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Based in Arcaea, the Hawk and Phoenix is a guild with the aim of streamlining communication between allied realms in Far East by involving Marshals, Vice Marshals and important others in the discussion and trade of reports between Generals. A system of stations throughout and between the realms that support the guild is what allows letters from so many different people to reach far off destinations in such a short spate of time. Each rider is called a (insert bird name here once I've checked the guildhouse) and the position is regarded as one of very high esteem for fine horsemen, with the hefty stipends adding to the privilege of carrying vital military packages in often dire, frontline missions.

There are guildhouses in Talex, Remton, Topenah, Akanos, and other guildhouses are intended to be built elsewhere. Due to the inter-realm nature of the guild it has also allowed the discussion of issues that would normally be limited to those within their respective realms and the rulers of the Far East. Although this allows a lot of open discussion, but the respect between Generals and most allied rulers means that anyone stepping out of line is quickly brought to heel by their superiors.

Guildhall Appearance

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Founded by Queen Edara Kindon in her lands of Talex in order to aid Arcaea's war effort against the southern heresy. With the increasing number of Arcaea's allies and issues in previous wars with Generals not relaying orders due to tight lips, oversleeping and near fatal woundings, the idea was to allow the marshals to take a greater initiative in organising smaller actions between each other during campaigns. Although it was slow to start off with, barely spreading beyond Arcaea's borders with the only guildhouse being in the forest city of Talex, it gradually spread to the realms of Cathay, Ohnar West, Arcachon, Greater Aenilia and Papania. The former Lord Protector Aerywyn Haerthorne encouraged it's use but kept more to the Military Conclave. Eventually it gained greater and greater approval again as it's influence spread.

Currently there are thirty nobles from the highest military and political ranks of the Far East making use of the Hawk and Phoenix couriers and halls.