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The trade road that runs between the cities of Chocxal and Ptaphoc runs through a small patch of desert known as Quetli. It is the only major oasis along the route, so most travelers stop to spend the night in one of the many inns. The locals here are welcoming, but hesitant to discuss the region's history with outsiders.

While most of the Quetli's population is along the trade route on the eastern side of the region, a several small tribes of desert nomads wander the central and western areas. They prefer to avoid conflict, but are very private people and do not associate with strangers. Travelers are encouraged to stick to the main road.

The Kestrel Family home can be found here.


Many years ago the region was nearly destroyed in the Darkan Betrayal. For a short while the region was taken over by the mercenary realm. The massive collision of the Darkan and Talerium armies killed thousands of soldiers and civilians alike. Local legend claims the sand is red in the northern part of Quetli because of the bloody battles fought there.

Quetli was governed by Khorne until his death, whereupon a terrible scene was discovered:

"Unknown to the rest of his family was the nightmare he had created in the throne room of Quetli. Khorne had turned the throne room in a hell that only he could find enjoyable. The room itself was covered with flesh, pools of blood and stacks of bone could be found all over the floor, bodies hung from the walls and ceiling. Some the bodies still had flesh one them; immortalized faces of horror and agony could be seen on the bodies that still had faces. The throne in the middle of the room was made of bone and flesh to act as leather seating. The horror remained a secret from his family and the world until his sister discovered it."

His sister, Melfina was Baroness of Quetli for a while after his passing.

Zerool Serra became it's Baron... The day of his entrance in the palast he noticed everything was unusually full of dust. He was told by the population about this secret throne were bones and flesh were the only decoration...

The history of Zerool was revealed shortly before his appointment, during a tournament celebrated in Chocxal. The only Undead-Human in Atamara suffered a shock during a discussion and was unable to bring himself under control. He wasn't judged for his actions because on one hand there were no victims except himself and on the other hand because of his dedication to the realm for the long time he's been in. His experience in the battlefields of South West Taselak brought him to be a real good fighter helping him to control his undead abilities...

Nowadays he's still investigating on this kind of mutation he suffered when he was a child while trying to be useful for the great realm of Talerium...

Lady Kureshtin is the current Baroness of Quetli. Having grown up here, she is welcomed by the locals who are glad to have one of their own. She plans on ridding Quetli of all reminders of its dark past and opening up more opportunities for trade.