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Post at the top please

I don't have a Family page, what exactly are you talking about? --Nicholas November 12, 2005 21:19 (CET)

There's actually already a template that does that and more that Tom wrote:

{{Userdata|realname=John Murphy|homecountry=USA (New Hampshire)|familyname=Dolohov|userid=4523}}

John 4 October 2005 23:29 (CEST)

Cool I've added it with the other one. The template is good, but a bit ugly, no ?

mcsporran 5 October 2005 00:39 (CEST)

If you come up with a nicer version, I bet Tom would adopt it. --John 5 October 2005 01:19 (CEST)
Actually, I'd go so far as to say feel free to change it as long as you don't break it. No need to create your own version. If no one likes the new version, we'll change it back, but I'm sure you can make some good changes. --Nicholas October 5, 2005 02:25 (CEST)

Why was the stub tag removed off of Grand_Lodge_of_Lunaria? Mouser 8 October 2005 16:50 (CEST)

I was just having a look, and it didn't look like a stub anymore, there is quite a bit of content there. --mcsporran 8 October 2005 17:14 (CEST)

COuld you please stop removing catagories? We just had a CATEGORY DRIVE. We're trying to put every page in a category. It isnt redundancy, its so that, when someone goes to the category pages, they can see every page regarding, for example, religion. You're singlehandedly destroying several hours of that work by decategorizing stuff. Vellos 28 March 2006 23:50 (CEST)

To have all the data right before them. They might not want to access a religion's main page, they might just want to see the deities. The category pages are suppossed to include all pages pertaining to that topic. Vellos 29 March 2006 14:18 (CEST)

I replied --Kristian 26 April 2006 22:36 (CEST)