Let me make it clear that I do not seek Fontan's annihilation like what happened with Ibladesh, but I will see that Perdan's safety is ensured and also that Westmoor restores the borders they had before the war broke out and keeps them this way.

I have little to say about the refuge that was offered to the members of the CoI while both me and King Dobromir had made it clear what this would eventually lead to, you are about to experience that first hand. All CoI temples we'll come across will be burnt to the ground regardless of where they stand. I would close them down now if I were you and I'm not neccessarily talking only about Fontan.

Chancellor Aulus, I hope your sponsors have plenty of gold to donate. You'll need it.

With Honor, ][osferatu Reapers King of Perdan

Letters between nobles of Fontan and Westmoor after the battle of Greatbridge on April 16 of the year 1012

Request from Rhidhana Dubhaine Message sent to all nobles in the region Greatbridge (74 recipients) Good Knights of Westmoor,

Why do you continue to make war? Do you believe there some virtue in the needless slaughter of your own people that king Jor's renewed hostility has provoked?

Have your people not already paid a far steeper price than the gold we sought in reparations for the treacherous theft of our hallowed capital and the damage wrought by your rulers in our lands?

At every turn we have sought to make friendship from the seeds of hate your forefathers planted in these ancient Fontanese lands, but it seems that friendship comes hard to bandit chieftains who proclaim themselves king and those seeds of hate have become an abundant harvest. I pity those who must stand in their furrows as the reaper approaches to do his grim work, and more so those who remain for the harrowing which must surely follow. But if liberty and justice are to be once more firmly established in these lands there can be no leniency.

But it is not yet too late for those of you who love the people who look to you to guidance and lands within which your estates reside.

Lay down your arms and sue for peace, Fontan will welcome you with open arms and restore to you that liberty which is your right by birth. We have no kings to oppress you nor secret councils to betray your trust. Here in Fontan we elect our government to implement our collective will, for they are the servants and we are the masters.

So come, turn your back on tyranny and this meddlesome priest who would squander your blood and your treasure for his petty schemes. No longer need you be interlopers or invaders, the chains of your bondage forged by potentates and kings in foreign demesne. Swear fealty to our common wealth and you may stand proud and tall in your own right, as do today the many fine knights who march beneath the banner of liberty to meet you in battle.

For if your king will not make peace with Fontan, Fontan may surely make peace with each and every one of you.

Lady Rhidhana Dubhaine Marshal of the Fontan Rangers

Request from Thomas Foxglove Message sent to all nobles in the region Greatbridge (74 recipients)

Marshal Rhidhana,

You, of all people, should know that Westmoor sought peace with Fontan for over 300 days -- throughout the reigns of both King Maedros and King Jor. You certainly know it to be true that I personally arranged for both Oberndorf and Commonyr to be returned to Fontan through your unopposed Takeovers before the ceasefire, as a show of good faith from the Westmoorian people to the peoples of Fontan.

During the peace negotiations that followed, Sirion acted as mediator. The peace treaty that Westmoor proposed was thought to be fair and reasonable by the mediator, but Fontan continually rejected it and underhandedly tried to turn other realms to a war against Westmoor. One of your former Chancellors (I forget which one. You have had several), even raised the subject of Fontanese claims on the Duchy of Westmoor during negotiations!

You asked us to demilitarize Greatbridge. Although Westmoor could not accept such limitations being written into the treaty -- for how could we have killed monsters, the undead, or done any civil work? -- we actually kept our troops out of Greatbridge, Dulbin, and Evora, to give you peace of mind along the full length of your border. In return, Fontan set up militias in Commonyr and Braga. So your people wanted Westmoor's border regions to be undefended, while you had militia guarding your own borders.

In exchange for peace, your Chancellors have continually asked us for reparations for the destruction of the Flow of the Balance temple in Krimml, ignoring the fact that Sirion had more or less razed that temple to the ground before Westmoor even arrived. And also ignoring the fact that Fontanese troops destroyed and looted temples of both Sanctus Acies and the Church of Humanity within Westmoor's lands. Should we have asked your people for reparations for these acts?

As a further act of good faith, Westmoor allowed its standing armies to fall in size to a level more suited to the peace that we wanted. In contrast, Fontan has built up a mobile army that is currently stronger than that of Sirion. By all accounts, funded by a band of robber barons who are ruling your realm more like a Tyranny than a Democracy.

