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Akanos is a city in Ohnar West.

Midas-icon.png History

For a long time the City of Akanos was part of the Highland Empire. But that's in the past and one day Akanos became part of Lasanar where William Equar was Judge. To speed up repairs the Prime Minister appointed William as first Duke of Akanos. After some time William was no longer Judge in Lasanar but due to good work in the city he stayed Duke of Akanos.

Lasanarian Period

For a long time the Duchy of Akanos consisted of only the city. Lasanar relinquished Arcaea's grip on Sasat on 2006-04-29 and that day Lucious Satanic OverLords was appointed Baron by Prime Minister Milan von Krondor. Lucious Satanic OverLords aligned Sasat with the duchy of Akanos. Aethius Kain was appointed Baron of Upasael, where upon he moved the region's alligence from Sasrhas to Akanos. This was the second region to join the Duchy. The sudden expansion of the Duchy was of great comfort for Duke William, his duchy now had a few regions and a handful of knights. It was the beginning of Akanos stamping it's presence in the history of Lasanar.

One of the Knights was Vulpes de Zorro. He was chosen as one of the few to start a colony in the city Palnasos in Svunnetland. The mission was a failure, so Vulpes decided to come back and joined the Duchy again. Before his departure, Duke William wanted to appoint Vulpes as the Duchy's marshall, but now on his return he was appointed all the same. On 2006-06-07 Lucious Satanic OverLords vanished without a trace and Sasat was left without a region Lord. On the day Sasat became part of Lasanar Duke William wanted to appoint Vulpes, but Milan appointed Lucious. So now Lucious was gone Duke William could appoint Vulpes after all. On 2006-06-11 the big day had come, Duke William arrived in Sasat and appointed him.

Once Milan von Krondor stepped down after long service as Lasanar's Prime Minister. Aethius Kain former Baron of Upasael was elected the new Prime Minister, he stepped down as Baron upon his appointment and the region was left vacant for sometime.

Then in 09-2006 William Equar went back to his family home to visit his died grand-mother and had to leave his position as Duke. By this stage Vulpes de Zorro had been announced General. Akanos had no Duke, because William Equar took some longer to return and the council elected Vulpes de Zorro, who stepped down as Baron of Sasat to take on Duchal responsibilities. Halcyon Jazuma a former knight of Sasat was appointed Baron of Upasael and later Marshal of the Army of Akanos.

Some time later Lasanar dicided to reform the military structure and all region lords (or even council members) could sposor an army. Duke Vulpes de Zorro sponsored such an army for the Duchy, but after some time he disolved it again, because it was not working the way he liked.

In the beginning of 2007 Vulpes de Zorro became ill and had to step down as Duke and the fresh appointed Count of Isular William Equar was informed that he would be the new Duke. On 2007-02-12 William Equar was appointed again.

Midas-icon.png First Ohnarian Period

Esorp Motab declared the duchy of Akanos as the realm of Ohnar. Two days after this, Ohnar West was created from the duchy of Sasrhas. Loyalists to Lasanar overthrew Esorp from the realm, with Tokeru Hashimashidas becoming the ruler. To return Esorp's claim to Akanos, Ohnar West declared war upon Tokeru's Ohnar, and won. Since then, Esorp has been the Duke of Akanos. Recently however, Esorp mysteriously dissapeared leaving the duchy of Akanos without a duke. Duke Hamilton Vita(Vice Marshal and Knight) became the next duke, beating Balthazar Bathgate(Minister of Justice, founding member, and Hamilton's liege) and Julian II Zulhir(founding member, first marshal of OW, second general of OW) in the election.

Duke Hamilton Vita had grown disastisfied with Ohnar West due to its continued incompetence and random attacks upon his person and other innocent nobles, but when Letters against noble blood were written, the last straw was broken.

Akadian Period

Akanos was at first the only city of the Akadian League. Allied with Arcaea and Greater Aenilia, it at first gained some territory. When Duke Hamilton left for a hunting trip, he was replaced Dekion Flockhart as Duke and Caim Haerthorne as Lord Protector. However, when Lord protector Caim found himself emprisoned, Duke Dekion left his post to be named Lord Protector, and Joseph von Genf, Count of Pesol, appointed himself in a controversial move. This split further the already broken realm. Seeing themselves starving and abandoned by their allies, some nobles decided the only way to survive was to sign the peace with Ohnar West. They wrestled control of the realm and expelled Dekion, Hamilton and others.

Midas-icon.png The rape of Akanos and reintegration in Ohnar West

All nobles of Akanos left the city, either joining Ohnar West for those who accepted peace or simply leaving for distant shores for most others. Ohnar West started a brutal campaign, lead by Sven Lious, to retake the city. More than half the population was killed by the cruel Ohnarian troops, leading to strong resentment by the former Akadians who saw their beloved city stripped of its people and resources. Eventually control was established, and Duke Joseph reinstated as per the peace treaty. Yet, it will take a long time before Akanos stands proudly on its feet again.

Former Nobles of the Duchy