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For the original realm of the same name visit: Portion (realm).

Aristocratic Monarchy of Portion

Island Colonies
Capital Portion
Largest City Portion
Government Monarchy

Duchies 2
Regions 7
Population 59,793
Gold 3755
Food 1487
Nobles 8
Queen Raven Leather
General Ivan November
Judge Ivan November
Banker Raven Leather
AdariaAndrei Mersault
AmonarirJules Scribbler
AskerEgbert Brennaborg
Corali ForestIvan November
DiverdurKrugg Hall
LukonEraus Castillo
PortionRaven Leather
They shall melt like... things... that... melt before us!


Like butter. Butter melts.
Very nicely, I would add.

And by "before us" I mean, "as we advance" as opposed to "melting before we melt."
Mmmm. Melty.

Ivan November,
Judge of Portion

Realm Info

The Aristocratic Monarchy of Portion is a realm consisting of the land, people and culture of three realms. Portion forms the core of the realm while containing the capital with the former realm of Lukon and its namesake city in the south. The former realm of Wetham forms its western territory. With these holdings one might call Portion a true and proper Colonial Empire. Nobles of Portion called Portioneers are a group of misfits with wildly varying personalities and aspirations.

New Members Notice

Welcome to the Aristocratic Monarchy of Portion, a multicultural realm consisting of the realm of Portion and the former realms of Lukon and Wetham. This is a realm of varying personalities and people so if you feel like you are usually the odd one out you should fit right with your fellow Portioneers. The realm strives to be just and honourable but there are shades of grey, evil and a little amount of risqué intrigue.

Portion is at its core is a Monarchy with a Ruler elected once until they step down or are forcibly removed. The Councilor advisors to the Ruler are elected quarterly by popular vote of the nobility. 

Feel free to introduce yourself to your fellow realm mates upon your arrival and don't hesitate to take an estate if you choose not to start with one. Any and all questions you might have please feel free to direct them to the current Ruler and Councilors. 

Enjoy your new home!

Rulers Bullentin

Realm Summary:

The realm of Portion is a land comprised of the realm of Portion and the former realms of Lukon and Wetham. Historically Portion was part of the greatest empire of the Colonies and with the recent shift in allegiances now finds itself at the helm of that ancient empire. With land, nobles and culture of three realms contained within Portion has diversity aplenty which is most notable by the misfit group of nobles that currently make up the realm. Many have varying personalities and aspirations for the future of Portion and the Colonies as a whole.

Realm Hierarchy:

The realm of Portion is an absolute monarchy with a King or Queen chosen once by the nobility and they remain in power until they either: resign, pass away or are protested from the throne. The realm's council to advise the monarch is chosen by popular vote of the nobility once every quarter. Vacant Ducal appointments are filled by the current monarch and vacant Lordship appointments are filled by the Duke or Duchess of the Duchy that land is within.

As such Portion is a dual Hierarchy with the Crown at the top and then the Councilors and Duchies forming two branches underneath. All knights follow the traditional feudal hierarchy by were Knights swear to their Lords, Lords swear to their Duke or Duchess and Duchies swear to the Crown. However knights are permitted to swear direct oaths to Duchies or the Crown if they so choose.

Realm Information:



  • Portion - Current Duchess: Raven Leather
  • Lukon -​​​​ ​​​Current Duke: Eraus Castillo
  • Wetham - Currently no Duke


  • Army of the Black Ravens - Current sponsor, Duchess Raven Leather

Current Realm Mandate:

Portion is a realm of honor looking to maintain her holdings and ensure the general population live free from fear or oppression expressed by its virtuous laws and religious freedom. However their are components of intrigue in the realm with some elements acting in the dark. Portion opts towards peace but will wage war to ensure the security and justice for her people.



The people in the west of the island are not known for keeping records. In fact, the short lived Portion I has left more historical records than the grand empire of Lukon. However, thanks to the surrounding realms, much history has been preserved.

