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Skezard is a small, sparsely populated island at the far northern tip of the East Island. A ferry to Blaastambar provides the only access to the mainland. The isolation by sea makes maintaining control of this region exceptionally difficult.


This island is said to be cursed, and not capable of being ruled by man. This is a place of great beauty, and many mysteries. This is a place of despair, and a place of joy. This is the place that Count Alain Revan, and Count Klietos Cullom have conquered.

Before the conquering:

The island is off the coast of the East Continent, connected by only ferry to Blaastambar. The island had, and still has, the best fisherman and stone workers known. That is probably from them having to try to survive on their own for so many years against the monsters and undead. If they did not capture fish then they cannot eat, and if they could not build strong stone defenses then they would have been killed by the monsters and undead. The monsters and undead caused many families to be separated, and many were wiped off the face of the earth.

The rebuilding of Skezard:

With the people of Skezard now being rescued from the monsters and undead danger, they can now focus their efforts on restoring the island under their lord's direction and care. They have rebuilt the island in an unheard of pace, which many still wonder how they could have done such a task in such a short time. The dead bodies that once were left where they fell are now being put to rest properly. The cities that were abandoned from the waves of monster and undead attacks are now being rebuilt to their former glory. The harbors that once housed the boats, and provided the spectacular view of the sunset are also being repaired to how they use to be before the monsters and undead came to the island.


  • Skezard has revolted against Sirion and declared independence. --Indirik 1 May 2006 20:28 (CEST)
  • Sirion has taken control of Skezard , a former rogue region. -- 21 June 2009