So, in all fairness, how could Westmoor have interpreted Fontan's actions as anything other than a preparation for war? To the majority of Westmoor's nobles, it seems that Fontan holds out a hand of friendship while hiding a dagger behind your back. This was not helped by one of Chancellors approaching King Dobromir of Caligus to offer friendship, while at the same time preaching to all who would listen about the "threat of Caligus" and how it needed to be stopped.

At no point in the history of this conflict has Westmoor acted in the way that you like to suggest when you speak publicly. You request that Westmoorians turn from our cause and join your realm that has now been so greatly tainted by double-dealing with other realms, acts of betrayal, and your acceptance of support from your robber barons, that it has become a political outcast in this continent. It seems as though your time would be better spent putting Fontan in order and returning it to the once proud democracy that it was.

Sir Thomas Foxglove Lord General of Westmoor, Count of Poitiers

Letter from Cnaeus Aulus of the Scipii Message sent to everyone in the region Greatbridge (74 recipients) Lord General,

If even half what you said were true, it would make quite the tall tale in Fontan circles. What you have wrapped into conspiracy seems nought but a fragile collection of lies.

But speak as you do of Temples, and you the former Lord who took up residence in my Manor in Oberndorf, I make the subtle point that the temple you raised still stands, at my then command, and with my then insistance despite the protestations of others, until such a time as Westmoor was actually willing to settle the discord between us and see the matters resolved. You took down the former temple in Oberndorf, yet I refuse to do so. Fontan has ever made a point of avoiding restarting the fire depite having good cause to, such as with the flagrant abuses of the ceasefire by Westmoor, sending troops over our borders lead by known traitors to our realm, and totally wiping all diplomatic negotiations to date that had been offered.

You base your dishonourable breaking of agreement on mistruths, at the threat of militia 100 men strong in borderlands which wouldn't even easily stop a monster horde, of neurotic reactionary panic at seeing Fontan, whose mobile army outnumbered yours anyway at the end of the last period of hostilities, return to the standing force it should have been. All your premises where contrived; the times you offered a new treaty of totally unnegotiated clauses, of your renaging of promises with a change of who wears your Royal Hat, and with the threat of allies who bankroll your entire Kingdom.

It is telling when Westmoor betrayed it's ally, tried to profiteer, was duly slapped down, and now accuses conspiracy upon those it has itself conspired against and sought to do War upon, and then convinces itself of its own just cause and righteousness just to save face. Sir, if you had a semblance of understanding of your own hypocrisy and delusion I should hope you'd stand aghast in shame.

Sir Cnaeus Aulus of the Scipii (Lord)

Report from Rhidhana Dubhaine Message sent to all nobles in the region Greatbridge (80 recipients) Lord General Thomas,

Insult whom you may, but know that Fontan is ruled by an Assembly to which every noble house may send a representative after but thirty days of loyal service to the realm. Unlike Westmoor we trust our nobles with the details of our diplomacy and with the power of lawmaking, as has been the way since the days of my mother and the generations who preceded her. Our Chancellor may speak as he will but it is the Assembly which agrees treaties and alliances, laws and customs.

As to previous hostilities, my sole interest as Minister of Defence was to bring your government to the negotiating table, at that time believing there was yet some honour amongst your peers and the possibility of an amicable peace. I did no more than was necessary to achieve that, and considerably less than was within my power and mandate.

When Fontan agreed a ceasefire we made our terms clear and they did not change whilst the ceasefire lasted. Your realm was to make reparation for the damages it inflicted on our lands, to refrain from stationing your armies adjacent to our capital, and to apologise for the repeated treacheries which marked the end of Westmoor's involvement in the Great War. I know not what terms we would now require, that is a matter for discussion should the eventuality arise, but I doubt they will be so lenient.

You may claim it a kindness that you did not oppose the liberation of Commonyr and Oberndorf, but we both know that those territories fall within the borders Sirion promised most fulsomely to defend on Fontan's behalf. Further we both know that sizeable elven forces were mustered close to the border to enforce those guarantees if needed. Your people should be glad that you had the presence of mind not to press the matter, but any capital your good character may have earned with Fontan has long since been squandered by the dishonest dealing of your king.

