Forgotten Crown of the Austere Star

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Type Accessory
Discovered By Ciarghuala Dubhaine
Discovery Date 16 September 2013
Discovery Location Gaston Farms, Dwilight
Abilities Prestige +12
Leadership +13%
Current Owner Roderick De'Verci

The Crown was discovered by Ciarghuala Dubhaine in the Gaston Farms of Niselur, who brought it to Luria Nova during the time of the loss of Western lands. It was gifted to Penitent Protector Seoras Madigan Nifelleisca of Ecclesial Sanguiastroism, who bestowed it upon the person of Zealous Prince Ronan Maelodor the Charger of Sun Hall. The Crown was thus protected by ESA while SA had forgotten about the Crown, the Sceptre of the Maddening Star, and the Illuminated Tome of the Auspicious Star, resulting in their loss. The Crown's rescue and protection by ESA was viewed as a divine sign of ESA's legitimacy while SA's irresponsibility in losing the Sceptre and Tome was seen by ESA followers as proof of SA´s corruption of Prophet Mathurin's teachings.

It was lost in the Desert of Silhouettes in a battle against D'Hara, which was the basis for many further raids and clandestine attempts to recover the Crown. Later, reports spread of Baron Drizztle Sharpspeare of Sallowwild wearing the Crown in battle. Seoras visited Drizztle, praising his blessed rescue of the Crown and encouraging his conversion to ESA, but after no reply from the Baron, fell into a deep meditation once more (ooc: paused).

Drizztle was later contacted by Priest Ayn Starfall of Sanguis Astroism, who wanted to make a trade for his Platemail of the East Continent, with the trade finally occurring within Libiddo. Thus the Crown returned to SA where it is considered a relic and viewed with reverence by followers of the Bloodstars from SA and ESA and be it peasants or nobles.