The Long War (2004-2010)

Although the realm is named Portion, its history is actually tied to Lukon, which was invaded by Portion, but overcame its foes and became the strongest power of the continent.

Oritolon saves Lukon
Peace ruled the Colonies, until the Kingdom of Portion, which was allied with Alowca and Alebad, decided to invade Lukon with hopes of total conquest. Much of this conflict took place in the region of Adaria, which borders both realms' capital cities, becaus Nirlony was not yet a seperate region.

When Outer Tilog joined the conflict, Portion finally managed to break through and arrived at the walls of Lukon, where King Yidsrl offered his capitulation. However, Portion had no desire for peaceful relation with Lukon and desired to obtain the wealth of the city. Thus King Ronan of Portion refused the capitulation and the war dragged on.

Oritolon realized that if Lukon fell, it would be next, because it would then be surrounded by the alliance of Portion, Alowca and Alebad. Therefore it came to the rescue of Lukon and turned the tides. Lukon pushed Portion back and even started to threaten the capital.

The Siege of Portion
Valast of Lukon paid the Assassins to send infiltrators against the walls of Portion. Their goal was to damage the city walls and for every level the walls were lowered the sum of 1000 gold would be paid, plus a 50 gold retainer for each infiltrator. Since Wetham desired the lands of the Assassins, it joined the defence of Portion.

Initially things went well and Portion was unable to keep their city walls from falling into disrepair and the damage was mounting. However, with more and more infiltrators being caught and the less experienced ones unable to fulfill the roles of their mentors the Assassins were forced to withdraw and recover. Although the Assassins continued to take Lukon's gold to attack Portion, these attempts had nowhere near the intensity or skill as first.

When the armies of Alowca and Alebad with the bulk of Portion's army launched a sneak attack on Oritolon hoping to catch them off guard in Windaria, a lone Oritolon infiltrator happened to be in Windaria and delayed the travel of the hostile armies. When the enemy arrived in Windaria, cut into undesired waves, Oritolon took advantage and mounted a defence, which crushed the combined theocracies.

Lukon took this opportunity to attack Portion City, and after a week-long siege the city fell. Most of the Portionese nobility escaped to Outer Tilog, Wetham, and Alebad, with others seeking better fortunes across the sea. Thus peace returned to the Colonies, but the Long War was not over yet.

The Free Realms Alliance
Wanting to liberate Portion, Alowca organized an alliance with all other realms on the Colonies: Alebad, Outer Tilog, Giblot, the Assassins and Wetham. They named it the Free Realms Alliance. However, most realms only half-heartedly supported the war effort and, seeing that the neighbouring realms of Giblot and Wetham had grown complacent and weak, the Assassins launched dual invasions against both of them. After being defeated by the Assassins, Giblot decided to switch teams and with the help of Lukon, they slowly pushed the Assassins and Outer Tilog back. The Assassins and Giblot then signed a peace.

Giblot could then focus on Outer Tilog and began a long campaign of looting and razing there and in the surrounding area coinciding with another assault by Lukon on the other side of Outer Tilog, which was reduced to one region. But a rebellion caused Giblot to break of the siege.

The Assassins negotiated an alliance with Lukon and Outer Tilog to combat respectively Wetham and Giblot. However, the Assassins wanted to annul this alliance to return to their traditional neutral ways, but Wetham refused and the Long War continued.

Initially this went well for Wetham when Giblot obtained South Bakker. But the Assassins expanded into Hulaferd and launched a massive campaign against Wetham, almost wiping them from the map. Meanwhile Giblot fared better and pushed Outer Tilog out of their capital. Lukon then decided to support Outer Tilog in order to help the Assassins against Giblot. They drove Giblot out of Outer Tilog City thanks to the betrayal of Duke Angus Na Leodaich.

Wetham falls
King Valast moved his capital to Portion. With the Lukonian army now free to pillage the northern plains, Alebad soon found herself sorely pressed, ceding territory after territory to her northern neighbour as her nobility fell into decadence. In the south Oritolon added to her woes and a fierce struggle ensued for control of Abaka, the vital link between Alebad and Alowca. After a fierce struggle, which lastedmany days,Alowca was expelledfrom Abaka and was forced to look on impotently as her ally was raized and her nobility scattered.

