Healer of the Creator

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Healer of the Creator

Where it's Begin

Healer of the Creator religion founded by former noble of Inner Tilog and Giblot Magnum during the end of Outer Tilog and Giblot Magnum war which see the destruction of the realm of Giblot Magnum. In early 2016, after successfully bring the end to the war, the first official Temple was built in Briarull by the first Creator-Healer, Priestess Solstice after the creation of the realm of Gothica.

The uncompleted Vision

A few years ago, I had a rather serious injury during OuterIn war and severely tore the muscles in one of my legs. In fact, my healer told me that the tear caused excessive bleeding. The healing process was slow, but during that time of waiting I found myself in awe of our great Creator surround by gold colour chakra; holds the blueprint of the individual. It stores the skills and abilities learned in all lifetimes. This chakra also holds the key to the soul's destiny.

The evolving human soul can be broken down into three main types or blueprints: the Creature, the Healer, and the Destroyer. One who possess blueprint of the Creature should able to maximise their body to reach the Destroyer. They will be a great fighter but vulnerable to daimon and negative soul. A level higher than that, the Healer will boost their skills and abilities so they will be able to regain their energy and strength during battle and immunity to daimon influenced.

One who possess all three main blueprint will be a great warrior even to daimon creature. Creature blueprint will make you more human, Destroyer blueprint will give you strength, and Healer blueprint will balance all the blueprint and give you immunity to black magic and evil influenced.

These relics will help you to possess all the blueprint..

Fade out slowly, but wait! I have thousands of questions to asked!.. As the Creator disappeared my sight become dark..

The next day I wake up and see several unique relics beside the flowers pot. The local Healer come to check my wound and surprised to see the healing process only take one day. There must be some connection between the relics and blueprints.. There's only one way to know..

MIA of original unique relics

Looting by Outer Tilog force and rebellion by the local population in several important area of the Healer caused of several unique relics gone without trace. As of October 2016, only one original relics, Holy Ring of ATerra remain save which is use by the Creator-Healer herself for the follower.

Visionary council though regarding the lost relics

After several months of discussion and mission to find the original relics, finally the priest found pieces of gold chakra hold the blueprint in one of unique item discovered by a commoner after defeated undead champion north Giblot city. The council agree that some of unique item found with Undead champion and Alpha monster have abilities as the original relics. But not all.

Member Board

List of Original Relics

1. Holy Ring of ATerra

2. Ancient Flute of Nikramlaht

3. Stone of Kindara

4. Naligac's Tome

5. Golit Books

6. Cloak of Nadrep

7. Life's Oil

8. Double Shield of Kerom

9. Swift Ring Healer

Rank Hierarchy

Rank : Healer of the Creator

Creator-Healer (founder)

Maester-Healer (elder priest)

Visionary (non priest) elit

Paladin (non priest) contribute newbie

Luminary (non priest newbie 3year

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Warrior-Healer (member priest)

Visionary Council (elit member)

Auracle (lady member)

Ouracle (lord member)

First Knight ( 2 year+ knight member) Payrank 20G

Patera (new lord members)

Matera (new lady members)

Healight (knight)

Hearter (dame)

Teager (commoner)

Lite-minaotr (pay rank) 2G

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---



HtC assets, spread, record, Associated act and influenced all around Colonies Island


®4 Medium Temple |

®3 Small Temple | BriarullKoolaris

®2 Primitive Temple | DrengaDalverdyLavrazPirht

®1 Small Shack |

®0 Private Hidden Ruins | GiblotVolkanitaKoolaris

On progress

Shrine/Gathering Place

Realm of Gothica | Giblot City ¶ BriarullPirhtDalverdyDrenga

Realm of Wetham | Wetham City ¶ FrundiLavrazAskerKadnala

Realm of Minas Thalion | Alebad City ¶

Realm of Aren | Alowca City ¶

Realm of Oritolon |

On Progress

Associate Act/ Partnership

Due 14 March 2015; Sanguis Auracle Cruise [Wetham]

October 2016; Inn

Sanguis Auracle of Giblot

On Progress

Estimated Followers According to Spread Reports

October 2016

Gothica | 10,000 Followers

Wetham | 10,000 Followers

Outer Tilog | 10,000 Followers

Minas Thalion | 10,000 Followers

Aren | 10,000 Followers

Oritolon | 10,000 Followers

Assassin | 10,000 Followers

Lukon | 10,000 Followers

Portion | 10,000 Followers

Important Date

29 February - Celebration of Holy Day

April - First Holy Site in Koolaris disappeared into fire

Rebirth of new Holy Site in realm of Gibloca.