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  1. One who adventures; as, the merchant adventurers; one who seeks his fortune in new and hazardous or perilous enterprises.
  2. A social pretender on the lookout for advancement.


Region Reporting

What is in etc line:

  • Name of region
  • status summary
? - No investigation report
0 - ... You hear nothing about  Type.
1 - ... The few rumours you hear about Type are unreliable and old.
2 - ... There are some rumours of Type
3 - ... You hear rumours about Type and a few who claim to have seen them from afar.
4 - ... There rumours of Type  and some apparently reliable reports.
5 - ... There are many rumours about the  Type, and you encounter
 several eye witnesses of recent appearances.
6 - ... This region appears to have a definite Type  problem.
  You find enough evidence and traces to be sure.
7 - ... Type are roaming the countryside, and the locals stay
  within the settlements. You have seen signs of  Type activity yourself.

0 is non-existance or extremely low.. when you hunt you don't find anything
2 is still pretty disorganized enemy
4 is that you are seeing champions
6 is when you are about to be overrun
for now play it by ear.. add more detail to the wiki if it's helpful here.
  • iso8601 timespec of when last updated
 time should be in Europe/Berlin aka GST-1 Time Zone to make it easier
 to compare times too so we can toss older reports out. Time Zone is
 from where Battlemaster server is located. Date and Time is important
 for comparision purposes, especially when the rumor net gets bigger
 a report about a region might take several routes in parrelllel.
 example commands for unix people:
  TZ=GST-1 date --iso-8601=minutes
  TZ=Europe/Berlin date --iso-8601=minutes
  TZ=Europe/Berlin date '+%FT%T+0100'
 http://battlemaster.org/userdata.php gives "Real Name", "joined",
  "email", and "Last Login"..
  last login is in right timezone...

  • list of Adventurers

How and when to update:

really rough javascript region report maker
greasemonkey user script to make region reports
the grease monkey script is recommended, when it is finished you can mostly just go about your business and it will collect the information and fill out a report when you go to "send message to all in vicinity".

Please send out a new report:

  1. after you investigate for monsters and undead
  2. if a report from your region hasn't gone out in the last 12 hours
  3. if there has been significant movement since a report has last gone out
  4. if you are forwarding information about a region you haven't heard about for over 4 days

Region Reporting Example

New style...

Yncaalo 2007-0-2T20:2:0+0100 M2 U2
*2007-0-2T20:2:0+0100 Evalina, Sinbad, Adalthas, TaiChi .
||Celest, Damien, Davar, Drago, Ehud, Kaylan, Sammael, Scarby, Venture, Xiaoling .

Enweilieos 2006-11-28T2:42:1+0100 M2 U1
*2006-11-28T2:42:1+0100 Ehud, Evalina, Xiaoling, Zarthlock, Scarby, Celest, Gerald .
||Angus, Brogan, Newbie Testing, Sammael, Sheila, Sinbad, Sleet, Tiera, Treist, Xaphan .

*2006-11-26T20:56:26+0100 Fay .
||Griffith, Gromar, Landru, Peter, Serge, Tichondan .

Drinilla 2006-11-25T11:23:17+0100 M0 U1
*2006-11-25T18:21:38+0100 Dido, Zatro .
||Constantine, Damick, Damien, Felix, Griffith, Gromar, Landru, Magnus, Marco, Milosh, Pharen, Tichondan .

*2006-11-27T10:30:11+0100 Valtar, Corb .
||Damien, Gromar, Landru, Tichondan, Treist, Ventur .

The new style has place for times of when the investigation happened and for when a local look at the "region details" happened.
This is a complete report template:


This is without the extended information:


This one is with no investigation report:


This one is with empty region report:


This is old style... Please use new style instead
This is fake notice the 1982 year.. for example only, don't update with real current data.
Piwani M0 U0 1982-12-19T18:27+0100 Landru , Oleifr, Evalina, Serge, Kaylan, Maciej , Huo, Dakita, Durac, Lo
Ketampkin M1 U2 1982-12-17 Treist, Ottokar, Deneb
Eg Tutnu M1 U3 1982-12-07 Mickey, Minnie
Zod M1 U3 1982-12-17T04:34+0100 Kahjo
Tindle 1982-09-22 Janice
Darhauyo 1982-12-18 Jack Michael, Cynon
Zuhle 1957-02-14 Bugzie
Tey Gren 1982-12-19T18:28+0100 Alwyn, Neluril
Villriil M4 U3 1982-04-22 Wilbur
Ulallo 1982-12-19 Fiona, Luz
Gorin 1982-12-20 Sammael, Jayden, Scarby, Adam
Fengen U3 1982-19 No Adventurers
Wheling M2 1981 Patrick
SandLakes 1982-12-19 Paleon
Midbote 1982-12-19 Maxim
Zdenka 1982-12-19 No Adventurers
Drinilla 1982-12-20 Tomias, Maximilian, Callisto, Scarefear The Horrific, Quake, Zarthlock, Ishka, Zatro, Venture, Maxmilian
Pahk 1982-12-20 Jarrin, NGuts, Koyote, Omar
Enweilios 1982-12-20 Testing Stuff, Sinbad
Lopa 1982-12-20 Tiera
Tsamn 1982-12-20 Pharen, Uriel
Pequad 1982-12-20 Everard The Bastard, Blade, Benald, Corb
Shifgrethor 1982-12-20 No Adventurers
Ete City 1982-12-20 Griffith, Inagon, Constantine, Milosh