While Oritolon focussed on Alowca, Lukon worked with the Assassins against Wetham. When Wetham was separated from Giblot, it would succumb. Lukon and the Assassins agreed to establish a puppet realm: Wetham II. However, this realm was entirely dominated by Lukon, who soon felt no more reason to keep up the farce and decided to formally annex it.

The Lukon Empire (2010-2014)

Oritolon weakened due to internal divisions as it struggled to integrate the newly conquered territories to its east. Lukon appeared to suffer no such issues and became the dominant power of the Continent. Nevertheless, the war against Giblot dragged on and held out for two years. However, when it finally conceded, another realm had grown to prominence: due to its location, Outer Tilog was able to gobble up most of Giblot's territories.

Tensions between the two powers seems to have escalated after the Land Reform in 2012. Lukon was aided by the Assassins, causing Outer Tilog to be severely outnumbered. Surprisingly Outer Tilog stood its ground and managed to push back its enemies. It even succeeded in liberating Wetham, which then joined the fight against Lukon.

The War of the Federations (2014-2020)

Due to the Grand Resolution, the Lukon Empire changed into the Federation of Portion and Lukon. This allowed the two cities to rebuild the connection with Wetham, which switched from the sphere of influence of Outer Tilog.

As the Federation aimed south, they were even joined by their former nemesis. However, the war against the Southern Federation ended in a stalemate and peace was agreed upon. The Federation suddenly came to an end due to a ferocious virus, resulting in the unification of the three seperate realms into the realm of Portion.

The Grand Resolution
Due to the influence of Cathal, a noble from the destroyed realm of Minas Thalion and before that even of Alwoca, a resolution was passed which allowed every realm to have only have one city. Due to this resolution, the Lukon Empire split into a Federation, consisting of the original Lukon and a new Portion. Since Portion had been the capital of the Empire, it became the leading partner of this Federation.

The reason why Lukon agreed to this partition seems to be that it forced the same condition on Outer Tilog, which created Inner Tilog in Giblot. Since Lukon seemed to be unable to defeat their rival militarily, the splicing would allow a diplomatic victory - an area on which Lukon had outshone Outer Tilog during the Long War.

Wetham joins the Federation
Unfortunately, the Grand Resolution worked initially not in favor of the Federation as Portion lost all the lands to its east and the federation was forced to acknowledge defeat. After the peace was signed, Outer Tilog turned against the Southern Federation of Oritolon. It is then that Inner Tilog suddenly turned against their overlords and renamed itself Giblot Magnum. One can not help but to see the hand of the Federation of Portion in this rebellion.

The rebellion forced Outer Tilog to sue for peace in order to focus on Inner Tilog. However, like its predecessor, Wetham III stubbornly refused peace and therefore broke away from Outer Tilog in search of new allies: it is then that Portion and Lukon came to the aid of the formerly rebellious province.

The War against the South
After defeating and replacing the rebels in Giblot with Gothica, Outer Tilog allied itself with the Federation of Portion to continue the war against Minas Thalion, which the rebels had interupted. The Southern Federation fell apart and once more Minas Thalion was destroyed.

Oritolon restored the Southern Federation and created a new realm on the ashes of Minas Thalion: Halcyon. They also managed to convince Gothica to mount attacks on Wetham III. Eventually the war ended in a stalemate as no side could overcome the other.

The Great Dying
Already during the war the nobility of Aren suddenly died out. The reason for this unexpected dying is unclear. Gothica may have been involved and it should also be noted that the Undead Dominion has an uncanny similar name to the Dominion of Aren. But it should be noted that the Great Dying did not start until Halcyon had expanded into former Aren lands. So most likely a virus had hit Aren and then spread via Halcyon.

