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Gold is the only form of hard currency for nobles in Battlemaster (Adventurers also deal in silver). While bonds are convenient, when push comes to shove, no one in his or her right mind is going to want little slips of paper as payment for anything. The only uses for bonds are to send them to someone else or to convert them into gold.

Uses of Gold

There are many things that you can buy in Battlemaster. You can use your gold to:

  • recruit a unit to command
  • pay your men
  • repair your men's equipment
  • buy paraphernalia
  • train your men
  • train your own skills
  • place a bounty on someone's head
  • Invest in a region using family wealth (if your family has over 2000 gold)
  • donate to a religion or guild (at a guildhouse/temple when a member)
  • purchasing combat and adventure gear (adventurers only)

How to get Gold

There are several ways to get gold. Some methods are more honourable than others!

  • new characters receive gold from their families
  • taxes (once a week, in the form of bonds - or in gold if you are in your own region at the time of the tax)
  • doing paid work (only if you have no troops under your command and are not of too high a social station)
  • family support (if your family has over 1200 gold)
  • winning a tournament
  • looting an enemy region
  • infiltrating regional tax offices (infiltrators only)
  • collecting a bounty
  • receiving a transfer from another noble in your realm
  • removing gold from your religion or guild treasury (if allowed by the religion/guild)