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History of The Leon's Roar

The Leon's Roar was a monthly newspaper founded by Lazlo Lemont during the Minas Leon Campaign against Silnaria. Following a period of recollection about York's past as a center of journalistic integrity, Lazlo sought out the printing presses used by Relkin and Roxas Sypher in their production of The York Journal. After some dubious dealings with York antique dealers (and a few minor alterations to the printset), Lazlo cobbled together the first issue of The Leon's Roar. It should be noted that The Leon's Roar is not endorsed by Royal Opinion and the views expressed within are solely those of the author.

Issue Archive

Volume I - 2013

Issue I - October
Issue II - November
Issue III - December

Volume II - 2014

Issue I - January
Issue II - February
Issue III - March
Issue IV - April (In Progress)

State of Atamara

The following link to "snapshots" of the Atamaran realm with the intention of maintaining a clearer record of the growing and contracting of the various realms. The first "snapshot" was recorded on 11/13(/2013 irl time) and would be updated on a monthly basis. Combined with the News briefs of The Leon's Roar, these Snapshots can help create a good sense of the geopolitics facing Atamara during their respective time periods.