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Terra Meridionale
Jamir Jaden
Hunting, Fishing

The region of Irdalni mainly consists of flat, sandy scrubland. It is regularly scoured by the warm, wet winds traversing the region between the great bay to the west and the open sea to the east. As a result vegetation is plentiful across the region though it tends towards hardy coastal species such as sharp grasses, thorny bushes and low growing trees.

Wildlife is plentiful and varied including many reptilian, avian and mammalian species native to the region. For much of the year the climate is comfortable enough to live outdoors with little shelter. Nomadic hunting groups are common and drive much of the trade in the region with the rest made up of fishing, especially during the winter season where the nomadic hunters often return to semi-permanent camps by one of the plentiful coastal villages. These small ports are used by the natives of Irdalni to travel widely for trade and to hunt and fish further afield.

For a significant proportion of Irdalni's citizens, the palm jungle serves as their livelihood. Exotic fruits and vegetables which are found nowhere else in the colonies fetch high prices amongst the affluent. Meanwhile the various herds that help to feed the local people are many and bounteous. Though any hunter must remain ever vigilant of the threat of wild carnivores and the mythical 'Babar' which is said to be responsible for all those instances when entire hunting parties have simply disappeared without trace. There have been rumours of an elixir made from the mystical fruit, "Rajabuah" linked to the "Babar" in the jungles of Irdalni. The elixir is purported to increase exponentially the strength and virility of warriors when drank. There has also been many reports of warriors going on a rampage after consuming the elixir.

Irdalni is also home to the area of Aren which was subsequently used as the name of a realm formed around the duchy of Alowca.Doru Araeba and Ehrlitan are the other main division of Irdalni.

The people of Irdalni are notoriously suspicious of governments and rulers from outside their own people and are distrustful of strangers. In part this is due to their culture of nomadic tribalism but it is more largely due to the suffering inflicted on the people of Irdalni during conflicts between realms and numerous takeover attempts.