The mood in the Assembly has grown increasingly grim as we've readking Jor's various treaty drafts. He has sought to remove every term which Fontan proposed at its start, to place obligations upon my people which would not be reciprocated by his, and to evade all responsibility for Westmoor's fundamental crime: that she treacherously coveted an ally's capital and sought to make it her own. And now that we have rebuilt the fine lands which war laid waste he chooses to launch a fresh campaign of conquest obscured by the same old tired lies which so easily come to his lips.

None now speaks favourably of Westmoor nor her knights, not even I who long championed an amicable peace. I therefore think it very unlikely Fontan will again withhold the full measure of her power. We have given your government ample opportunity to prove their integrity but there comes a time when even the most generous amongst us can take no more.

But I will not demonise the rank-and-file who march beneath Westmoor's colours. Many a good knight has the misfortune to be born in a dishonourable realm and it is not our intention to punish such if they see the error of their ways. Knights of good character who can no longer abide the stench of king Jor and his placemen will be happily welcomed in Fontan where they will know honour, respect and liberty.

Lady Rhidhana Dubhaine Marshal of the Fontan Rangers

Letter from ][osferatu Reapers King of Perdan sent to all rulers of East continent stating support for Westmoor in the Westmoor/Fontan War and warning for the Church of Ibladesh in the north on March 25 of the year 1012

Esteemed Rulers,

It looks like the tension between Westmoor and Fontan is building up. Perdan's affinity to Westmoor is something that cannot be hidden. In the case that a war brakes out however, Perdan will not get involved as long as it remains a 1 vs 1 war. If other realms see this as an opportunity to seize lands from Westmoor while they are fighting Fontan we will not sit and watch.

Changing subject, it has fallen to my attention that the Church of Ibladesh has found a new home north. I won't say names, you know who you are. In the case you missed my and King Dobromir's ultimatum some months ago though, let me remind you that CoI should be considered dead on this island. If not, we'll make sure it stays dead along with its supporters. Just take a look at what happened in Ibladesh and ask yourselves a simple question: "Do I want this in my homeland?". If the answer is yes don't worry, we'll soon come for you and this has nothing to do with the possible war between Westmoor and Fontan. If on the other hand you prefer your realm alive, make sure those infestations called CoI temples are shut down soon.

There won't be a 2nd warning. Next time I'll refer to this matter will be to let you know we're coming. Take my word and act accordingly.

With Respect, ][osferatu Reapers King of Perdan

Letter from his highness King Jor Tanos sent to all rulers of East continent stating an end to the cease fire with Fontan on March 24 of the year 1012

My fellow rulers,

For one hundred twenty-three days I have ruled Westmoor, seeking peace and understanding with all realms across the continent. I have been fortunate to be able to call some of you my friends.

Even under the reign of then-King Maedros, I served leally as an ambassador for the Kingdom. In that function, I met many of you or your predecessors. Only one series of rulers have repeatedly refused any overture and offer of friendship, countering instead with demands for gold, lands, and restrictions on the affairs of Westmoor's armies within Westmoor itself. This does not include the many times those leaders outright ignored all missives sent to them.

Of course, I speak of Fontan and its Chancellors. Fontan, a shadow of its one time strength. A nation that provokes wars but can only win a battle with outside intervention.

They have demanded gold for damages their armies caused, they demanded that Greatbridge be seceded to them and, when failing that, attempted to dictate that Westmoor could have no armed presence within the region.

Now they amass on our border, as per usual lying behind closed doors in an attempt to garner foreign support. This is while they have begun to harbor Ibladeshi murderers and rapists to bulk up their armies. I have seen the crimes the Ibladeshi committed in Aix with my own eyes. The death and destruction were unimaginable. Even now, the city has not fully recovered.

The Fontanese refusal to even discuss peace or compromise in addition to their gathering of soldiers simply proves their intent. Westmoor does not have time on its side.

As such, effective immediately the ceasefire between the Kingdom of Westmoor and the "Democracy" of Fontan is declared null and void with Fontan in breech of the spirit of the ceasefire. As required by its terms I officially give notice that a state of war will resume between these two realms.

Westmoor pushed for peace while Fontan schemed and plotted for war, for conquest. Westmoor must defend itself.

Divine go with you.

Jor Tanos King of Westmoor, Ambassador of Westmoor

Letter from Dobromir Menethil King of Caligus sent to all rulers of East continent on January 24 of the year 1012

Chancellor Zadek,

Firstly it is good to hear from you once again. However, it would have been nice had your contact with me not be for the sole reason of inquiring to get Fontan city back.

