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 End of newspaper ?? ??1014

With the loss of Westmoor's capitol city due to Sirion and allied forces assaulting the city, the newspaper was forced to close along with the destruction of the realm of Westmoor. New Westmoor successfully covered a large period of Westmoor's history through thick and thin and will be sorely missed. Let the wars continue on!

 War continues 2 June 1014

All in all the map looks similar to the one we showed last month with the exception that Krimml is back in Sirion hands. We are busy here in Westmoor preparing our defenses for the next attacks from the enemy. Westmoor managed to regain the rogued region of Troyes. Perdan and Sirion are away at refit and may not be back onto the battlefield for some time giving us some time to rest and repair.

Westmoor on June 2nd




Regional News
2 June 1014