Belton Family

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The Belton Family has very recently emerged from the region of Kamade in Dwilight, a newly acquired imperial region of the Grand Duchy of Fissoa. There does not seem to be any characteristics, other than their universal passion for the written word.

Donn Belton (Priest of Estianism, Madina) - The first to leave the estate, Donn is not as worldly as one might expect of a missionary. He is of the firm belief that Dwilight is the only continent that actually exists (though he does not know its name). To him, believes the "East Continent" is the Grand Duchy of Fissoa. What's more you might hear him ranting about the "untamed north" -that's because he is not aware of the existence of anything besides Madina, Fissoa, and the "wild city" of Paisly. As of this writing, he has just discovered Terran, and is not taking to kindly to them trying to tell him that his religion is not of this continent. He may begin keeping a journal (OOC: If I ever have free time again).

Logrim Belton (Knight of Iato, Enweil) - The most 'mainstream' of the Belton brothers. He fights to bring glory to himself and those around him, and has so far been successful.

Gwain Belton (Knight of the Duchy of Hilly Holes, Outer Tilog) - Untrusting, Untrustworthy, vicious

If you can win his respect, Gwain will be infinitely generous. Good luck winning his respect. Until then, consider yourself in a state of perpetual competition with him.