Minas Ithil

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Minas Ithil
Royal Crest of Minas Ithil
Realm Summary
Continent / Island Atamara
Capital York
Government System Monarchy

Minas Ithil is a monarchy nestled into the north-eastern coast of Atamara. To the north are the vikings of the Barony of Makar and to the west Coria.



For much of Minas Ithil's history Falasan and Ash Sea Islands were its closest allies. With their destruction Minas Ithil has made new allies. Minas Ithil is currently allied to Barony of Makar and Darka.


Barony, Hammarsett, Minas Ithil agreement




Records and Literature

The York Journal was a newspaper published in Minas Ithil. The York Journal covered current events with a focus on the kingdom of Minas Ithil. The paper closed down when York was lost during the war against the southern alliance realms and has not re-opened.

Short History

Minas Ithil has been at war for much of its history. First helping ally Falasan fight Tara. Then against Eston. King DeadAngel3 has lead his Army to war in Eston, expanding Minas Ithil west, and then against Abington to aid our allies. We were locked in war against Norland for some time and then against the entire Northern Federation (Eston, Barony of Makar, Norland). A record courtesy of the York Journal can be found here. After a brief peace, a second war with the Northern Federation began. This war ended when Eston and the Barony left their federation with Norland.

Minas Ithil most recently has been embroiled in a long war with the southen realms. Minas Ithil, being overwhelmed and at the brink of destruction made peace but lost many regions. The City of York fell into anarchy and the city of Shanandoah was lost and a temporary capital was placed in Leohampton. After reclaiming the rogue city of York, the city was placed in the hands of Field Marshal Relkin Sypher who oversaw the reconstruction efforts. Once York was secure, the capital was moved and placed in York.

Kings and Queens of Minas Ithil

  • King DeadAngel3
  • King Raoul
  • Queen Katherine
  • King DeadAngel
  • King Grahm
  • King Relkin
  • King Stanislav


The Archive contains various documents from Minas Ithil's history. They are kept here for their historical value.

Flag of Minas Ithil Duchies and Regions of Minas Ithil Flag of Minas Ithil
Duchy of York

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Duchy of Leohampton

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