I am going to make this as clear as I possibly can. You put on a nice happy friendly face in front of me and the rest of the rulers here preaching you wish for peace serenity and stability amongst the nations, but just like your ‘Democratic church’ deep down Fontan is extremely corrupt and opportunistic to its core. Right now Fontan is desperate for more power in the continent as it cannot stand as a force on its own with what it currently has.

I for one don’t believe your intentions for good relations with Caligus nor did I truly believe it from your sister Katalnyfae Dragul. Fontan has been at war with Sirion throughout the years so the official but undeclared stance against Caligus was simply the following ‘It is not currently in our best interest to be hostile with Caligus for the time being.’ Now if I just leave it like this I will obviously be accused for making things up. However it is a known but covered up fact that many ex-Yssarian nobles reside in Fontan and are on its assembly. We both know they want their realm re-created and obviously wish revenge and their obvious target would be Caligus.

For enough for my elaborations on the matter. The thing I am finding most despicable at the moment is you contact acting like we are really good close knit friends whilst behind my back you are preaching of the ‘Perdan/Caligus’ threat. I cannot speak for Perdan but I do know that Caligus has never been a global threat in any way, shape, or form. There is no time that Caligus sought to be a global threat by exponential expansion like Fontan did when it grew up to 7 cities. Nor has Caligus ever let a religion grow corrupt and take away any spec of honour that the realm had. This goes for both Fontan and Ibladesh.

I must say this if your idea that Caligus is a threat well then I guess it is only Fontan that has to worry. I have deep respect for Sirion and Prime Minister Ilias and of course Ambassador Peristalico. Perdan I feel is agood friend now once again. Obsidian Islands have always had good relations with me obviously being apart it is difficult to assist each other directly. Westmoor under King Jor who had wanted to side with Caligus over Ibladesh but got abdicated is now back on the throne. I don’t intend to seek vengeance on Westmoor and we are both making progress in improving relations between us. As for the new nations of Epolynn and Armonia I wish Queen Siana and King Dread both honourable long tenures. I know they had to undergo a difficult time and they both strived to change and abandoned a corrupt Ibladesh.

To close the subject. Your request for Fontan city is officially denied.

Signed Dobromir Menethil King of Caligus


Letter from his highness King Maedros addressing unrest in the realm sent to all nobles of Westmoor on October 7 of the year 1011

Letter from Maedros Iltaran Message sent to everyone in your realm (38 recipients) I had been hoping that actions would speak louder than words Duke Gregor.

Now, onto other matters. Count Hergoervik seems to have three criticisms of me; firstly that things are going badly and as King I bear ultimate responsibility, secondly that I haven't communicated enough and finally that my diplomatic proposals have been overly harsh to Fontan. I'll address these in reverse order.

The demand that we surrender Greatbridge actually predates my reign and was originally made by Chancellor Basilius of Fontan. Its been discussed a few times in the House of Lords and unanimously rejected on each occasion. I've also offered Fontan peace on the principle of status quo ante bellum (that is to say, the pre-war borders). While I've never actually received an explicit refusal of this proposal, their failure to respond amounts to the same thing. Now, some weeks ago I did take a harder line with them, offering only Commonyr and reparations. No, it wasn't successful, but it was tried only after the other options had repeatedly proven just as unsuccessful.

With regard to communication, yes, its something that hasn't been very good. I am endeavouring to fix the problem as best I can. Part of that is directing the Ambassadors to report directly to the nobles of the realm regarding our diplomatic situation. Part of that is letters like this one.

Finally, we have the fact that I am ultimately responsible for the state of Westmoor. And yes, Lord Hergoervik and my other critics are right to hold me responsible. However, there are two other pertinent facts that you should also consider when you look at my performance.

The King must work with what he has. Westmoor has one ally, the Sultanate, which is in even more desperate straits than we are. The dominant power in our region is Sirion, who are three times our size and with whom we have spent nine tenths of our existance at war with. They are understandably less than sympathetic towards us. To our west we have Caligus, who we were at war with just a few months ago and were lucky to make peace with so cheaply, as well as Perdan, who haven't forgiven us for breaking the alliance. Both of these realms are heavily engaged with Ibladesh and have no interest in getting involved in another dispute. Finally, there is Fontan, who are equally convinced we intend to destroy them and that Sirion will conquer us on their behalf.