Region Reporting criticsms

  1. too complicated
  2. bad roleplay for an adventurer
  3. generates too many messages
  4. too much work

Rank Structure

  • Recruit -- PV1
  • Private -- PV2
  • Private First Class -- PFC
  • Corporal -- CPL
  • Sergeant -- SGT
  • Staff Sergeant -- SSG
  • Sergeant First Class -- SFC
  • Master Sergeant -- MSG
  • First Sergeant -- 1SG
  • Sergeant Major -- SGM
  • Command Sergeant Major -- CSM
  • Supreme Sergeant Major -- SMS


Altrenn Unitea, Arriela Tuiqest,Brogan Windsom,Constantine Clarke, Corb: Vires quod fides, Demetre Kinsey, Eris Einherjar, Gerald Winningham, Gromar d'cosar, Ishka DeVesta, Maximilian Goodman, Peter Crowley, Scarefear The Horrorific: Soulblighter, Sheila Sosiskiy, Sleet Cool, TaiChi Chen, Tichondan Flightwing, Tomias Squire, Uriel Ulistarion, Venture Npeace, Zarthlock Sarracenia

Adam Smallwood, Arschwar Karrouc, Blade Bubastis, Callisto Seraph, Celest Centauri, Cynon O'Ways, Damien Christophis, Everard The Bastard: Killins, Gemini the Glorious: Twinblade, Gerrard: Du Valroux, Haakon Strife, Jarrin Cometh, Keaton Lorius, Landru: Mandul of the Lost Realm, Pharen Titanus, Quake ThunderSpear, Sinbad Baggins, Tidus Strife-Lionheart, Ulysses Wilifred, Xiaoling quang


Angus Prestongreen, Atsuko Sanada, Benald Toringarth, Deneb woodford, Drago Aladdin, Fay Arthur, Garack O'Davidson, Gepffery Dragonfist, Jayden Johanniterus, Joe Jeff, Krayo: Cat Mobs, Leath MacColl, Marco Malitia, Ottokar Fiddler, Serge Calanar, Timmy Tarlan, Tournesol Serac, Unknown Jamin

Private First Class

Damick Carsten, Freak the: Mighty, Griffith Doomherald, Inagon Gamgon, Koyote Abandonas, Magnus Hammarschmidt, NGuts Haze, Roger Chyfes, Scarby Wilder, Trist Longshanks, Valtar Hendrix


Dido: of the brotherhood, Felix: De Soto, Kaylan Rothach, Lyxdria Scarfist, Maxim: von Krondor, Milosh D'Jera, Oleifr Trannyth, Paleon Turiff, Sammael Haine, Treist Lankmere, Wiiliam MacSpectar, Zatro Baulr

Shamara: Con Doin sponsored by Antonio Duke of Fengen


Kunoichi strongfoot sponsored by Duke Elladan of the city Fheuvenem
Evalina Framboise sponsored by Kyla, Minister of Defense of Enweil, Countess of Yncaalo, Marshal of the Enweiliean Raiding Party
Santiago II: Primus sponsored by Antonio Duke of Fengen
Currently vacant sponsored by Balthasar Calaminaria
Currently vacant sponsored by Baron
Currently vacant sponsored by Count

Staff Sergeant

Currently vacant
Currently vacant sponsored by Antonio Duke of Fengen
Currently vacant sponsored by Duke Elladan of the city Fheuvenem
Currently vacant sponsored by sponsored by Kyla, Minister of Defense of Enweil, Countess of Yncaalo, Marshal of the Enweiliean Raiding Party
Currently vacant sponsored by Duke
Currently vacant sponsored by Duke

Sergeant First Class

There can be at most ever only 9 SFCs at one time.
Currently empty sponsored by Marshal

Master Sergeant

There can be at most ever only 6 1SGs at one time.
Currently vacant

First Sergeant

There can be at most ever only 6 1SGs at one time.
Currently vacant

Sergeant Major

There can be at most ever only three SGMs at one time.

Currently vacant sponsored by Judge Ice

Command Sergeant Major

There can be at most ever only three CSMs at one time.

Currently vacant sponsored by Kyla Yip
Currently vacant sponsored by Handkor Zotral
Currently vacant sponsored by Majority of Council

Supreme Sergeant Major

There can only ever be one of these at a time. It takes joint sponsership of both Minister of Defense and current ruler.

Currently vacant sponsored by Kyla Yip and Handkor Zotral

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