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South Plains
Hunting, Logging

The Barony of Zuhle is a sparsely populated region at the northeastern tip of the Wohdichil forest. Several small villages are the primary centers for trade and guildcraft - notably Spraggmore on the southern trade road to Eg Tutnu, Tanners' Croft on the western trade road to Xinjin, and Zuhleton Cross at the center, where the trade routes intersect.

The people of Zuhle are a hardy, independent lot, mostly making their living as smallholding farmers, lumbermen, hunters and scouts, while a smaller number of craftsmen labor in the villages. The populace of Zuhle remains wary of their Khthonian neighbors to the north, as it has been less than a year since they invaded the Barony and engaged in weeks of looting and burning. The retaliatory Plergothian attack against Tindle has further strained relations to the north, and there have been ugly incidents as peasant militias on both sides of the border have launched punitive raids against isolated farmsteads and ambushed lone travelers. Fortunately, with the alliance of Piwani to the Plergothian nation, trade has greatly increased to the east and the fortunes of the territory have gradually recovered.

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Belief in the Armored Gods of Daishi is strong here, and the faith runs deep. Attendance at regular masses in Zuhleton Cross is limited only by the small size of the house of worship there. The local infantry grounds accepts only recruits of demonstrable devoutness, and proudly trains and equips fighting men as Daishi's Disciples. Despite this strong undercurrent of faith in Daishi, there are persistent rumors that the heretical Disciples of Koshi are also active in the region.

In this remote corner of the forest, monsters yet dwell. Even a hefty bounty on pelts has not yet resulted in the extermination of the local clan of beastmen, which thus far this year alone has devoured 37 head of cattle, 147 head of sheep, 23 shepherds, and 5 hogsheads of Spraggmore Select Brandy.

The Lord is Grackmore Dragonfyre