Order of Aristocrats

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Order of Aristocrats

New Continental Order

The Dwilight nobility is gathering into a new social order, an Aristocracy. The land, titles and banners of Dwilight have become commodities for Aristocrats to guard and covet.


The Aristocratic Order is an association of nobles. Society says that It is the inherent behaviour of all nobles to seek favour and to lend influence, thus the purpose of the Aristocracy is elegantly proven. Aristocrats will be privileged members of Dwilight with access to a wider field and reach. Much like how a realm is composed of duchies, the Aristocracy is composed of Great Houses. Great Houses serve as partitions for the Aristocracy and are their own individual groups (guilds). If the Aristocracy is an association of all nobles, the Great Houses are a conglomeration of families. Marriage and blood relations play a large factor in the dynamic of Great Houses, and especially in the Aristocracy.

  • Balance's Retreat - Inaugural chamber, built in the Divide Valley, built in 23 YD - A quaint cottage on a mountain summit.
  • Garuck Udor - First chamber built in the Lurianlands, built in 23 YD - A beachside manor.
  • Port Raviel - First chamber built on the Tomb Islands, built in 24 YD - It has a stormy harbourfront view.
  • Mech Derris - First chamber built on the Occidens, built in 24 YD - Initially a hunting lodge, it is nestled in the heart of the forest.
  • Qubel Lighthouse - Built in 24 YD - It overlooks the seas near and far.
  • Shinnen Purlieus - Built in 24 YD - This chamber shares the urban architecture of Shinnen.
  • Sallowtown - Built in 24 YD - A proud and central building.

Great Houses

Great Houses are the joining of many individual families into unified groups. Great Houses pursue common interests, reward privilege to exceptional members, and align ambitious ones. The Great Houses seek wealth, territory, titles and worthy nobles to their fold, all while competing against other Great Houses socially, diplomatically, economically, and even militarily.

Great Houses are commanded by a Crown Prince and three Princes. Great Houses last as long as they can fund their group or until their Great House is destroyed by an enemy or dismantled by internal disorder. To found a new Great House, members of the Protectorate and Retinue must make an application to the Princedom. Upon approval, one of the members will be elevated to Crown Prince and three of the members will be elevated to Prince. Therefore, a Great House must begin with six or more aristocrats and at least one guildhouse. Members of another Great House may affiliate with the new emerging Great House but must first resign from their position in the former Great House.

Once authorized, each Great House is issued a permit and is tasked to submit a unique coat of arms.

Permitted Great Houses

Aristocrat Affiliation

An aristocrat is a noble above nobles. No aristocrat may be member to more than one Great House. It is illegal and will be punished by fine or expulsion.

Since it is a privilege to be associated with the Aristocracy, it is expected that every participating noble pays their membership fees every month. Aristocrats found to be chintzy will be ridiculed by their better company. Those who fail to pay their dues may be subject to ejection from the Order if caught with repeat debt. Fees are determined by their status (rank) in the Aristocracy.

Territory Affiliation

The Aristocratic Order must exist everywhere on Dwilight, but only one Great House may occupy a territory at a time. Ensure that your Great House holds sway in as many regions as possible.




Within the Aristocracy, there are three peerages. They are; the Princedom, the Protectorate, and the Retinue. These peerages are filled with the ranked nobles of each Great House.


The Princedom: an elder group of the Aristocracy, made up of the Crown Princes and the Princes of each Great House. They decide on the applications for any new Great House. They authorize, trade, and contest territory claims.

The Protectorate: a lay group in the Aristocracy, made up of the Protectors of the Great Houses. They serve as the core of the Aristocracy, its middle bundle.

The Retinue: a lay group in the Aristocracy, made up of the Retainers of the Great Houses. They pay their dues and strive to climb the hierarchy.

The Patronage: a full member Aristocrat who has not joined a Great House but desires the communication options of the Order.

Unaffiliated: an aspirant noble who has not joined a Great House.

Great House

A Great House is divided into several ranks. From the top there are Crown Princes, Princes, Protectors, Appointed Titles (unique to each Great House) and Retainers.


Crown Prince: the commander of a Great House; only a Prince can succeed a retired Crown Prince. Crown Princes are the rulers of the Great House, managing and deciding the ambitions of their aristocrats. There is only one Crown Prince per Great House.

Prince: an elder rank in the Great House; Princes are prestigious members of the Great House, chosen by the Crown Prince or by special favour of the Great House. There can be only three.

Protector: a lay rank in the Great House; Protectors are nobles of worth and potential, they are the core of the Great House.

Appointed Titles: Unique titles awarded to members of a Great House. Can be elder or lay.

Retainer: a lay rank in the Great House, Retainers pay their dues and strive to climb the hierarchy.

Affiliate: an aspirant aristocrat who has not paid for or earned a higher seat in the Great House.