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The Academy of Knowledge now offers the occasional course. The current list of courses can be found below.

Proposed Courses

### Title IC/OOC Instructor Brief Description
002 Diplomacy IC? Amimi (Andrew Schmidt)
006 Military Matters IC Widfara Exiled (Alex Davies) An advanced course on military tactics, strategies, and all manner of fighting.

Offered Courses

### Title IC/OOC Instructor Time

Current Courses

### Title IC/OOC Instructor % Completed New Students? Next Offering
001 Winning the Game OOC TJ Layer (Tomaas) 0% Are allowed On demand
Xypherius, Paul, Jebo, Widfara
003 Espionage IC Hireshmont Vellos 10% Hireshmont has left the guild. Late June, early July
Xypherius, Paul, Jebo, Tomaas
005 Etiquette for Gentlemen and Ladies IC as much as possible Paul Keithson 0% This class is currently inactive, will be restarted sometime soon. Unknown
Tomaas, Xypherius, Jebo

Completed Courses

### Title IC/OOC Instructor Brief Description