Wetham III

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The 3rd incarnation of Wetham in 2014.

When a conflict arose between Outer Tilog and Lukon after the Land Reform, Lukon was at the height of its power and allied to the other two realms of the island. However, during a ferocious struggle, Outer Tilog managed to beat the empire back and eventually even managed to liberate Wetham, establishing the 3rd incarnation of the realm.

When Outer Tilog agreed to peace with the Grand Alliance, Wetham III proved to be just as stubborn as its first incarnation and kept on fighting. However, this time it chose better friends: Lukon and Portion, allowing it to grow closer to them and become an integral part of their federation.

During the Great Dying, a virus struck Wetham City. The city was immediately quarantined. With its government gone, the other regions decided to join Portion. Wetham City would later become an important base for the Undead Dominion.