Whatever may have been the case, while peace negotiations were taking place, Lukon suddenly collapsed, the surviving nobles choosing to join Portion. When the virus hit Wetham, the surrounding regions switched to Portion, allowing the city of Wetham to die off.

The Undead Wars (2021-present)

On 2021-01-01 a new realm appeared on The Arakir: the Undead Dominion. Since the Dominion was surrounded by Portion, this realm would suffer the brunt of the undead attacks - and would at one point even be reduced to three territories. However, the Black Ravens, as Queen Raven Leather's army was called, recovered and regained Lukon after a fierce struggle.

The First Undead War
The sudden appearance of the Lich King caused all realms to unite and declare war on 2021-03-06. Portion saw itself loose more and more territories due to the continuous attacks and was eventually forced to accept peace terms set by the Lich King - although the execution of the Lich King's ambassador signalled that neither side planned to honor these terms.

  • Due to continuous attacks, Portion sees itself forced to surrender outlying regions like Kadnala (2021-01-05) and Frundi (2021-01-10), while Windaria is granted to Halcyon (2021-01-12).
  • On 2021-03-14 the first major battle of the war takes place in Vir el Mari heights when Halcyon (410 men) holds out against the undead (220 men).
  • On 2021-03-17 the undead (1470 men) start the siege of Lukon, where 210 men hold the walls. Two days later reinforcements arrive and Lukon is relieved. Rola Sierrie, however, is overrun.
  • On 2021-03-22 the undead invade Adaria with 1500 men. After three days of intense fighting, Portion emerges victorious.
  • On 2021-03-26 the undead (500 men) attack the capital in Portion (990 men). John Elynbrigge of Asker manages to kill Sploosh.
  • Unable to scale the walls of Portion and Lukon, the Lich Kinge decides to cut Lukon off. The Emissary of the Undead overruns Diverdur (2021-03-27), but she is defeated at Adaria (2021-03-31). Portion then annexes Nirlony (2021-04-04) to restore contact with Lukon.
  • On 2021-04-18 Rola Sierrie is recovered and three days later 440 Portionese manage to ward off a counter attack of 380 undead.
  • Feeling confident, Portion decides to recover Frundi on 2021-05-04.
  • Repeating his previous strategy, the Lich King orders a diversionary attack on Lukon, while a second army overruns Rola Sierrie on 2021-05-23.
  • On 2021-05-29 the Great Siege of Portion begins when a huge invasion (1680 undead on the first day) attacks the 580 defenders. The Lich King keeps sending waves of undead, until the last attack is quelled on 2021-06-24.
  • With the Great Siege of Portion ongoing, Adaria is lost. (2021-06-08) Frundi is granted to the Assassins for protection. Then Portion sends a strike force of 360 men to destroy the 190 undead in Adaria, but this force is defeated the next day by 770 undead. With the Great Siege of Portion developing in favor of Portion, the realm send 740 men a week later and obtains victory, restoring order to the region on 2021-06-26.
  • Portion can not celebrate long: on 2021-07-02 exhaustion overtakes the defenders (450 men) in Adaria and they loose against 400 undead. On 2021-07-11 an army of 280 Portionese tries to retake Adaria, but is defeated. Realising no relieve force will come, Lukon surrenders on 2021-07-12.
  • On 2021-07-20 the 400 defenders of Portion are overrun by 1100 undead.
  • Montgomery des Greys had been leading a resistance group in Nirlony. On 2021-07-24 he is asked to abandon the region and leads an army of 790 men who succeed in regaining control of the capital.
  • Portion then focusses on liberating Lukon: Adaria (2021-08-01), Nirlony (2021-08-11) and finally Lukon (2021-08-17). However, a counter attack looses Asker on 2021-08-07.
  • Due to the devastation peace was signed on 2021-09-02, but Portion did execute Lord Mordan, the messenger of the Lich King. Unfortunately, he simply picked up his head and walked out.

