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What is it?

An Advanced Federation (the name could use changing I'm sure... I'm calling it "AF" here-on), would essentially be an advanced Federation. It'd be of best use on a massive continent where realms were huge and widespread.

It'd combine to realms to the point where diplomacy and hierarchy were combined to a point. As would the message systems.

To be more specific, it'd do the following.

  • Nobles would be able to message either the 1st part, the 2nd part, or both.
  • Nobles would be able to message one person of either part.
  • Nobles would be able to message the ruling players of either part.
  • Each part would have it's own taxes, but the currency would be the same.
  • Each capital would serve as a recruiting center for both, but only have troops of that resepective part. Recruiting in the other part costs a little bit more as well (perhaps 5-10 gold extra?)
  • Troops would still suffer effects of not being in their realm, but they would be lessened.
  • Bonds can be sent from a character of one part to the character of the other.
  • Banks in one realm will accept bonds from another (with a small fee)
  • An AF can only be formed between TWO realms. No more. This is to keep realms from ganging on other realms more than they do already.
  • The realms would not be permitted to have ANY federations with other realms. Meaning that they are prohibitted from the relations level of "Federation" with any other realm, except the one which they have the AF with.
  • Bans in one realm would carry over to the other, as the two parts are in most ways, the same realm. If banned from one realm, while in the other, the ban would be lifted.
  • This option would only be available to smaller realms, perhaps 6-7 regions maximum.
  • The two realms must be touching each other (by land) in order to create an AF.

It'd work much like a Federation. Only it'd still be two realms, but somewhat less seperated. Each noble would vote on the hierarchy of their realm, but be able to talk to nobles in other realms. Military actions would of course be much more coordinated.

I may be wrong, and this may be what a Federation is, but I didn't think so, so I put this down.


Ok, so I've put my thoughts down. Anyone have any comments? Put this in this area.

  • I like it alot. I see this being used in places with lots of small realms, though. Have, say, 2 AFs, and those two AF's have a normal Fed with each other, forming a giant AF of 4 small realms. Of course, this would make ganging even easier. But it'd be interesting. Maybe have some kind of penalty in too, though, to try and keep it from just making even more ganging. Maybe... make bans from one realm count for the other too, that'd be interesting. But not too much of a penalty in that one.... I dunno. This would just eliminate many of the probs that Tom made specifically to keep people from waging long-term long-range wars, and I dont think he wants that. Vellos 26 March 2006 03:54 (CEST)
    • Ok, I added a thing about multiple federations. If this was used, federations wouldn't be allowed with other realms. Also, bans would carry over. However, bans from on e part, if a member of the other part, would be lifted. --Kag 26 March 2006 04:50 (CEST)

  • I would say they are prevented from having any other alliances, only peace. This would help with the huge alliances problem some might see of having advanced federations. --Blackknight 26 March 2006 05:54 (CEST)
  • I dislike it. Considering the entrenched Diplomacy rife in a lot of places, this will just make it worse. I mean recruiting from eachothers Capitals? Were basically gonna have sprawling 'super federations' owning the continent like that. They'd be able to go do anything. It'll basically unify two realms into one and help them to 'win' if you will.. - Revan March 26, 2006 10:32 (CEST)
    • I was thinking about that too. And for a while I was thinking of a way to undo that, so I came to the conclusion, that'd it work best if only good for smaller realms. A region maximum would work to counteract that problem. --Kag 26 March 2006 11:01 (CEST)
  • I thought of a different way of using this when the Romans were mentioned. Maybe if there was a time delay between when a message was sent and when it was received, it would become more difficult to hold large realms together. This would force them to split in two realms (an "advanced federation") in order to govern properly. If not, it would at least give dukes, counts, ect. more duties since the ruler couldn't micromanage every region instantly.
  • Minor addition. Bonds in one realm can be cashed in another for a small fee. Realms must be touching each other by land to have this option. --Kag 07:14, 8 July 2006 (CEST)
  • I think that it's a good idea but as I recall the west and east roman empires were caused by a civil war within the empire.
  • What i'd love is an EMPEROR. he could be the ultimate governor of both realms!!! Shenron 5:48, 28 Octobber 2006 (CEST)
  • if one of the two advanced federated realms has a rebbellion then the other Adv.federated ally has to help the loyalists but if the rebbelion succeeds the Adv.federated ally can either break the the Adv.federation and go to war to restore the old ruler or he can just let the rebbelious ruler stay there---good or bad idea?-Wensile 7:30, 28 October 2006(CEST)

Help with idea...

Main theorizer: Kag
Additional aid: Vellos