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Region Details
Continent located on::East Continent
Region Type is regiontype::Badlands
Geographic Area North Plains
Population population::7100
Economy Fishing, Trade
Realm / Duchy part of::Nivemus / part of::The Omsk Peninsula

Kazan is a province on the north end of the East Island, at the tip of the Kazakh Peninsula. Ferries run from here to Juazeiro and Stora.


In early January of 1007, Lord Bladesinger of Avamar Selective was informed of his claim to the region and was quickly inducted as Kazan's new lord.

In 1008, it became part of Sultanate of Asena's first duchy. the Obsidian Islands took over the peninsula a few times, with the Sultanate taking it back afterwards, until peace was settled with the region belonging to Asena. Lady Vanya Bluelake was announced Baroness and after her, her knight Rickhart Haerthorne.

As of 1020 the people of Kazan have little oversight, mostly ruleing amongst themselves as their Dukes reign through commoner representatives and lesser aristocracy.




For a long time, Kazan's people were mainly believers in the Church of Humanity and Dagdaism. After the Path of Asena was created, though, those two faiths started to lose ground, and some dispute was now common between believers of the three faiths for a time.

When the faith of Asena faded away due to the death or disappearance of her last priests, the Church of Humanity and the Flow of the Balance became the major faiths, but with the collapse of the Church, the Order of the White Tree saw a rise in popularity as it was adopted by the Lords and Ladies of Nivemus.

Trade and Commerce

  • Imports
  • Exports Fish, Livestock, Wool, Glassworks, Kazan Rum

Serves as a waypoint for goods travelling around the Northern Realms with a notable port and ferry station situated between Juazeiro and Stora on the northern-most tip of the region. Fishing and whaling communities host most of the population and income for the region, though taxes from goods travelling through the region aren't insignificant.


Notable Locations

Notable NPCs


Kazan is a barren projection of land, with stubby wind-blown trees and peat soil crystalline with salt. Black sand beaches from the nearby Obsidian Islands sparkle in the sunlight, contrasting with the bleached bones of whales that wash up from time to time, and the bright yellow sea birds that pick at sea urchins. The weather tends toward rain, fog and frost, but on the occasional clear day, volcanoes can be seen across the sea.

In the south Kazan you will see a part of the Omskian Swamp. In the contrary to Gadlock only a small southern part of Kazan has this. In this part of the lands only a small group of people live, they have build bridges and more in the trees so that one can easily get through the lands.

The people of Kazan are a hardy breed. They fish, raise sheep, and produce glassworks that are the marvel of the region. The local rum is also renowned, not so much for its flavour as for its kick. According to local legend, it once made an invading army forget their hostility, as well as their training, names, and the location of their clothes. Kazanians sometimes seem hostile and standoffish, but are merely wary of strangers -- once you earn their trust, you'll find them a warm and hospitable people. Though one would not be wise to insult these people - they're fiercely loyal to their friends and capable of carrying grudges for a very long time. Indeed, they seem to collect grudges and slights and tend them like gardens, mostly for an excuse to start fights. But this is also part of the fact Kazan has changed leadership several times in history and they have somewhat been trained in war. Kazan's warriors are renowned, not only for their prowess. They are unfortunately also known for drunkenness and brawling, but are fortunately able to fight like demons when hung over.