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Located on::East Continent
Part of::Perdan
Part of::Perdan
Raine Gildre
is regiontype::Rural
South Highlands
Farming, Manufacturing

RB Perdan.png

The Region of Brive is Found between two large cities (Perdan and Partora) Brive is in the center of not just two cities but adjacent to 5 other Regions (Bescannon, Meuse, Mulhouse, Perdan Mines and Dimwood) Brive is considered to be in the South Highlands weather area.

The region supports a population of up to 6200 and a food production of approximately 228 bushels of food at harvest. Brive contributes as well as food to its realm a small amount taxes. The Major Religion of Brive is Church of Humanity

Brive makes up its lack of resources by having many shops to its region (3 Scouts Guild, Cart builders, Banner Manufacture) Brive also contributes to the Military with two Recruitment Centers (Citizen Defense Force, Elite Citizen Defense Force)

Brives people our friendly they have many traditions including the story of Cú Chulainn known for his strength and heroics. If you have a hero you must have a villain The Boogie man lives here as well so it is told. He waits at the edge of the tree line to capture that unattended child that wonders to close. Some believe him to be real others claim he is a story created to keep the children close to the village. The people of brive believe and celebrate each year at the crossing roads, with Brive so centered between regions you may find yourself traveling through and find the villages celebrating in the crossing. The celebration called Equinox festival is a celebration of spring and life they introduce new Friends and Children and before the celebration ends they take time in remembering those lost. It is an honor to intraduce new faces so the Towns people will try everything to get you to allow them to introduce you to the people. All that come on this week is considered Brives Friends.