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I have seen in many Role plays where people have exotic animals that work as helpers and companions to the individual noble. But I think they should be just a little more then role playing characters.

What I am thinking is Say you want a bird, and eagle say, in this case you would have an eagle and all the Role play you want. But on top of that you can message not only people in your region but also in surrounding regions. (Do you see what I am getting at)

I have set up how I think it should be, of course this is only a suggestion.

  • Pets would always be labeled as pets with in-game mechanics, so that Rping of any sort is always available( possibly Land or Air could be specified...dont know how you would have a water creature)
  • Ways of obtaining pets

..1) You could get lucky and a merchant is selling animals(in this case you could chose land or air...only Cities) or when in woodlands,badlands, and mountainous regions...you might get a message saying "A four legged friend has been following you, for X number of gold you could feed him/her and hope they grow a liking to you, etc, etc...(I think 2-3 gold is sufficient for feed)...also you could ignore this animal and move on...if you accept, animal randomly chosen, you can't specify like at merchant.

  • I think a 1-2 gold feeding fee should be implemented...once a day...kind of like scouts.
  • One pet per character
  • Now the fun part abilities and types

Air animals-would give you the ability to message people not only in your region but also in surrounding regions

Land animals

small-increase chance of escaping from prison, able to get non - detailed scout report when not having scouts or men

medium-Adds slight cs to your total(10-15), able to get non - detailed scout report when not having scouts or men

large - (Can only be found not bought) Adds slightly more cs (20-30), travel time is decrease slightly (1-2 hrs)

If you have any suggestions or thought Please Leave Them Here


What was that Lassie? The Barn? It's on fire? And the animals are in it? No one will be there on time? Noooo!!!

I'm sorry, I had to... The thing is... It takes you usually about 8-10 hours to travel somewhere... I'd like to see that pet travel to ALL the adjacent areas in 0 hours (talk to realm is not realist, but it's a necessity, unlike this). And for scout reports, well, that's what Lassie was about... And then the pet list would be limited, and the upkeep would be annoying, and it'd just take the fun out of pets. In my opinion, pets are better as RP, as anything else simply restrains what they can do. -Chénier 03:49, 16 December 2006 (CET)

Maybe you could have like.....A Gigantic Horse or Something??? Y'know in all tales the big knight has a big horse =) Shenron