Now, I'm not interested in arguing about how we got into this position and whether or not other realms perceptions of us are correct. We are in this position and all we can do is make the best of it. There aren't some magic words we can say that will suddenly work everything out for Westmoor. This is a long, hard, bloody _slog._

This leads into the second point. I have been criticised for not making peace for Fontan. But what I have not heard is a new plan to make peace with Fontan. Simply switching monarch will not be enough I assure you; if it was then my succession to King Flaylen would've resulted in a treaty. Surrendering our 'claims' to Oberndorf, Commonyr and Krimml has been attempted. If anyone can explain to me how we can easily make peace to Fontan, then step forward.

Sir Maedros Iltaran King of Westmoor

"The King and the Realm (the sequel)", Referendum by Armstrong Ironsides issued to all nobles of Westmoor on October 6 of the year 1011

editor: Titled 'the sequel' as there was a mistake draft that was only sent to the nobles of Morshes


Many of us feel that King Maedros has declined in his performance as King. This decline has caused a reform movement and a failed rebellion. Despite the sympathy of loyalists we worry that the Realm will suffer these inadequacies once again in the future. Therefore, we ask the King to step down from his position and face re-election, essentially an abdication. As this is a serious move I feel it is less dramatic and traumatic to put this question into a referendum. In this way we can avoid harmful and poisonous argumentation and get right to the point. The clarity of the matter shall be decided here.

If you feel that the King should abdicate, please vote yes.

If you feel that the King should remain on the throne, please vote no.

The referendum will last three days and require a simple majority. It shall also be presented to all nobles of our Kingdom.

In service of the Realm,

Rebellion declaration by Arica Maldives to the realm of Westmoor on October 1 of the year 1011

Nobles of Westmoor,

I have stated my reasons many times why King Maedros is unfit to rule.

I know many are displeased with King Maedros, but would rather not see him replaced. I would agree with these sentiments if I thought it would be possible for him to improve which I think there is little to no chance of.

I am happy to see that there has been some better discusion of something to make sure we don't have bad rulers. Though if any method doing such a thing ever got implemented, I believe King Maedros would still fall short of fulfilling his duties. Not to mention certain fanatacis that would strongly oppose any type such thing no matter how rational it is as they would rather have their puppet on the throne.

If you are of my previous mentioned mindset towards the King, I ask that you remain neutral in this rather than take up arms against me. Reason being I plan to expediate the process of remvoing King Maedros who I don't think will ever live up to his duty, as well as allow for more free rational discussion for a method to which to enforce that future Rulers live up to certain standards and implementation if agreed is needed. I of course welcome any support, but unless you think King Maedros is perfectly capable of leading this realm and are totally against any sort of monitoring then, I hope to not see you in battle.

I don't plan on being succesful in this, but greatly hope I am. If succesful I would have the ban on King Maedros removed, as he is still a fine Westmoorian noble and warrior. After the discussion and possible implementation of a method dealing with future rulers, if enough respectable nobles publically asked me to step down for another vote for a ruler I would do so. Though I do think I would be capable for ruling, but being communicative, have honorous intentions first, and listen to and encourgage to discussion in the House of Lords.

The is no fighting currently with Fontan, so this rebellion doesn't pose a threat to our security. Also since I hope this is just a battle between those strongly for and against King Maedros there would still be plenty of nobles left to defend the realm in that rare case. I also don't think another ruler change we drastically hurt Westmoor's image, especially if we come out if with a method to have standards for future rulers.

Since I promised I would step down if succesful and if wanted, for those nobles I asked to remain neutral this would simple be a way to organize the realm quicker to allow better and more open discussion without critizing others. It would even be possible King Maedros get elected again.

For Westmoor,

Declaration of War from Ilias Thunthorn Prime Minister of Sirion against Westmoor sent to
all rulers of the East Continent on September 7 of the year 1011

Letter from Ilias Thunthorn Message sent to the Rulers of East Continent (6 recipients) Rulers of East Continent,

An unanimous Realm Council of Sirion has today decided to declare war on Westmoor.

Ever since the war between Fontan and Westmoor begun we have made it clear to Westmoor that we will not stand aside and let them reap the fruits from our long war against Fontan.

After making it clear to Westmoor that we would not tolerate an attack on Krimml or Westmoor advancing further into Fontan's lands and Westmoor choosing to ignore this we have no choice but to turning words into action and declare war.