The Second Undead War
Halcyon and Outer Tilog combined their forces and even managed to march into Arak Castle. However, the Undead Dominion managed to ward off the attack and pushed the allies back. Although Portion was neutral, it was on the road to Outer Tilog, so the war leads to much devastation in Portion as well, resulting in the loss of Lukon. The war suddenly came to an end when the Lich King called back his minions.

  • On 2021-09-19 Portion is sacked by 1230 undead in retaliation for the beheading of Lord Mordan.
  • On 2021-10-21 Lord Mordan once again sacks Portion on his way to Outer Tilog. Portion rejoices when they hear Outer Tilog manages to kill him during the battle in Hilly Holes.
  • On 2021-11-08 the citizens of Lukon make a deal with the Lich King and declare independence from Portion.
  • On 2021-11-29 Halcyon (2730 men) defeats the Lich King (2200 men) in The Arakir. The next day he pushes them back with a hastily assembled force. Halcyon returns with Outer Tilog and after 3 days they gain control of The Arakir.
  • On 2021-12-06 the attack by the combined forces (1080 men) on Arak Castle (1690 men) fails, despite Lord Mordan once again being killed.
  • On 2021-12-07 the undead (1180 men) sack Oritolon (1400 men) in retaliation for the attack on Arak Castle.
  • On 2021-12-08 the combined forces (260 men) of Halcyon and Outer Tilog try another attack on the Arakir, but are easily defeated.
  • on 2021-12-18 Lukon rejoins Portion due to the undead attacks becoming less frequent.
  • On 2022-02-12 the Lich King suddenly pulls back from all regions outside The Arakir.

The Sploosh War
Outer Tilog declared war on the Assassins on 2022-04-26 after discovering it was trying to weaponize the golem Sploosh.

The Coalition War

  • On 2022-08-26 the Undead Dominion starts expanding again and annexes to Windaria.

On 2022-09-11 Halcyon's imperial ambitions were considered a greater threat than the once again expanding undead. However, the coalition could not break Halcyon.

  • The most important battle, was the battle of Iglavik on 2022-09-18, where the combined forces (410 men) of Portion and Outer Tilog attacked Halcyon (710 men), but failed.
  • On 2022-09-25 Hulaferd is returned to the Assassins.
  • On 2022-09-30 Halcyon takes Hulaferd, but is expelled by Outer Tilog the next day.
  • Many citizens of Portion are against the war and start to rebel: the Corali Forest (2022-10-25), Lukon (2022-10-28) and Adaria (2022-11-03). Portion is only left with two regions: Portion and Nirlony.
  • While Portionese diplomats are sent to the other realms to negotiate peace, Portion also sends diplomats to the revolting regions to negotiate their return to the kingdom: Lukon (2022-11-07), the Corali Forest (2022-11-20)and Adaria (2022-11-30).
  • On 2022-12-01 The Coalition War ends when all realms agree to peace.
  • Impressed with the effectiveness of their diplomats, Portion sends them to recover other territories as well: Asker (2022-12-07), Frundi (2022-12-16) and finally Wetham (2022-12-31). The three Duchies are once more restored.

The Third Undead War
The undead had been expanding into the rogue territories between Halcyon and the others during the Coalition War. This was considered to be a welcome buffer and largely ignored. However, when the undead resumed their attacks on the living, Halcyon cooperated with Portion and even the Assassins. Outer Tilog did not join this alliance, but fought its own fight against the undead - and also against Halcyon and the Assassins.

