Atamara Adventurers Guild

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The Atamara Adventurer's Guild is a place where the nobles of Atamara can interact with those commoners who provide vital services, without violating long-standing social rules, all for a very small fee. Conversely, it is a place for adventurers to find clients, buyers, and bounties, and earn a small monthly patronage at the same time.


You can join at any of the following locations:
Axzaloc, Talerium
Metemec, Talerium
Adventurers, let us know when you join, as adventurer ranks must be set manually. Please do not attempt to purchase any ranks, we will handle it for you. Nobles, you should purchase the rank of Noble as soon as is convenient, so that we can properly assess your dues.

Bounty List

The following regions have recently had bounties on undead and/or monsters.
Lowdale, Talerium
Mapaxal, Talerium
Metemec, Talerium
Quetli, Talerium
Cantril, Talerium
Ptaphoc, Talerium (Observed by an Adventurer)
Uforth, Barony of Makar
Anfalas, Falasan
Nazia, Falasan
Barad Gardor, Falasan
Lurgrod, Carelia (Observed by an Adventurer)