This is the declaration of war I sent to King Maedros:

We have ignored that you taken regions from Fontan as we have been quite annoyed by their conduct in this war. We have let your raid on Ashforth that has cost us dearly in time and efforts pass but now that you are ignoring our demands to leave the remaining regions of Fontan alone we cannot ignore this any longer but will declare war within the hour.

Sir Ilias Thunthorn Prime Minister of Sirion

Letter from Rhidhana Dubhaine minister of defence (of Fontan), passed on by Brock Ketchum minister of finance (of Fontan) to
region of Krimml on September 6 of the year 1011

Proclamation from Rhidhana Dubhaine
Knights of Westmoor,

You have been duped by your rulers into a war of conquest without honour. The matter outstanding between our realms could have been easily resolved at the outset if King Maedros had apologised for the illegal seizure of Krimml when our realms were still allied, and for the attempts of Duke Gregor to extort gold for its return - also whilst we were still allied.

An ally who holds a knife to your throat whilst demanding your patrimony as compensation for his effort is in fact no ally at all. He is a baseborn villein and all men and women of good birth and pedigree are duty bound to ensure justice is meted in full and exacting measure for his crimes. Fontan's cause is therefore just and we will see the lands you've captured and despoiled in recent weeks returned, even if it costs a generation their youth and their life's blood to achieve it.

We will never allow the flame of democracy to be extinguished by such as you serve, no matter the privations we face in her defence, and the history of this continent is written in the blood of powers who believing otherwise payed the ultimate price for their folly.

However having fought alongside Westmoorian knights during the Northern War I am certain that many amongst you are not of so low a character as those who rule your realm.

Therefore on behalf of the people of Fontan I extend amnesty to any knight amongst your company who foreswears wickedness and serfdom. Offer your sword and loyalty to Fontan, and we will bring you honour and glory beyond measure.

Here amongst our nobility you will be free to speak your mind, to hold your government to account, and to establish estates under the full protection of laws which are decided through common consent and plebiscite. We hold these liberties the birthright of every noble with the courage to claim them, no matter their family nor background, and I know full well there are those amongst you who secretly harbour these same ideals.

So cast off the yoke of King Meadros and his robber gang. They are small and wicked men who seek to profit from the victories of those whose boots they're not fit to lick or wounds worthy to describe.

Come, be done with folly and calumny. We offer you friendship, companionship, and a lasting future as equal partners in the greatest history this world has ever known.

Lady Rhidhana Dubhaine Minister of Defence of Fontan

Brock Ketchum Minister of Finance of Fontan

Letter from ][osferatu Reapers Judge of Perdan, Marshal of the Perdan's Home Defense to
Antonious Turner Lord Justice of Westmoor, Count of Bruck on August 29 of the year 1011

Letter from ][osferatu Reapers Message sent to the Judges of East Continent
Royal temporarily absent An assassination attempt on Nightmare Aroo, King of Perdan, Ambassador of Perdan has left him seriously wounded. The throne will be empty until he returns.

Sabotage! Nightmare Aroo's guards, in Woolton, have captured Addonwy Ap Rhodri, an infiltrator working for Ibladesh while he was trying to escape from his successful assault on Nightmare Aroo, King of Perdan, Ambassador of Perdan.

So, is this the way Ibladesh is bargaining for peace Patriarch Roberd? I think you just signed your death pact here.

I will honor our prisoner agreement but this worm is excluded. He'll be tortured, boiled, skinned, disfigured and everything else that comes to my mind this time. Next time he gets caught for the most meaningless reason he'll be hung and left to dry in the sun for the vultures to feast upon his carcass. Even if he emigrates and returns he's in my black list. I will hear nothing about this, you have a dead man walking in your realm (currently in my dungeons).

This is sent to everyone here to avoid future debates on how "honorable" was this lowlife's execution. His death is a matter of time as long as he sets foot on this continent.

A good evening to you all,

][osferatu Reapers Judge of Perdan, Marshal of the Perdan's Home Defense

Letter from Basilus Decimus chancellor of Fontan to
region of Greatbridge on August 1 of the year 1011

Duke Gregor had just reminded the Chancellor that he had an appointment to keep with Sirion in Ashforth. Basilius responded...

Letter from Basilius Decimus Message sent to everyone in the region Greatbridge (9 recipients)

Aye Gregor, I do have an appointment to keep, and I appreciate you reminding me.

