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Undead Dominion

History and Culture

Local myths suggest a small ancient kingdom was based in Kadnala and was ruled by a family called Nalason. Little is known about this time apart from tales of the Nalason's fighting dragons and invaders from the sea. The only physical evidence left is the ancient mound in Invernala and standing stones in Dunala. More remains likely lay undiscovered though. Later in history the principal village became Fasnala, which is further upstream from the ancient mound. A small old castle remains in a collapsed state near the village. Stories are spoken about heroes emerging to fight against fearsome monsters rampaging through the region. The burnt town on the opposite bank of the lake from Fasnala remains a testament to that time. While Fasnala waned from decades of fighting, Dunala grew through trade along the great river to become the most important village in Kadnala today. However, during this transition, factions and rebellious groups formed in the region and vied for power. A few decades and political transitions later in the year 1012 the rebellious factions managed to gather enough power to oust the local administration and quickly drove the region into a lawless state of existence. The parent region Lavraz retained order in the North while Kadnala was retaken and then declared an independent region in its own right to appease sympathetic peasants. Unfortunately, the leading members of the rebellion escaped the clutches of the takeover forces. They are probably still hiding out in the wild lands planning and waiting for their moment to come again.

Despite an unsettled history, the people of Kadnala are still friendly and hospitable to travellers and people of neighbouring regions. The is probably due to the collective political history of nearby regions and the trading of merchants up and down the great river.

Kadnala Story - A record of events taking place and roleplays in, and related to, the region of Kadnala.
Descriptions - A record of the current and past region descriptions.

Geography and Weather

Located on the West coast of the Colonies, Kadnala extends from the sea Eastward along the North bank of one of the great rivers. The region is roughly split into three traditional areas (which are also the the village names). Invernala spans the entire sea coast, Fasnala is to the North where the most danger is and Dunala is the principal village on the banks for the great river. This is also where the local Lord resides.

Kadnala generally shares the same temperate climate as neighbouring Lavraz. Which is wet and cloudy most days.

Economy and Noteworthy Produce

Kadnala's economy is a healthy balance between tax generation and growing surplus food.

Herring - A type of fish caught off the coast and landed in Invernala
Salmon - A type of fish caught in the rivers throughout Kadnala

Locals are desperately trying to relearn the secret recipe for brewing an old drink that was renowned in the West of the Colonies. But none have so far reached the mark. The first successful brewer will be granted land and funds by the local Lord to set up a new brewery.

Region Details Listed by Estate

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Village:- Fort (Lords Residence and Meeting Hall/Court), Pier, Watermill, Shrine (Horde of Honour - erected by Lord Blake o Sulliven), Granary, Tavern (The Royal)
Area:- Bridge, Fords, Mine, Old Mine, Standing Stone, Standing Stone, Lords Private Hunting Grounds, River Maldi, Island, Great River
Roads:- Low Road to Asker, High Road to Asker, Ferry to Adaria

Village:- Kinghts Manor, Pier, Windmill, Small Tavern South Village:- Marine Beacon Tower, Pier
Area:- Bridge, Ancient Mound, River Nala, Invernala Forest, Whispering Trees, Camp, Islands, Cliffs, Caves, Sandbar, Forest Lake, Old Shipwreck, Sea Rocks, Sea Rocks, Great River
Roads:- Low Road to Lavraz, Smugglers Track, Ferry to Nirlony

Village:- Knights Manor, Shrine (Shadowism - erected by Lord Dropo), Small Tavern, Old Derelict Castle
Area:- Mine, Watchtower, Lake Nala, Lake Maldi, River Nala, River Maldi, Burnt Village, Line of Bones and Ashes, Monster Caves, Strange House
Roads:- Road to Frundi, High Road to Lavraz, Old Road to Lavraz (Dangerous)