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The Babar are natives of Irdalni who are feared across Aren and are rumored to be cannibals. They produce a potent concoction known only as the "Elixir".

Known ingredients: Rajabuah (Only found in the deep jungles of Irdalni)


A few days before

“M’lord, there have been reports of Babar threatening the safety of locals. There have been reports of a group of Babars attacking an outpost of 40 men and managing to kill around half of them.” Captain Aldebrand reported

“How dare they rise up against me, how many were they in the attack?” Johan questioned.

Captain Aldebrand replied “M’lord, reports have varied between 10-12 Babar men armed with basic weapons.”

“How did 40 heavily armed men managed to lose to 10 natives armed with nothing but sticks and stone? Captain, you have some explaining to do.” Johan was questioned Aldebrand again.

“M’lord, it appears that they were intoxicated with some kind of elixir that made them feel no pain and fear no death, each Babar men were fighting off 5 men by themselves and their eyes were red with blood.” Captain replied.

Johan was intrigued by the idea of the elixir that would have major benefits for the armies of Aren, he thought to himself ‘If indeed this elixir is as said, Aren will possess the strongest army in the world’

“Bring me the elixir maker, take as many men as needed” Johan ordered his captain.

This morning

“M’lord, we managed to raid the Babar village and brought back the head shaman who is responsible for the production of the elixir, we also managed to bring back some of the elixir” Aldebrand reported to Johan.

“If you fear for your village, give me the elixir that is the secret of the strength of the Babar” Johan threatened the shaman.

The elderly Babar shaman was defiant at first but was eventually broken by Johan threat and agreed to make the elixir for the army of Aren.

Johan had a taste of the elixir that was brought back to the castle. He had a sudden rush in his veins after taking some of the elixir and he felt like he was 30 years younger. He was challenging and defeating his guards who were much younger than him, singlehandedly. However he was a changed man, and was filled with emotions that he had never felt before. The elixir had brought out a side in Johan that was never seen.

“Guards! Send word to Khan Malice and tell his highness that we have found a new weapon of war."

The Khan was closeted in his quarters examining the Babar Elixir that he had received from the Lawgiver that morning. The letter that accompanied it had claimed that it would give the drinker the strength of 10 men and bring on a kind of blood rage. Malice had occasionally seen soldiers in battle experience such things but he'd always thought it had come from the rush of bloodshed. He'd never dreamed it was something that a man could bring on at will. Raising the vial to his eyes, Malice peered closely at the murky liquid inside. Whatever it contained didn't look at all healthy, but the herald had sworn that when the Lawgiver himself had sampled the elixir, he had been as a man possessed.

Malice debated inwardly whether he ought to sample the elixir himself. For all he knew his heart might stop or it would poison him. Then again, was he not in the peak condition of his life? It wasn't so long ago that he'd defeated a ruler of Lukon in a death duel without so much as breaking a sweat, even if his opponent had somehow managed to survive his killing blow. That settled it in Malice' mind. Throwing all caution to the wind he stood up, unfastened the stopper on the vial and then drank it all down in one go. The effect was almost instantaneous. He felt better than he had ever felt in his life. He felt like a god.

Without so much as a pause, Malice began bellowing for a scribe. 'Send a letter to the Lawgiver! We must procure more of this elixir!'

After receiving the letter from the Khan, Johan realized that the lone Babar shaman would not be enough to produce the amount needed for the entire army of Aren. His captain spent a few days interrogating the Babar shaman intending to find out the secrets behind the elixir. The repeated threats against the shaman finally broke him and he talked.

All of the ingredients were common except for the last one, an exotic fruit that is only found in the deep jungles of Irdalni. It is known to the Babar as the King of Fruits, “Rajabuah” is covered with thorns and it taste of rotten onions. Nonetheless, the fruit was believed by the locals to cure many illnesses and is a vital ingredient in the elixir.

Determined to get his hands on some Rajabuah and cultivate it in the gardens of Irdalni manor, he gathered his men and led an expedition to the jungles of Irdalni. The jungles of Irdalni are widely known to be one of the most dangerous places in the colonies. There roam wild beasts that could swallow a grown man whole, and there are even rumours of cannibals in the jungle. The various poisonous animals and the disorienting nature of the jungle have also taken many lives in the past. However Johan was determined to lead his expedition, and brought along the shaman to ensure that he did not try to escape when Johan was absent from the manor. Ever the cautious man, Johan brought along a few elixirs just in case any dangers came up.

The scorching jungle heat was taking its toll on Johan’s men and they quickly tire in the heavy armour that they were wearing. Seeing that fatigue has set in the guards, the shaman escaped from his guards. Johan in a fit of rage, ordered all his men to pursue the shaman leaving him alone in the makeshift camp that they were resting at. It was at this time that Johan realized the sheer power that the elixir possessed.

2 wild carnivores suddenly appear in the camp. They were waiting in the shadows for a chance to strike and this was it. Johan was now fighting for his life, even though he have faced many enemies in the battlefield, he have never faced such fierce beasts alone. Johan grabbed the elixir and quickly downed the awful tasting potion. The elixir begins to take effect and Johan without a care charged straight towards the beasts and stabbed one of the animals with his sword. The animal clawed back in its final moments leaving a mark in Johan’s chest, Johan felt no pain due to the powers of the elixir. The other beast in the presence of such a fearsome aura ran towards the jungle leaving behind his dead friend.

Johan’s party soon returns with the captured shaman who was now in chains. They were shocked that a man of Johan’s age was able to take down the wild beast. The shaman led the party to the Rajabuah and Johan laid his eyes on the King of Fruits, a fruit that he have never seen before and the key to the future of Aren.