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The de La Fere Family introduction this is my first web page so...and btw used some very old microsoft publisher(yes I am serious)...currently have no time but when the time comes I shall make a proper page..PS. comments to discussion please... --M2rt 00:30, 1 February 2007 (CET)

Family Story

The de La Fere Family`s history is a bit sketchy.There are very few details about its history.The Family claims to be from Royal blood. One day (14.07.2006) a man was found on a beach near the city of York. The man remembered nothing about himself or how he came here. The speculations say that he was travelling between continents and his ship sunk. It was obvious that he was one of noble blood. His clothes looked expensive and he carried a sword. There was a small box with him. It consisted of an old letter which had a family “coat of arms” and it was signed by the name of Charles De La Fere. The stranger remembered that it is his name. The box was full of golden coins which had his face and a realm name Virovene on it.

After Charles had recovered he wondered around York trying to remember who he was. One day Charles saw a bunch of robbers trying to steal from a beautiful lady. Charles took his sword,named “Sang Raal”(royal blood),and killed all 7 robbers.The robbers were a part of city militia and their captain saw it and ordered a hunt for Charles. Charles ran away,with the directions from lady, to her family mansion in Dunstoke.

After 3 days of wondering around countryside he found the lady`s mansion. He told the Lady`s father his story and father let Charles to stay in the mansion. Father recognized that Charles is from royal blood and was very kind with Charles.

The lady was named Louise. Charles and Louise fell in love and married. The father of Louise soon passed away and young couple took the family mansion over. They soon got first son Raoul.Soon after came Louis(named after mother) and Jean. The fourth son was Cato and a year after him came the last child Lady Constance.

Charles didnt remember where he came from but he saw sometimes a big castle in his dreams...

With time Charles dream went deeper and deeper. First there came some evil forces that were rampaging around the castle. Then the image went clearer and clearer until Charles could remember lots of facts. He drew a map to the island where it all happened and a map of his Kingdom and sent it to his son Cato to go and re-establish Virovene. He even started to remember some of the names of his nobles who all died in battle against the evil force or with the shipwreck with what they all fled the continent. Charles was the only one alive of the people who fled with this one last ship when the evil forces were all destroyed the huge kingdom and surrended Charles into his capitol Mimer. The system was monarchy and Charles was very harsh ruler. His son Cato who has the task to reestablish Virovene has same qualities. Charles remembers that he force one man to leave his realm for speaking directly to him as King. The man was a knight of the Duke of Mimer. Instead of going towards his Duke the man requested Charles some thing for himself and did it with such attitude that was insulting for Charles. Then he told the man that no knight speaks with King without permission and banished him.

With such stories Charles is getting his memory back and he sends all the stories to Cato. Once Cato has reestablished Mimer then Charles will head there to die in his old homeland. The Land from where the name De La Fere started...

Charles and Louise are still running the family mansion in Dunstoke.


Letters about Virovene

Knights of the de La Fere Family

(in the line of birth and heritage)
Raoul de La Fere
Louis de La Fere
Jean de La Fere
Jean II de La Fere
Cato de La Fere
Richard II de La Fere
Constance de La Fere
Gregory de La Fere
Nigel de La Fere

Other characters of the family



Family Fame

The Insult from Doombringer


Works of the family

Sanctus Acies

The Code of Chivalry

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