  • On 2023-01-16 the undead suddenly seize power in Asker, expelling the Portionese nobility.
  • On 2023-01-20 Portion tries to surround Asker by taking Kadnala to prevent new undead from pouring into the region. However, three days later Kadnala is overrun.
  • Being cut off from the realm Wetham declares independence on 2023-02-12 Wetham to look after its own affairs.
  • On 2023-02-20 Halcyon (520 men) attacks the undead (720 men) in Rola Sierrie, but looses.
  • On 2023-03-01 Outer Tilog (230 men) defeats the undead (450 men) in Naan Forest.
  • On 2023-04-01 the combined forces (540 men) of Portion and Outer Tilog defeat the undead (360 men) in Rola Sierrie. The undead launch a retaliation attack on Portion, but are defeated. However, when Halcyon arrives in Rola Sierrie the next day to meet up with the other realms, the Tilogians and Halcyonians start fighting each other, resulting in a mutual war.
  • On 2023-04-14 the combined forces (480 men) of Portion and Outer Tilog defeat the undead (240 men) in Naan Forest. They repeat this a week later with 570 men against 270 undead.
  • On 2023-04-26 the combined forces (180 men) of the undead and Outer Tilog attack Halcyon (460 men) in Maira Merani, but loose.
  • On 2023-04-27 the combined forces (720 men) of Portion, the Assassins and Halcyon attack the undead (730 men) in Rola Sierrie, but loose.
  • On 2023-05-04 the undead march north through Frundi and besiege Wetham. After four days the city surrenders on the condition that its population is left alive.
  • On 2023-05-14 the combined forces (650 men) of Portion, the Assassins and Halcyon attack the undead (420 men) in Rola Sierrie, but loose again.
  • On 2023-05-16 the combined forces (760 men) of Portion, the Assassins and Halcyon attack the undead (390 men) in Vir el Mari heights and obtain a victory.
  • On 2023-05-27 the combined forces (920 men) of Portion, the Assassins and Halcyon attack the undead (540 men) in Rola Sierrie. The battle lasts 4 days, but in the end the allies are victorious.
  • On 2023-06-01 the realms collectively declare war on the undead, however Halcyon (220 men) attacks Outer Tilog (350 men) in Bode Batura, but fails.
  • On 2023-06-15 the combined forces (1310 men) of Portion, the Assassins and Halcyon defeat the undead (470 men) in Rola Sierrie after a battle lasting two days.
  • On 2023-07-02 the combined forces of Portion, the Assassins and Halcyon wage a three day battle to regain control of Rola Sierrie. Afterwards they also defeat the undead in Vir el Mari heights.
  • On 2023-07-15 Together with the Assassins, Portion once more attacks Rola Sierrie. The battle last several days and is won once Halcyon enters the stage.
  • On 2023-07-29 the undead expand behind Tilogian lines to Giblot. Meanwhile Halcyon (350 men) attacks Outer Tilog (370 men) in Maira Merani, but fails once more.
  • On 2023-08-03 Portion and the Assassins win a 2-day battle against the undead in Rola Sierrie.
  • On 2023-08-26 Portion, Halcyon and the Assassins win another 2-day battle against the undead in Rola Sierrie.
  • On 2023-09-08 Tilogian and Halcyon agree to a cessation of hostilities to focus on the undead. The day receives even more good news when Portion, Halcyon and the Assassins win a 3-day battle against the undead in Rola Sierrie.
  • On 2023-09-20 Portion, Halcyon and Outer Tilog win a 3-day battle against the undead in Rola Sierrie.
  • On 2023-09-25 Portion decides to gift Rola Sierrie to Halcyon, so it can focus on securing its home territories.
  • On 2023-09-29 a combined force of 930 men of all realms defeat the 1050 undead in Asker.
  • On 2023-10-13 Doover Dixon of Reckrandi switches his allegiance from Outer Tilog to the Assassins, causing the Tilogians to declare war. However, the Assassins do not interfere with Outer Tilog's attempts to regain the region and peace returns between the realms.
  • On 2023-10-21 Portion, Halcyon and the Assassins win a 2-day battle against the undead in Diverdur.
  • On 2023-10-29 The focus on its home lands, allows Portion to wrestle Diverdur back from the undead.
  • On 2023-11-07 Jules Scribbler leads a rebellion in Amonarir against the undead overlords.
  • On 2023-11-15 Portion decides to accept the terms for peace with the Undead Dominion.
  • On 2023-11-16 Jules of Amonarir pledges allegiance to Duke Eraus of Lukon.
  • On 2023-11-17 The undead leave Asker in accordance with the peace treaty.
  • On 2023-12-28 Egbert Brennaborg is given charge over the recolonization of Asker.

