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The Tyranny of Minas Leon in nestled in northeastern part of Atamara, based on both sides of Langorwine River. From frozen wastes of Makar across the Shivering Forest, Minas Leon sprawls along acres of Shanandoah Lowlands, all the way to the coast. Its western border is comprised of the Moramroth Mountains, while its eastern counterpart is the city of Leohampton itself. Minas Leon stands as a frontier to the grinding ice along with Rieleston, its federated ally. The Tyranny holds a blood feud against Silnaria.



Minas Leon was created through secession of Duchy of Leohampton from Minas Ithil. On the 12th day of September in 1012 Raoul De La Fere seceded Leohampton, Winham and Cantervern from the crown's grasp. Winham revolted few days after and Tara took over Cantervern, thus only Leohampton remained.

Roots of secession lay in King Sidd's inability and lack of will to stop Minas Ithil's enemies from taking over the regions of Leohampton Duchy. Duke Raoul repeatedly asked King Sidd for any measure of action, but King neglected to respond. Duke Raoul then asked in public why his regions were allowed to be sacked and burnt to cinders. The King continued his brooding silence, and the Field Marshal humiliated Duke Raoul in public.

Thus, slowly but inevitably, the damage done to Leohampton Duchy became unbearable, and Duke Raoul considered his feudal oath to the crown had been broken, especially regarding the portion of mutual protection in liege to vassal relation. He then seceded his duchy from the corrupt and listless realm, and declared the Tyranny of Minas Leon a fully independent realm in the face of whole Atamara, breaking loose from all ties with Minas Ithil. Minas Leon quickly proceeded to sign peace treaties with many different realms and form its own government.

Minas Ithil did not bless Leon's secession and, after a few days of deceit and political manipulation, declared war on the newly formed realm. Soon Barony of Makar joined the war to help eradicate Minas Leon from map of Atamara.


Military of Minas Leon consists of three armies:

  • Legion of Minas Leon - first and paramount army of Minas Leon, the one which won independancy to the Tyranny when Leohampton seceded from Minas Ithil. It represents the main striking force of Leonians, and boasts in significant victories in wars against Minas Ithil, Barony of Makar and Silnaria. Most prominent knights of the realm serve in the Legion.

Home Guard - defensive army with main purpose of keeping order in the lands of tyranny. The Guard also joins the Legion in greatest of battles. Older knights, seasoned veterans and courtiers serve in Home Guard.

  • Leonian Defense Initiative - small and elite army with diverse assignments, the LDI has been created as a direct response to Silnarian looting sprees, especially in area of Lyton and Cheltenborne. This is a fast army which adjusts quickly and can fit almost any purpose.


The Great and Ratified Writ of Law as Enforced and Held in Minas Leon

1. The King's Word is Law and Final Judgment.

2. In absence of the King's decision, the Justiciar's word is Law and Final Judgment.

2a. In the daily passage of the Court and Adjudication of law, it is assumed that the Justiciar speaks and acts for the King in all decisions.

3. In absence of a reasonable and quick decision from the Justiciar, the Realm Council will convene to determine Judgment in any disputes, Punishments in any Decisions, and the passing and creation of any new writ of Law.

4. The Grand Marshall holds all sway over discipline and regulation within the ranks of the Military. He functions as the Word of the King while travelling abroad in conquest or defense.

4a. Any Infiltration action must be ordered and/or approved by the Grand Marshall, or whomever he has appointed as Spymaster in his stead.

4b. In times of open war, the Grand Marshall may petition the Crown for emergency powers abroad.

4c. By- Laws:

4c1. Chain of Command

1. King 2. General 3. Marshals 4. SiCs 5. Army sponsors

4c2. DEFAULT UNIT SIZE (Peacetime)

Infantry/Archers/Mixed Infantry: 50 men/500 CS min. Cavalry/Special Forces: 25 men/500 CS min.