How is it after all these years we still confont one another in battle...and to think we once fought alongside each other before your think I raised an army and marched across the continent to collect your lifeless corpse, and you now reign over the coty Westmoor. Duke Morningstar is probably turning in his grave, as I would if I were passed on.

You too old friend, have an appointment, but with destiny. And be sure that when that day approaches, I and several of the elders of Fontan who remember what you have done will be there to collect. Mark my words.

And now, if you excuse me I shall take my leave.

Good Day Gregor.

Basilius Decimus Chancellor of Fontan, Marshal of the Manticores

Letters between Lady General Arica of Westmoor and
General Ilias of Sirion between July 30 and 31 of the year 1011

Letter from Ilias Thunthorn Lady General Arica,

The peace agreement we made with Fontan and that have been made public for the entire continent to see clearly recognises that Ashforth rightfully belongs to Sirion and that the city is to be handed over to us by now.

This should be a well known fact of anyone that have kept up with events on this continent the last few months.

We are still working on the logistics of the actual handing over the administration of the place. The stupid and pointless war you are wagering on each other for no reason at all makes that a lot harder. This does not change the fact that Ashforth is a part of Sirion and if you attack Ashforth you are attacking Sirion.

We agreed to peace with Fontan so we would get Ashforth without seeing it destroyed first and I won't see raiders ruining that for us. I give you 24 hours to completely withdraw from Ashforth. Any looting or other damaging acts should stop immediately or you WILL face the consequences.


Sir Ilias Thunthorn General of Sirion, Count of Flismar

Letter from Arica Maldives Message sent to: Dobromir Menethil, Nightmare Aroo King Dobromir and King Nightmare,

I write to you now for because King Maedros was recently caught in battle, and Sirion is on the verge of declaring war with Westmoor. I have been extremely disappointed with my realms diplomatic ability so I will give a short recap of what has been happening in case they missed anything.

Fontan declared on Westmoor, in claim to get back at Westmoor holding Krimml for awhile even though Westmoor threw out its King because of his decision to try and hold the city. More realistically Fontan wants to take Westmoor's lands. Fontan has been the aggressor in both failing a TO and harassing persistently with infiltrators. Westmoor did nothing in retaliation because we wanted to work out a simple peace. Fontan won't agree to that and is demanding Greatbridge for peace and they are tying to get away with this because they know Sirion has their back. So when Westmoor made it's first attempt at attacking Fontan, Sirion instantly threatened to declare war on us if we don't stop. We pulled back and nothing happened diplomatically while infiltrators continued to attack us, and Fontan tried to rebuild. Now Westmoor has just assaulted Ashforth to make the city go rouge with doing as little damage as possible and again Sirion is making threats at Westmoor.

It is known that Sirion wants to retake Oligarch eventually, and Fontan is going to try to expand somewhere and Westmoor is the only space. Once Sirion destroys SoA they will probable aid Fontan in attacking Westmoor. It is unreasonable to expect Westmoor to sit around and try to be controlled by the dishonorable Fontan and their new giant friend Sirion until they are ready to destroy us.

I am asking for your help to aid diplomatically to either get Fontan to accept a peace with no restrictions other then a length of time for the peace, or to have Sirion stay out of the business of between Fontan and Westmoor.

Arica Maldives Lady General of Westmoor, Countess of Hagley

Letter from Ilias Thunthorn Lady General,

Bah! As we perform them a lot I am kind of an expert on the kind military operation you describe and it isn't possible to conduct them without severe damage to infrastructure and population.

You have to remove the income of the place and when that happens recruitment centers and workshops goes as well due to lack of maintenance. Hordes of peasants will rise to defend their homes and businesses and you will have to slaughter them all. Fortifications will be destroyed by your siege engines as you fight the peasants defending their homes.

Remember what Krimml looked like when Fontan lost it. At that point we had only conducted a campaign like the one you described (except for us hitting the Flow temple as well). And that was with us maintaining takeovers a lot of the time to speed things up.

Most importantly, with the number of men you have there the operation will take a considerably longer time than the week within the Fontanese are to hand over the city to us. Your presence is delaying the time it will take for Ashforth to leave Fontan hands not speeding it up. The only thing you are achieving is to damage Sirion assets which we of course not will not tolerate.