The Fourth Undead War
Although the other realms never ceased their war with the Undead Dominion, the war became different from the previous time Portion was involved since the realms cooperated much more - resulting even in formal alliances.

  • On 2024-01-09 followers of the undead religion (470 men) rebel against their Viscount in Diverdur. When Portion regains control of the territory, Viscount Krugg destroys the undead temple - causing the Lich King to officially declare war.
  • On 2024-02-12 Amonarir is overrun, because Portion has to fight of the undead in Diverdur.
  • On 2024-03-04 Portion helps Halcyon with liberating Abaka. However, the next battle in Grentzen sees the 910 allies defeated by the 1350 undead.
  • On 2024-03-16 the citizens of Lukon give in to threats by the Lich King and pledge allegiance.
  • Having lost his fief Lukon, General Eraus Castillo leads the counter attack. After a 2-day battle Portion is victorious on 2024-03-19 when General Eraus kills Lord Vorkalth twice.
  • On 2024-03-29 Lukon is freed from the undead, but refuses to rejoin Portion and declares independence. It is join by its neighbouring Nirlony.
  • On 2024-04-11 after intense negotiations with Duke Eraus, do the citizens of Lukon decide to rejoin Portion.
  • On 2024-04-22 the Undead Dominion initiated an attack on Briarull. Although Outer Tilog initially pushed them back, their lines were overran the next day, when the undead received reinforcements and both sides hosted 680 men. Halcyon came to support their fellow humans, but their 720 men were defeated by 590 undead in an ambush.
  • On 2024-05-06 General Eraus Castillo leads 530 Portionese to victory against 450 undead in Padaost. Lukon is finally safe.
  • On 2024-05-11 Silene Polytus of Outer Tilog organized an extravagant party, on which so much wine was drunk that no one has any memory of it anymore. However, Silene claims both Consul Antonio Maxwell of Halcyon and Queen Raven Leather of Portion agreed to an alliance with him. Shadow Tyrant Kane Dragul of the Assassins does not want to be left out, but prefers a distant friend over a close neighbour and signs an alliance with Halcyon.
  • To honor their alliance, Portion marches against Giblot to support Outer Tilog. They arrive on 2024-05-30, but find it hard to tell the difference between the Tilogians and the undead. The Portioneers are heavily outnumbered, but manage to slay about 400 creatures, they assume to be undead instead of Tilogian. The Portioneers return the next day, but can not overcome the walls and return home. Halcyon makes another attempt with Outer Tilog 3 days later, but Drachen the Dissector remains in control of Giblot.
  • On 2024-06-20 General Eraus leads and attack (510 men) against 320 undead in Frundi. The battle lasts two days and results in a Portionese victory.
  • On 2024-06-24 Andrei Mersault of Adaria is asked to become Banker of the Assassins when starvation hits the Dark Citadel.
  • On 2024-06-28 the Assassins are ousted of the Dark Citadel by an insurrection due to starvation.
  • On 2024-07-03 Judge Ivan November leads the annexation of neighbouring Hulaferd. An offer is extended to the Assassins to join Portion as an autonomous Duchy. However, the Assassins decline the offer and restore control of the Dark Citadel without foreign aid.
  • On 2024-07-06 does General Eraus not partake in the quarterly elections. The foreigner Doover Dixon puts his name forward and gains some support, but his habit to attack commoners causes his rival, Judge Ivan, to put his own name up for election as well. Doover decides to flee the realm. Saul tries to avenge his family by assassinating Duke Eraus, but fails and is apprehended.
  • On 2024-07-07 Outer Tilog (550 men) attacks Giblot (460 men), but fail. Jules Scribbler and Egbert Brennaborg attack Frundi, but are defeated by Lord Salak.
  • On 2024-07-09 Karvyr Dayne initiates a rebellion within the Assassins against Kane Dragul, but the rebellion fails 4 days later.