  • Infantry/MI/SF: (front/line) defensive
  • Archers: (front/line) defensive
  • Cavalry: (back/wedge) defensive


  • Infantry/MI/SF: (front/line) aggressive
  • Archers: (front/line) normal
  • Cavalry: (rearguard/wedge) aggressive


Paraphernalia improve your combat effectiveness. Recommended quantities of paraphernalia are:

  • Scouts: 4 minimum
  • Banners: 1 per 20 soldiers (Archers don't need them.)
  • Healers: 1 per 20 soldiers.
  • Siege Engines: do not recruit unless ordered and if, 1 per 20 soldiers. (Archers don't need them.)
  • Carts: 1 per 25 soldiers.
  • Caravans: Only used to trade or loot food.

5. The Grand Treasurer controls with impunity the markets and stores of all regions. See the Treasurer's Bulletin for by-laws.

5a. The tax rate per region as determined by the Grand Treasurer will be followed as law, under penalty of fine. In absence of suggested tax rates, Region Lords are allowed to set rates at their discretion.

5a1. Leonite Taxation Decree - All Lords of regions are hereby bound to run a taxation rate of at least 13% throughout their regions. That is the minimal rate that should be run at all times, whereas higher rates are advisable as long as regions can stand it without running a serious risk of peasantry rebellion.

Any region Lord who believes his or her region should not be affected by this decree, and has valid ground to uphold given claims, is to address Royal Treasurer, and, if approved, can be excluded from Leonite Taxation Decree.

5b. In times of famine or economic distress, the Grand Treasurer may petition the Crown for emergency powers within the Borders.

5c. Leonite Food Decree - All Lords of regions are hereby obliged to sell most of their food and only keep the minimum so that region's peasantry is well fed and starvation kept at bay.

The Royal Treasurer bears the duty to observe that this decree is fulfilled. It is my duty to remind the Lords of all regions to sell the food and Margraves of aforementioned cities to set the buy offers accordingly. I also keep the right to hold a reserve of the food in regions where there usually is no battle activity if cities' storage capacity is full.

The average price shall be 20 gold per 100 bushels. In case of lack of gold the Margrave can set a smaller price and in case of excess of gold the Margrave can and should set a higher price.

All Lords serving the Crown of Minas Leon are bound by this Decree.

6. Region Lordships are made by the appointment and leisure of the Crown.

6a. Dukes may petition for appointments in the Regions in their respective Duchies, but the Lordships must be approved by the Crown.

6b. All Regions must have at least one empty estate available for new nobles that may be in need in times to come.

7. Religious Establishment must be pre-approved by the Crown, Justiciar, and Court.

7a. Temples of the Way of the Warrior Saints are exempt, as this is the One True Faith of Earth and Stone. Region Lords may build temples and shrines to their Patron Saints at their discretion.

7b. Foreign Churches must petition the Court before they are allowed to preach on the soil of the Greater Lands of Minas Leon. Such Priests performing religious service without the express permission of the Crown may be punished by fine, imprisonment, or banishment.

People with death sentence

Drizztle Sharpspeare (For banning the whole realm when he was judge. The actions were motivated by Raziel II Himoura.)


Way of the Warrior Saints is a dominant religion in Minas Leon. All saints are held in high regard, but some amongst them are idolized. Throughout Shivering Forest and further northward from Langorwine River, Isa, Lady of Winter is worshipped. Many claim she gives refuge against demons coming with ice and is held a high protector of norsemen. On the river itself Langor the Rafter, is most beloved. Artyr the Duelist, is revered in York and surroundings, while Leonidas the Valiant, is a patron saint of Leohampton. In Shanandoah Lowlands traces of old religion can still be found, it is where Saint Legionas of Arelien reigns.

Way of the Hammer lingers in Shivering forest, around Brackhead and beyond, in Makar Wasteland. It is a dying religion of norsemen whose realms have been destroyed throughout the past. But temples are still living and a good portion of peasants still follows the hammer.


A blazing torch in the darkest of hours when ice threatens to engulf the world, Minas Leon cradles the one and only active newspaper in the whole of Atamara: The Leon's Roar. With the incredulous devotion of Earl Lazlo Lemont and his stewards, York holds the post of a lightbringer in terms of written (and printed) word.