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Idea for dueling via RP

from John P. Murphy <> Sep 13

This can be done informally without a game mechanic (except for prestige loss or wounding). Here's one easy method that lends itself to plenty of roleplay:

Pick a trusted person (or persons -- seconds?) to handle the duel. Agree on terms: the loser forfeits gold, loses a coveted position, must publicly apologise, or leaves the island forever. Then do rock-paper-scissors (or rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock) by sending the messages independantly to the seconds or to the trusted third party. Best of three wins, ties are ties (or are done over) The third party roleplays the duel and declares the winner. Like so:

Duelist A: Out-of-character to [third party] 1. rock 2. rock 3. paper

Duelist B: Out-of-character to [third party] 1. scissors 2. paper 2. rock

[third party]: Roleplay to all in realm A and B came early to the clearing. They got out their swords and they fought fiercely, but B is clearly outmatched this morning, and A quickly scores blood three times. The duellists bow, and B acknowledges his loss -- he must now step down as Banker of Keplerstan.

Sure, it's slow, but you can do it *now*, without any mechanics changes. And to be honest, I'd really like to see people trying this out. It might make things interesting.

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