Thesaurum Venari Guild

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Thesaurum Venari Guild
Thesaurum Emblem.jpg
Established 15 June 2013
Founding collector Axylia Dundrave
Members 34
Guildhouses Chateau Saffalore
Tvg refelecting.jpg

Thesaurum Venari Guildhesaurum Venari ("Treasure Hunters") provides a place for commoners to sell their goods to nobles and nobles to hire commoners for services. Commoners who join get a monthly grant of 5 gold to help them search for things and also a debt of up to 100 gold so that they can improve things. The 5 gold paperwork fee is a small investment into the wage they receive.

Foundedounded by Lord Axylia Dundrave, the first guild house was built in the West Hills of Dwilight in the region of Gonophor, Asylon.

Unique Items Discovered by Thesaurum Venari

Name Item Type Discovery Location Current Owner
Astridicus Blessed Longsword of War Weapon Dwilight Julius Galvez
Dart Daemonic Vest of the Foolish Armour Vakreno Heaps Dart Skoorbosla
Johan Diamond Ring Ring Gonophor Johan Buffalkill
Johan Ucdauh's Mace of War Weapon Gonophor Johan Buffalkill
Thul Dazzling Ring of Glory Ring Vakreno Heaps Unknown
Torrhen Tempus' Circlet of Ice Accessory Aspar Axylia Dundrave

/Timeline of Unique Item Discoveries


Name Rank Unique Items
Axylia Founding Collector Tempus' Circlet of Ice
Grimrog Collector Thrice-Blessed Chain Mail
Doomed Gem of Fire
Ornate Girdle of Enchanting
Old Armour of Volcano Nightscree
Henrich Eyolf Collector
Jayle Collector
Mihail Collector
Willhelm Collector Ornate Ring of Freedom
Blessed Hat (missing)
Bloody Blade of Doom
Jayle Collector
Jericho Collector
Glaumring Collector Mighty Dagger
Zaxer Collector Ring of Glory
Ramsay Collector
Edwyle Collector Black Ring
Hadrian Collector
Alna Collector
Logar Collector
Zaxer Collector
Astridicus Scavenger Blessed Longsword of War
Dart Scavenger Daemonic Vest of the Foolish
Gormir Scavenger
Johan Scavenger Diamond Ring
Ucdauh's Mace of War
Beasthide Jacket of Vassar
Leithdrow Cuir Scavenger
Sorcha Scavenger
Thul Scavenger Dazzling Ring of Glory
Torrhen Scavenger Tempus' Circlet of Ice
Smith Scavenger
Havnarg Scavenger
Zaros Scavenger
Sharn Scavenger
Jonsu Scavenger
Quintus Scavenger
Maron Aspirant
Glacia Aspirant
Kratius Aspirant
Sin Aspirant Accurate Club of Daemonslaying
Hireshmont II Vellos Aspirant
Khari Kye Aspirant

Useful Links for Scavengers

Some general information that may be of some use to adventurers (and nobles who must suffer them).

  • Adventurer Game - General information from adventurers
  • Adventurer Roleplaying - This page is meant as advice for both adventurer players and those dealing with them (judges, local lords, etc).
  • Adventurer Theories - This is the page for the community to use to list their theories on adventurer actions, and what effect they have.
  • Construction Examples - Unique items that have been constructed and improved by sages.
  • Recommendations - A letter of recommendation is a piece of paper whereby an existing noble acknowledges that a commoner is fit for nobility.
  • Sages - Old, wise men rumoured to have mystical powers. They are difficult to find, and can only be located by adventurers. If you are lucky enough to find one though, they will be able to perform amazing things for you