Tempus' Circlet of Ice

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Chronicle, Journey & Description

Type Accessory
Discovered By Torrhen
Discovery Date 2013-02-13
Discovery Location Aspar, Dwilight
Abilities Prestige +5
Current Owner Lady Bucklefee's Grave Vakreno Heaps

After searching the area for a lot of hours, following trails and noises, I finally encountered a small horde of monsters. I noticed that they had a leader, an alpha monster, a really big and ugly one. Because I am brave and determined, I was able to use the terrain to my advantage. The battle rages, me against the monsters. My blows land true and I stroke most of them down, while a few manage to flee. The big one was the last to fall, but after an exhausting fight I managed to take him down, too.

In the lair of the big one, I found several treasures. I also found a unique item among the loot, the "Tempus' Circlet of Ice".


The Circlet was then sold to Priestess Hero Bucklefee Dundrave.

The Circlet was lost in battle when heroine Bucklfee Dundrave succumbed to her battle wounds. Months later it was found again by commoner Sorcha of Swordfell. The circlet was then gifted to Axylia Dundrave the younger brother of the fallen heroine Bucklefee. The battle took it's tole on the circlet and it is currently crumbling. One last hope remains and it once again falls in the hands of commoner Torrhen.

Circlet's Image

Tempus' Circlet of Ice.- Its last known carrier before its rediscovery was General Lord Rernor, last known descendant of the ancient Echiur Dynasty. This got lost during the night ambush of Daimons in Kosht, where General hardly escaped alive to Koshtlom. Many centuries later, this circlet was found by the adventurer Torrhen, in the region of Aspar, near the old bridge to Tofino.

The Tempus' Circlet of Ice.- Seems is made of Mithril, possibly extracted from the Barrow Peaks. Legend has it that the circlet was melted in the Forge of Heaven, which for centuries was fueled with fire salts remnants of the corpse of a Demon Hermit, who lived on the highest peak of the Barrows, at the Peak of Heaven. This was made as imperial crown.

In the front has a design with the shape of the iris flower. Symbol and emblem of the ancient Echiur Dynasty. In this same part has furred with three arcane blue crystals, unique in its kind.

The crystals represent the three first duchies that made up the Echiur Empire: Echiur, Via and Shokalom. By then, the Empire had not yet conquered the southern city of Koshtlom and its neighboring regions. This was the reason why it was replaced by a new imperial crown, leaving it as a family heirloom of the descendants of the Sons of Magost.

There is a picturesque legend full of fantasy that clings to some historical facts. Many people believe strongly that Lord Rernor was a talented magician, with extensive knowledge of the arcane and the mystical. He had seized the crown for the sole purpose of using their arcane blue crystals, which according to some grimoires, they possessed special qualities in space-time manipulation. This is why it was added as a name to the circlet, the word Tempus, which means time.

These stories are based on the disappearance of Lord Rernor after his arrival in Koshtlom. Also, that Lord Cotton, fourth son of Lord Magost has an almost identical resemblance to him, despite the centuries that separate them. The imperial scribes left him for dead, some historians believe he was murdered by demons, but the bards still sing verses from that age, which narrate as Lord Rernor traveled to the past, to get a chance to change the terrible fate of decline of his once glorious Echiur Dynasty.