You are of course correct in surmising that we would not tolerate you driving Krimml rogue either. That would make it impossible for Fontan to hand over Ashforth without committing suicide. We hold no great love for Fontan but we will protect our own interests with blood if need be.

About peace between Westmoor and Fontan, Sirion has offered to mediate. Both of you claim that the other side refuses peace. Minister Rhidhana has said that their only condition has been to have Westmoor accept responsibility for holding onto Krimml which I frankly think you should as it was an opportunistic and despicable acts from someone who claimed to be an ally.

But Chancellor Basilius is admittedly one of the worst diplomats that have ever ruled anything on this continent, and I wouldn't be surprised if he has added unrealistic demands for any peace agreements. Any gods should know thet he did that over and over again when negotiating peace with Sirion something which in the end cost them a lot of territory as we were prepared to leave them the duchy of Karbala in early negotiations. So let me know if they have added any other demands for peace to you.

You should know that it was only yesterday Minister Rhidhana wrote to me and asked me to have our Prime Minister intercede diplomatically to end your war, that doesn't seems like someone who is trying to avoid peace. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help in negotioations.

We still want you out of Ashforth for all the reasons stated above.


Sir Ilias Thunthorn General of Sirion, Count of Flismar

Letter from Arica Maldives (Personal message to Ilias Thunthorn) General Ilias,

I greatly respect Minister Rhidhana, and she told me this myself. I relayed her information to my King, but still nothing happened. With King Maedros in jail, this course of action can't happen for awhile.

And indeed Chancellor Basilius is one of the worst diplomats. He demanded first that Greatbridge be demilitarized, and then after changed to demanded in the region completely. Westmoor can't accept either of these terms. Sadly us Generals are directly in charge of diplomacy.

Also, I think a giant realm like Sirion can afford to rebuild a city that you already don't need to maintain your overwhelming strength. Fontan isn't helping you much either but constantly putting the city in starvation.

I will agree to have Westmoor leave Ashforth after the sunrises(until then no looting) if either of the two conditions are met.

1. Sirion forces Fontan to accept a white peace with no restrictions other then a time limit of peace. Once King Maedros is out of jail I will make sure he gives a formal apology.

or 2. Sirion gives Westmoor a short reasonable time in which they will be receiving Ashforth from Fontan, or taking it militarily. And also for Sirion to not intervene between Fontan and Westmoor diplomatically or military even if Fontan may ultimately be destroyed.

Arica Maldives Lady General of Westmoor, Countess of Hagley

Letter from Ilias Thunthorn Lady General Arica,

I will certainly forward your demands to the Fontanese and strongly urge them to accept them. I'll see if I can get them to release your King to expediate negotiations as well but I wouldn't hold my breath about that.

As for when Ashforth is to be handed over to us we are hopefully talking about days. Lets say within a week, give or take a day or so. You may notice that the Fontanese hasn't bothered to appoint a Duke because of the imminent handover. Certainly before our armies need to refit again.

The city should already been handed over but there happened to be a Westmoorian army between Chancellor Basilius and Ashforth at the time and the Chancellor isn't known to avoid an opportunity to stall if given one. It would go faster if you could avoid attacking the Chancellor while he gets to Ashforth to hand the city over.

What I can't promise is noninterference if you persist in your war. We do not plan or want to interfere at this point, we still have the Sultanate to deal with, but at the same time we won't let our hands be tied but reserve the right to protect our interests.

We are unlikely to accept that you destroy Fontan and conquer their lands altogether. We will make it clear to Fontan though that they won't be able to rely on our forces if they decide to not accept peace though.

Yours in Battle,

Sir Ilias Thunthorn General of Sirion, Count of Flismar

[presumably sent to Ilias] General Ilias,

I will withdraw the troops in Ashforth to Oligarch. I see Chancellor Basilius is in Greatbridge, so Westmoor will track his movements to make sure he is going to Ashforth.

If Ashforth is not handed over to Sirion in 7 days starting now, then Westmoor will assault and start a TO of Krimml. Since this will be a problem for Sirion, you should make sure Fontan does its part.

Also if there is no peace with Fontan in 7 days starting now, then Westmoor will start a TO of Oberndorf. I think it would be extremely dishonorable if Sirion didn't allow this.

If the second condition is met then the first one obviously won't matter. If neither are met though we will proceed with the response for the first one.

Arica Maldives Lady General of Westmoor, Countess of Hagley