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  • Horned Sskessk - Tastes like a Goat in Real Life, but resembles that of a Lama/Goat. Found in Enold, Mnalor, and Rapael. The meat can be found throughout the Dark Isle and even to the two mainland regions of Unotosa and Athios, but is dried or smoked for presservation. Often found with the army as they are marching off to war or during the winter months when fresh meat is harder to come by.
  • Krqafer Fish - Resembles and tastes like that of a Lobster or Crawfish found in Real Life. Found in all regions except for Enold, being a land lock region the fresh sea food isn't available (The only kind of sea food the Islanders eat, not smoked or dried for us!)
  • Kssiwai - Resembles and tastes like Kiwi or Moa of New Zeland. Kssiwai translates to 'That which gave up the air'. Now considered a delicacy on the Island due to over hunting the Kssiwai are becoming harder to find each year retreating into the denser parts of the forests more and more. Although they once were the most populated animal on the Island they now are rare creatures and are only hunted for Religious occasions or when a grand meeting at Enold is held and all the Nobles of Arcachon can be found.
  • Sea Soup - Another delicacy found on the Island, Sea Soup is made with various vegtables and herbs but the meat is always that of Sea Turtles. The Turtles can be found once every 3 to 5 years on the shores of Unotosa, Soniel, Ecsetuah, and Athios. Although the Sea Turtles thrive it's hard to find them near the shore for they only come to lay their eggs and do so quickly only taking a day and a half to complete the task. If Sea Turtles are found, they are captured so the soup can be served fresh and sparingly throughout the time frame of a year.


  • Mnati Wine - Also known as "Mnati Hard Wine," this is really just a simple, strong vodka from the region of Ecsetuah. It is made generally from barley, and distilled through river sand (charcoal being too expensive for such use). Although it's similar to vodka produced anywhere, Mnati Wine is generally considered only true or genuine if produced in Mnati, by local villagers.
  • Rrawl's Brews - The village of Rrawl, in Ecsetuah, is famous for it's brewing tradition. Most males in the village are adept in the brewing of at least one type of beer, ale or lager, with each family being skilled in one particular flavor. Rrawl is, at least, a good place to stop for a drink (unlike Mnati, which is considerably less friendly to strangers).
  • Ice Wine - Produced in the regions of Itomazh and Unotosa the semi-sweet wine is valued as the best cheapest wine there is to offer on the Dark Isle. Found in every region on the Dark Isle it is least common in Mnalor, being the furthest away from both Cellers it is usually uncommon to find Ice Wine in Mnalor, though at the more promenint taverns you can find a few bottles stored for travelling nobles.
  • Vergine Port - Produced in the regions of Itomazh, Mnalor, and in the outskirts of Enlod the Fortified Wine is the most common wine on the Island. Through out the three regions local brewers make their own unique type of the Vergine Port, or translated "Aged Wood Port", though there are at least half a dozen Warehouses and/or Cellers that are shipped to other parts of the island and a few regions along the mainland.